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Faculty Research


Got Guilt? Mindfulness meditation can ease a remorseful conscience—at the cost of making amends

Corporate insiders trade on undisclosed SEC investigations

Beating burnout: the right kind of compassion is key to restoring energy and engagement at work

Michael Wagner and co-author receive INFORMS award

AMZN-G SCHOLAR – Professor Michael Wagner’s operations expertise helps Amazon deliver

IPO or M&A? How venture capital shapes a startup’s future

Why it’s so hard to work with a creative genius

How different kinds of funding partners affect startups’ ability to innovate

Praise, not shame, is the best way to induce preventive behaviors in a pandemic

Minimum wage increase can exact an unintended toll on workers intended to benefit

Equity compensation incentives induce myopic management by chief marketers

Work relationships are hard to build on Zoom—unless you pick up on colleagues’ nonverbal cues

One-Percenters: Foster faculty among the most-cited scientific researchers in the world

Blue-light-filtering glasses improve sleep and performance at work the next day


Foreign firms are held to greater investor scrutiny for accounting irregularities

How to transform established organizations the FBI way

Unsatisfied curiosity can lead to increased indulgence

Fox News persuades viewers to defy public health guidance in early days of pandemic

Negative company reviews, when deemed unfair, can spark consumer empathy

Markets frown on large pay disparity between CEO and median worker

Companies based in cities with less ethical cultures commit more financial misconduct

What’s the impact of a corporate director? About 1% of firm value


Instant feedback, in some cases, can worsen performance

Foster faculty textbooks educate management students the world over

Mindfulness meditation makes us more generous, helpful and compassionate

In marketplace lending, knowledge may not be king

Decision to upgrade is tied to self-improvement, self-esteem

Enacting a ‘token’ woman’s ideas helps male teams solve complex problems more effectively

A healthy sex life at home promotes engagement at work—and vice-versa

Why everyday investors trade on past trends over new accounting info

Machine learning could help firms select more effective board directors

Creating a ‘just right’ online shopping experience boosts sales

Personality traits amplify leaders’ ideological influence on their organizations

The hidden cost of just-in-time scheduling

When setting goals, one style does not fit all purposes

Amid technological turbulence, teams willing to learn and reorganize innovate best

Investor Loyalty? Stock ownership doesn’t always drive consumer behavior


Extracting better product recommendations from crowd-sourced ratings and reviews

The CEO’s political ideology influences resource allocation within an organization

Minority-owned ventures, despite barriers to capital, deliver superior ROI

Tracking the origins and evolution of a corporation’s culture of risk

Air pollution exacts a serious psychological and economic toll in the workplace

Firms tend to imitate competitors led by charismatic—not narcissistic—CEOs

Revenue-share crowdfunding looks promising for small businesses and investors

Autoscaling on “the cloud” is changing the game for online ventures

Distilling the wisdom from 100 years of research on voluntary job turnover

Telecom bundling keeps customers from switching providers

Dealing with an abusive supervisor? Change the power dynamic

For earnings announcements, the message should fit the medium

Feelings of unfair treatment trigger the worst in narcissistic leaders


Demonstrative passion is paramount to earning new venture investment via crowdfunding

Why online discussion forums often stray from original query

“Robo-journalism” on corporate earnings increases trading volume and liquidity

Cultivating gratitude in the workplace can be good for the bottom line

Advertisements that target senses of touch and taste lead to quicker sales

Meaningful work can be productive and satisfying—or it can lead to burnout

New book examines what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in China

Corporations stockpiling cash, some of it in risky investments

The empirical guide to greater government efficiency

Media mix: helping marketers find the right balance

India retires rupee notes: the effect on the urban poor

Identifying the course and cause of fashion’s inexorable cycles

Research powerhouse: Foster faculty ranks #7 in the world


Social comparisons influence our reasons for charitable giving

The dark side of “Big Data” marketing

How and why (some) accelerators expedite startup success

Political ideology of corporate boards influences CEO compensation

Online “beauty contest” auctions for IT freelancers may favor hiring locally over offshoring

Accounting for human nature, parallel queues beat single on service speed

A company’s political ideology predicts its commitment to social responsibility

Quality sleep is essential to inspire—and to be inspired

Ethnic brand imagery activates stereotypes—in liberals

Oliver Rutz wins O’Dell Award for influential research in search engine marketing

Coercing employees to be “good soldiers” can trigger deviant behaviors

“March Madness” distracts investors, disrupts market efficiency

Value vs. growth: an investor’s perspective

Clouded judgment: mood influences credit approval decisions and outcomes

SEC’s regulatory reviews don’t often catch fraud, but they may prevent it

Thought Leaders: Foster faculty among the elite in scholarly rankings

Deciphering our decisions to voice ideas and opinions in a group


Christmas cheer? The hidden toll of friendly customer service

Reason, not disruption, is the most effective means of growing a social movement

The Horror! Feelings of fear enhance attachment to brands

The unburdening lightness of forgiving

Foster research symposium sparks 13 years of top scholarship in tech entrepreneurship

