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Undergraduate Curriculum

All Foster undergraduates receive a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (BABA). The Department of Marketing and International Business covers three curriculum areas for Foster School undergraduates: marketing, international business and business communications.

Students can also augment their degree with the Foster Professional Sales Certificate and Certificate of International Studies in Business. For more on career pathways and opportunities following the completion of your degree, contact Undergraduate Career Services.

Below is more information about the core business courses and Marketing Option courses.

The Department of Marketing & International Business offers the business core courses listed below. All Foster students must complete MKTG 301, Marketing Concepts and I BUS 300, Global Business Perspectives, as well as the other business core courses. It is also highly recommended that students take B CMU 301, Strategic Business Communications.

MKTG 301 Marketing Concepts (4)
This course is required for both the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration degree and the Marketing option. This course exposes students to a comprehensive and practical principles governing how a company transfers its products from the producer or seller to the consumer or buyer. This transfer usually involves advertising, distribution, pricing and selling of the goods. There is a wide range of career options in the marketing field. Prerequisite: ECON 200. View the MKTG 301 Course Syllabus.

I BUS 300 Global Business Perspectives (4)
This course is required from the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration degree. International Business studies the global economy and world markets in today’s dynamic, fast-paced world. Because the rest of the world is more accustomed to interacting on a global basis, students who study the effects of doing business in a diverse international arena are prepared with a stronger background and understanding in today’s work force. Prerequisite: ECON 200. View the I BUS 300 Course Syllabus.

B CMU 301, Strategic Business Communications (4)
This course is not required for the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration degree but is highly recommended. Students who have taken this course find their writing easier and more comprehensible. It also prepares students for better presentations, interviews and public speaking in general. View the B CMU 301 Course Syllabus.

Undergraduate students can choose a “formal option” in marketing to incorporate into their business degree. Students are eligible to apply for the Marketing Option upon acceptance into the Foster School. Learn more about the required and elective courses for the Marketing Option below. You can also find out more about the Marketing Option from the Undergraduate Program Office.

Required Marketing Courses

A Marketing Option student must take the following courses. We recommend that students take MKTG 450 and MKTG 460 before they take the other electives. View course descriptions in the UW Course Catalog.

MKTG 450 Consumer Behavior (4)
Prerequisite: MKTG 301; may not be repeated.

MKTG 460 Marketing Research (4) OR MKTG 462 Customer Analytics (4)
Prerequisite: MKTG 301; either ECON 311, QMETH 201, STAT 220, STAT 301, STAT 311, or STAT 390; may not be repeated.


To complete the option, students need to complete three additional Marketing electives from the list below. MKTG 301 Marketing Concepts is a prerequisite for all marketing electives. MKTG 495 and 499 do not count toward option requirements. Occasionally a MKTG 490 course is offered which may count toward option requirements. View course descriptions in the UW Course Catalog.

MKTG 335 Principles of Selling (4)
MKTG 370 Retailing (4)
MKTG 411 Business to Business Marketing (4)
MKTG 415 Pricing Strategies (4)
MKTG 430 Sales Force Management (4)
MKTG 445 Multicultural Marketing and Business Development (4)
MKTG 452 Consumer Marketing and Brand Strategy (4)
MKTG 454 Strategic Product Management (4)
MKTG 455 Entrepreneurial Marketing (4)
MKTG 456 Advertising (4)
MKTG 462 Customer Analytics (4)
MKTG 464 Analytics for Marketing Decisions (4)
MKTG 466 Digital Marketing (4)
MKTG 470 International Marketing (4)
MKTG 485 Strategic Market Management (4)
MKTG 490 Special Topics and Issues in Marketing (1-6, max. 12)


MKTG 495 Marketing Internship (1-4, max. 8)
Strongly recommended. An internship with a company, not for profit organization, or government agency in a marketing capacity. Prerequisite: MKTG 301.

MKTG 499 Undergraduate Research (1-6, max. 9)
Optional. Undergraduate Research. Prerequisite: MKTG 301.

Complementary Electives

The Marketing Department offers an additional distinct course of study that may complement the formal option:

The Foster Professional Sales Certificate is designed to augment strong classroom theory with experience gained through mentoring and a practicum to build a foundation for a challenging and lucrative career in sales. This program provides a certificate upon completion of the requirements.

The Certificate of International Studies in Business is a rigorous, integrative academic supplement to the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. Through study abroad, foreign language immersion and area studies coursework, CISB students are equipped to meet the challenges facing business leaders in today’s global economy.