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Minority Business Executive Program

September 15-20, 2019

The Minority Business Executive Program is a one-week residential program that takes place annually on campus at the University of Washington. The intensive curriculum grows business leaders from companies owned by individuals who are people of color, women, veteran, disabled, LGBTQ and other minority groups, helping them to position their companies for today’s global economy.

Participants learn to utilize financial tools to make better business decisions, develop strategic plans for growth and sustainability, identify new technologies to scale operations, learn how to market their products and services more effectively, explore strategies to access global markets, and develop their leadership acumen. They return to their business with enhanced knowledge, a renewed personal energy, and an invaluable network of fellow diverse business leaders.

Featured story

PGE diversity team
As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Minority Business Executive Program, we spotlight one of our program sponsors and their work to build supply chain diversity.

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