“Stale” accounting disclosures still useful to informed investors

Inheritance: identifying the genetic component of financial behavior

Feelings of gratitude increase the consumption of sweets

Hunger drives unethical acts, but only in the quest for food

Social media amplifies damage of product recalls to firms—and their rivals

When are you most vulnerable to unethical behavior? Check your chronotype

Venture capital investors with competing interests can inhibit innovation

Lee honored for career achievement by Academy of Management HR Division

Chen named fellow of Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Wall Street occupations: finance-sector compensation examined

To police the Internet most efficiently, modest crowds are wisest

Yong Tan named Chang Jiang Scholar by Chinese Ministry of Education


Caffeine can help resist pressure to act unethically

Long-term investors improve corporate behavior, increase returns

Mean boss? Might be due to a bad night’s sleep

Hidden in the accounting, a more accurate way to forecast sales

The Foster Why

Slippery Slope: Minor unethical acts can compound into major ones

Entrepreneurs, like teenagers, need a guiding mother

Foster School continues run of stellar faculty hires in every department

The Year in Research: 2013-14

Foster Faculty receive international recognition for superior research

Short-sellers trade on accounting information, not price declines

Corporate capital flows to CEO cronies, but that’s not always a bad thing

Workplace courage: what makes people act?

Foster School recognizes exemplary faculty, staff achievement

Hodge wins 2014 PACCAR Award for Excellence in Teaching

Mental fatigue doesn’t always make us more likely to act unethically

The ABCs of HFTs: a primer on high-frequency trading

Working flextime? Bosses prefer early birds to night owls

Foster faculty recommend favorite books on macroeconomic trends

Corporations caught avoiding taxes appear to bear no reputational cost

Tightening credit a key cause of doubling in corporate cash holdings

Local college hoops recruits tend to perform better, provided the coach stays

Lost sleep takes a serious toll on performance in the workplace

Burgstahler awarded Schoeller Senior Fellowship

Look out, lovelorn men! Romantic rejection could cost you

New Palmatier book the definitive guide to marketing channel strategy

Financial Times ranks Foster faculty 24th globally in research productivity

High-risk health messages can prevent one disease, promote another

Night-time smartphone work drains employee effectiveness in the morning

Enhancing stakeholder happiness: A new corporate objective for a new era?


Want fairness across generations? Reduce investment risk, benefit payouts

Great Entrepreneurship Reads

Dynamic B2B pricing boosts profitability, maintains customer relationships

Make, buy or ally? Some paths to innovation work better than others

Foster School ranks 8th nationally in management research productivity

Army Research Institute re-ups Foster School leadership development study

The Year in Research: 2012-2013

Dr. Bruce J. Avolio appointed as University of Washington Chair in Business Strategic Leadership

Foster School expands collaboration with Gates Foundation to advance education initiatives

Foster MBAs learn marketing on premium tequila, next-gen game console

Foster School adds promising faculty to every academic department

Rob Palmatier honored for contribution to marketing strategy research

Oliver Rutz named Marketing Science Institute “Young Scholar”

Lifting the veil on round-tripping, a pervasive method of offshore tax evasion

Job satisfaction, over time and in context, best predicts voluntary turnover

Mark Hillier wins 2013 PACCAR Award for Excellence in Teaching

Foster School recognizes exemplary faculty, staff achievement

Modeling ethical culture: trickle-down management isn’t enough

Dean Emeritus Bradford inducted into Minority Business Hall of Fame

Great reads: Foster faculty recommend their favorite management books

Richard Nolan’s novel twist on the case study method has a sequel

Paper cites Associate Dean Lee as the exemplary “academic decathlete”

