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Achieving Equity Through Corporate DEI Action

Make radical impact through corporate action and corporate DEI commitments

We are nearly 60 years since the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and yet there has not been significant improvements in household wealth, unemployment, and other indicators of wellbeing for many marginalized communities.  This course explores the delays to equity and delves into corporate action through diversity, equity, and inclusion that could accelerate all communities towards equity in the workplace and beyond.

Upcoming course dates

Wednesday, November 13, 2024, 12:30-3:00pm PT

Benefits of attending this online course

  • Gain an awareness and appreciation for the impact of inequity and bias on our community
  • Understand the impact that history, institutional and systemic bias, as well as personal bias, have on our ability to achieve equity for all
  • Develop tools to identify and mitigate bias in the workplace
  • Hone arguments for corporate action to help in the long struggle for equity for all

Achieving Equity Through Corporate DEI Action content overview

This course is more than 20 years in the making.  It tracks the instructor’s professional career as a global employment lawyer and as an executive in DEI.  The course will explore the reasons DEI is necessary, factors that have had the most impact on DEI over the past 20 years, historical context for bias that reaches back centuries, and what is necessary to make DEI most effective for corporations, employees, and consumers.

The instructor learned early in her career as a litigator and advisor that to be an effective employment lawyer who best served her clients, she needed to understand all facets of DEI, how to execute on those facets, how to convince clients of the necessity of DEI, and how to powerfully lead through DEI.  Throughout her career, she has also witnessed how the law, consumers, and employee activism impacts DEI and influences company policy, pursuits, and outcomes.

Through current and historical events, it is the goal of the course that each student will understand the importance of critically thinking about and leading powerfully through DEI.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Certificate

This course is offered on its own or as part of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Certificate. Learn more.

Dates and fees Registration
Wednesday, November 13, 2024, 12:30-3:00pm PT
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Deadline: November 4, 2024

Program fee includes instruction and learning materials. Payment must be made by credit card or UW budget transfer prior to the program. Discounts are not applicable to UW Executive Education online classes. It is strongly encouraged that you register early as space is limited. See cancellation policies.

Stacia Marie Jones, Esq. is Global Vice President, Head of Inclusion Diversity, Equity, and Action for lululemon.  She began her career as an employment lawyer at a major midwestern law firm and then went in-house with Abercrombie & Fitch where she was Vice President, Global Chief Employment Lawyer, and Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer.  In addition to her current position with lululemon, Stacia served as the Inaugural Dean’s Impact Scholar for the UW Foster School of Business 2021-2022 and is an affiliate instructor for Foster teaching about corporate DEI programs and the intersection of civil rights laws to undergraduate and MBA students.  She has won numerous awards for her legal and DEI work over the years.

See Stacia Jones’s presentation on Creating Better Workplaces and Better Lives from her event at Town Hall Seattle. View recording.

Like our in-person courses, online courses from Executive Education are designed and led by Foster School faculty and taught using the same evidence-based research and application. Students will participate in discussions, breakout sessions, and direct interactions with our faculty. Courses are conducted via Zoom, which facilitates real-time interface between students and faculty via webcam and text-based chat.

Two weeks prior to the live class session, you will receive information about any pre-readings, assignments, or case studies that need to be completed before class.

In addition to the faculty, each course has an assigned Program Manager who will provide guidance throughout the course.