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Ryan Fehr

Associate Professor of Management
Michael G. Foster Endowed Fellow

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PhD University of Maryland, College Park (2010)
MA University of Maryland, College Park (2007)
BA The College of New Jersey (2005)

Academic Expertise

corporate social responsibility
organizational behavior

Current Research

Positive Organizational Scholarship
Ethics and Morality

Positions Held

At the University of Washington since 2011
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Maryland, College Park, 2010-2011

Selected Publications

  1. How do leaders react when treated unfairly? Leader narcissism and self-interested behavior in response to unfair treatment.
    Journal Article:Liu, H., Chiang, J. T., Fehr, R., Xu, M., & Wang, S., (in press). Journal of Applied Psychology.,
  2. The grateful workplace: A multilevel model of gratitude in organizations
    Journal Article:Fehr, R., Fulmer, A., Awtrey, E., & Miller, J, (in press). Academy of Management Review,
  3. Moralized Leadership: The Construction and Consequences of Ethical Leader Perceptions
    Journal Article:Fehr, R., Yam, K.C., & Dang, C., (2015). Academy of Management Review,
  4. Out of Control: A Self-Control Perspective on the Link Between Surface Acting and Abusive Supervision
    Journal Article:Yam, C. K., Fehr, R., Fong, K., Klotz, A., Reynolds, S., (2015). Journal of Applied Psychology,
  5. The Unburdening Effects of Forgiveness: Effects on Slant Perception and Jumping Height
    Journal Article:Zheng, M., Fehr, R., Tai, K., Narayanan, J., Gelfand, M., (2015). Social Psychology and Personality Science, Vol. 6, pp. 431-438.
  6. Morning Employees are Better Employees: Employees’ Start Times Influence Supervisor Performance Ratings
    Journal Article:Yam, K. C., Fehr, R., & Barnes, C., (2014). Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol. 99, pp. 1288-1299.
  7. The forgiving organization: A multilevel model of forgiveness at work
    Journal Article:Fehr, R., & Gelfand, M.J., (2012). Academy of Management Review, Vol. 37(4), pp. 664-688.
  8. The road to forgiveness: A meta-analytic synthesis of its situational and dispositional correlates
    Journal Article:Fehr, R., Gelfand, M.J., & Nag, M., (2010). Psychological Bulletin, Vol. 136, pp. 894-914.
  9. When apologies work: How matching apology components to victims’ self-construals facilitates forgiveness
    Journal Article:Fehr, R., & Gelfand, M.J., (2010). Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Vol. 113(1), pp. 37–50.
  10. To prosper, organizational psychology should. . . adopt a global perspective
    Journal Article:Gelfand, M.J., Leslie, L.M., & Fehr, R., (2008). Journal of Organizational Behavior, Vol. 29, pp. 493–517.

PhD Student Collaborators

Giselle Antoine, Stephen Lee, Yu Tse Heng

Honors and Awards

Ascendant scholar award, Western Academy of Management, 2016
University of Washington PhD Program Mentoring Award, 2015
University of Washington Evening MBA Core Professor of the Year, 2014-2015
National University of Singapore Isaac Manasseh Meyer Fellowship, 2014
Best Paper With Student First Author (Kai Chi Yam), AOM Human Resources Division, 2014
Arnold P. Gold Foundation grant for humanistic healthcare research, Co-Investigator, 2013
Best Paper for Excellence in Ethics, Notre Dame Excellence in Ethics Research Conference, 2013
UW School of Medicine grant for conflict research, Co-Investigator, 2012
Best Paper for New Directions in Conflict, AOM Conflict Management Division, 2011
Best Dissertation for 2009 or 2010, International Association for Conflict Management
Best Paper for New Directions in Conflict, AOM Conflict Management Division, 2009
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship
Department of Homeland Security START Dissertation Fellowship
International Association for Conflict Management DRRC Scholar Award
National Science Foundation REU Grant

Courses Taught

MGMT504: Ethical Leadership
MGMT320: Business, Government, and Society