Delaying introduction of innovations can yield market gain, revenue loss

The upside of digital piracy: greater investment in quality

Matching message to emotion is essential to effective public health campaigns

New year’s resolutions: the empiricist’s guide


Global vaccine subsidies could stop the spread of flu where it starts

Smart vaccine subsidies could curb the spread of influenza

“Cheater’s high” can be a more powerful force than gain or guilt

Indecisive economic policy takes a lasting toll on financial markets

Old news? Inattentive investors create opportunity for savvy arbitrageurs

Humility is a key to high performance and effective leadership

Introducing the most precise measure of CEO ability

Dominant shareholder incentives affect the cost of corporate borrowing

Moral compass can shift depending on organizational role, expectations

Foster School hosts prestigious international marketing consortium

Studer-Ellis wins 2012 MBA teaching excellence award

Foster School honors exemplary faculty, staff achievement

A trick to making a product seem less (or more) expensive

Chronic social stress contributes to unwise teen spending

Shevlin named American Accounting Association’s outstanding educator

Wells receives Special Award from Washington Society of CPAs

Heredity is a major driver of irrational investing behavior

Corporate acquisitions can promote—or distract—technology adoption

DIY entrepreneurs launch nearly half of all innovative start-ups

Social networking ads impel us to identify with brands

Corporate venture capital comes with strings attached, for better or worse

Advertisers should take care when trying to manipulate self-perception


Ali Tarhouni, Libyan leader and former Foster School lecturer, returns to campus

Accounting anomaly gets traded to death, proving its existence

How to make a credible online review

Clawbacks make CEOs more accountable for firm’s financial reporting

Foster School symposium inspires novel entrepreneurship research

Want to retain high-value employees? Empower autonomy

Motivational cultural intelligence can enhance the bottom line

Incorporating in Delaware can reduce a firm’s tax burden significantly

Foster School welcomes six new faculty members

Palmrose explores accounting foundations to reconcile modern complexities

Corporate knowledge spillovers can benefit the original innovators

Mitchell wins Academy of Management Journal Best Paper Award

Economic indicators are inaccurate, but markets know the truth

Consumer support of brand extensions depends on change philosophy

Intellectual property + entrepreneurial experience in same industry vital to high-tech start-ups

Lance Young wins 2011 PACCAR Award for Excellence in Teaching

Private equity creates long-term value

Foster School recognizes extraordinary faculty, staff achievement

Bribery penalties sting less than penalties for other financial misconduct

Fong wins University of Washington Distinguished Teaching Award

15 Cautionary Tales: Failed Marketing Campaigns

CFO’s personal style shapes a firm’s financial reporting

Google search makes financial markets more efficient

Workplace autonomy fosters passion, passion fosters creativity

Shulman honored by top marketing and management journals


Academic powerhouse leads PhD Program with heart and mind

Smaller stocks diversify risk in increasingly vulnerable market

Research reveals healing power of social networking

Corporate good deeds don’t insure against stock hits in times of crisis

CFOs manipulate financials due to CEO pressure, not personal gain

Foster professor brings marketing best practices to public health

Personal beliefs + corporate culture produce unethical behavior

Shah named “Thought Leader” by Academy of Management—again

Wells wins Ernst & Young Inclusive Excellence Award

Investors respond negatively to whistle-blower allegations

Online reviewers follow the crowd… unless they listen to friends

Gilbert wins 2010 Paccar Award for Excellence in Teaching

Young wins Fama-DFA Prize for top research in asset pricing

Foster School recognizes extraordinary faculty achievement

Corporate social responsibility not limited to developed markets

Global Business Center awarded $1.55 million grant from U.S. Department of Education

Economic indicators: timing and value trump precision

The decade’s worst financial scandals

New study ranks UW Foster Accounting PhD Program in the top five worldwide

Financial profiling: F-Score can detect accounting fraud

Mitchell honored by Academy of Management for lifetime achievement

Entrepreneurs with leadership experience create more jobs in new ventures

Chen named editor of leading organizational behavior journal

Foster School accounting faculty receives curriculum development grant

“Adventures of an IT Leader” named best book of 2009 by CIO Insight


People seek to appear independent when communicating online

Klastorin receives Institute of Industrial Engineers best paper award

Nature vs. nurture: Genes play a leading role in financial behavior

Founders’ experience allows new firms to adapt, learn and survive

Foster study on ethics of stakeholder relationships named IABS best paper

Announcing a restatement via online video can limit damage to investor trust

Emotional leaders: is positivity or sincerity more effective?

Sarbanes-Oxley regulation effective without harming investor value

Strategic social networking critical to Web content popularity

Managers tend to overvalue stock options vs. restricted stock

Smarter food combinations can lead to healthier eating

Novel case study series in IT management now a novel

Brand elimination sits well with consumers, if handled with care

Customer choice of product information yields online sales

Entrepreneurial investors reward preparation over passion

Market latecomers must add relevant, unique value to beat pioneer brands

Army Research Institute awards UW Foster School of Business $700,000 to research leadership development of West Point graduates

Soliman wins Notable Contributions to Accounting Literature Award

Controversial “short selling” provides important benefit to market

Downsize wisely: Intelligent team layoffs can maximize adaptation

Ann Schlosser listed among 50 most prolific marketing scholars

Want moral behavior? Pay attention to moral attentiveness

Foster Accounting faculty ranks first worldwide in research contributions

Hard time: Executives actually do pay dearly for financial fraud

Palmatier Wins American Marketing Association’s 2008 Maynard Award

Marketing messages may backfire for consumers in uncommon situations


Professors Mitchell, Hill and Avolio recognized among the world’s most influential management scholars in the Journal of Management

Shifting Gears