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Frequently Asked Questions

EDP and EMBA appeal to a similar audience, but the primary drivers for these individuals differ. For EDP, an MBA degree is not as important as many of them already have advanced degrees, although an undergraduate degree is not a requirement to apply for the program.

Nine months, one evening per week, and 2 off-site retreats 21 months, full-days of class (weekly or monthly schedule options) with retreats and international trip (additional costs associated)
Homework (4-6 hours per week), 1 paper, and 1 presentation In addition to homework, papers, and presentations, there are group assignments and tests
Tuition is $29,600. The early registration rate is $26,640 for applications received by May 1 and deposit paid by June 1. $130,200 for entry into Autumn 2023. 2024 pricing not set.
Certificate and optional Continuing Education Units MBA Degree

Many of the same professors that teach in the EMBA program teach in the Executive Development Program. The material covers similar core topics, but is not as in depth as the EMBA program. The faculty in EDP are asked to focus on the most relevant applications during EDP class sessions.

Participants with focused professions often benefit the most from the program. They “live” in one field of expertise and through EDP can learn about finance, marketing, negotiations, leadership, and strategy – business acumen they can use but may not have any formal training in.

When reviewing applications for the program, we are looking for at least 7 years of professional experience with a track record of taking on more responsibility. Applicants should demonstrate leadership experience, whether that’s with managing teams or larger scale projects.

A bachelor’s degree is not a requirement to participate in the program. The application review process weighs professional experience in lieu of a degree.

Because this course confers continuing education units and not college credit, it is not transferable to a degree program. You will, however, be much better prepared to succeed in an MBA program should you decide to further your studies. Most participants in the Executive Development Program find that the knowledge they gain in the course is what they need for their career and they do not continue on to a degree program.

The Executive Development Program cannot sponsor student visas.

One of the greatest benefits of the Executive Development Program (EDP) is the opportunity to learn from your peers–bright, talented professionals on the fast track to success, seeking to deepen their business knowledge and sharpen their managerial skills. A typical class includes professionals from engineering, marketing, finance, and human resources fields, with an average of over a decade of work experience.

EDP participants represent a cross-section of industry today from traditional business to high-tech, large corporations to small family businesses, and/or private industry to government.

Average class stats, past 5 years
Total number of participants 25
Organizations represented 18
Male 57%
Female 43%
Median age 43

It varies by each student’s individual study habits and faculty requirements per session. We tell students to expect to study an average of four to six hours per week.

  • Online application checklist:
    • Resume
    • Personal Statement addressing your interest in applying (100-300 words)
    • A description of your current position, including managerial experience, with direct reports or on larger scale projects. Can be a company-provided role description or a 50-250 word description.

Tuition is $29,600. The early registration rate is $26,640 for applications received by May 1 and deposit paid by June 1. Tuition includes instruction, materials, parking on campus, meals at evening class sessions, and meals and lodging at the two off-site sessions.

Q: Are there any flexible payment schedules available or do I have to pay the tuition up front?
A: The program fee is due in full on September 1, unless you have selected from one of the payment plans listed below. Your deposit is due upon acceptance to the program, or no later than June 1 for early applicants and August 12 for regular applicants. We offer the following payment plan options for the program balance:
• 2 equal payments due September 1 and February 1
• 3 equal payments due September 1, December 1, and March 1
• 8 equal payments + $25 per payment admin fee, due the first of each month September through April
You will have the option to select the payment plan you would like when you accept your offer of enrollment.

Q: Is there a price reduction for people who are self-sponsored instead of sponsored by their company?
A: The price is the same for self-sponsored and employer-sponsored attendees.

Q: Is Financial Aid available?
A: Because this is not a credit course, traditional financial aid is not available.

Q: Is there a discount for non-profit organizations?
A: We reserve a limited number of seats at a 25% reduced tuition for non-profit organizations. Contact our office for more information.

Q: Is the program covered by the GI Bill?
A: Yes, please contact Executive Education for more information if you plan to use your GI Bill to cover the tuition.

Please contact us at 206-543-8560 or [email protected] with additional questions.

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