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Department of Management and Organization

The practical applications of psychology in a business setting are the focal point of human resource management and organizational behavior. By exploring the “human” side of an organization, the faculty seeks to understand employee selection, performance appraisal, compensation, training, and labor relations, as well as such aspects of management as leadership, group dynamics, decision-making, and motivation. The result is a framework for the effective management of an organization’s human resources.

When researchers focus on the organization and its environment, they examine organizational theory and design, the political, legal, social, and ethical environment in which organizations operate, and the interaction of organizations with their environment. The curriculum includes courses on the management of technology and innovation, organizational theory and design, business ethics and social responsibility, business and politics, and the legal dimensions of doing business.

Business policy explores organizational effectiveness from the perspective of executive management. The emphasis is on strategic management and control, long-range planning, corporate decision-making, and entrepreneurship.

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