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Faculty Research Briefs


Revenue-share crowdfunding looks promising for small businesses and investors
Featuring Michael R. Wagner

Telecom bundling keeps customers from switching providers
Featuring Stephanie Lee



Accounting for human nature, parallel queues beat single on service speed
Featuring Masha Shunko


To police the Internet most efficiently, modest crowds are wisest
Featuring Michael R. Wagner

Yong Tan named Chang Jiang Scholar by Chinese Ministry of Education
Featuring Yong Tan



Mark Hillier wins 2013 PACCAR Award for Excellence in Teaching
Featuring Mark Hillier

The upside of digital piracy: greater investment in quality
Featuring Debabrata "Deb" Dey


Global vaccine subsidies could stop the spread of flu where it starts
Featuring Hamed Mamani

Master Class: Foster School amplified by nine new faculty members
Featuring Asher Curtis, David G. Sirmon, Foad Iravani, Mark Westerfield, Michael R. Wagner, Natalie Mizik, Ran Duchin, Sarah McVay, and Tracey Seslen

Smart vaccine subsidies could curb the spread of influenza
Featuring Hamed Mamani