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Finance Research Briefs


Markets frown on large pay disparity between CEO and median worker

What’s the impact of a corporate director? About 1% of firm value


Machine learning could help firms select more effective board directors


Minority-owned ventures, despite barriers to capital, deliver superior ROI

Tracking the origins and evolution of a corporation’s culture of risk


Corporations stockpiling cash, some of it in risky investments

India retires rupee notes: the effect on the urban poor


Value vs. growth: an investor’s perspective


Inheritance: identifying the genetic component of financial behavior

Wall Street occupations: finance-sector compensation examined


Foster Faculty receive international recognition for superior research

Foster faculty recommend favorite books on macroeconomic trends

Foster School continues run of stellar faculty hires in every department

Long-term investors improve corporate behavior, increase returns

The Year in Research: 2013-14

Tightening credit a key cause of doubling in corporate cash holdings


Dean Emeritus Bradford inducted into Minority Business Hall of Fame

Want fairness across generations? Reduce investment risk, benefit payouts


Dominant shareholder incentives affect the cost of corporate borrowing

Heredity is a major driver of irrational investing behavior

Old news? Inattentive investors create opportunity for savvy arbitrageurs


Bribery penalties sting less than penalties for other financial misconduct

Economic indicators are inaccurate, but markets know the truth

Lance Young wins 2011 PACCAR Award for Excellence in Teaching

Private equity creates long-term value