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Certificate of International Studies in Business

Why CISB? A whole world of good reasons.

Alumni NetworkOver 900 alumni worldwide
CommunityCohort of 80 like-minded students
Language AdvantageStudy any foreign language

Overseas ExperienceStudy abroad experiences from over 35 countries
Practical ExperienceReal-world participation in global business

A nationally ranked program, Foster’s award-winning Certificate of International Studies in Business (CISB) is dedicated to preparing Foster undergraduates for leadership roles in the diverse and increasingly interconnected world of global business. Through a dynamic curriculum and horizon-expanding study abroad experiences, CISB helps students develop their know-how and skills around

  • Global business knowledge
  • World region specialization
  • Foreign language proficiency
  • Practical experience in international business
  • Overseas learning experience
  • Cross-cultural awareness
  • Leadership development

Program alumni across the globe value their transformational CISB experiences, and the critical importance of foreign language fluency, insightful leadership, and multicultural understanding in doing business on an international scale.

Our students gain hands-on global business experience through competitions and global consulting courses, and CISB graduates are highly sought after by companies for their overseas experience and cross-cultural skills, global business perspective, and foreign language abilities.

As part of The Foster School of Business, CISB graduates are part of a robust network of global business professionals, with access to international internship and job opportunities. One year after graduation, 97% of the 2018 graduating class found full employment or were in graduate school.

Experiences and stories from the CISB Community