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Curriculum and Faculty

The Executive Development Program focuses on concepts and tools that you can use to become a more strategic thinker, effective manager, and decision-maker. Our curriculum provides an integrated view of business management, from fundamental principles to entrepreneurship and innovation in today’s marketplace.

Understand transformational leadership. Develop your own leadership philosophy to inform your presence in the workplace.

Organizational and Change Management
Major topics include teamwork, perception and decision-making, motivation, strategic organizational design, corporate culture, and organizational change.

Competitive Strategy
Understand how the basic concepts of market segmentation and positioning are essential to the strategic planning process. Consider what distinguishes successful product or service launches from those that fail relative to go-to-market strategy.

Sales and Negotiation Skills
Become a more effective negotiator and improve your understanding of sales cycles through proven techniques for building and maintaining relationships, applying appropriate power and influence, structuring agreements, and developing buy-in.

Corporate Finance Concepts
Enhance your understanding of essential finance principles and practices, including company valuation and corporate investments.

Financial and Managerial Accounting
Learn to successfully interpret and utilize accounting data for planning, reporting, and daily business decisions.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Gain insight into how entrepreneurs conceive, adapt, and execute strategies to drive growth. Examine how leaders effectively use structure and processes to enhance innovation and creativity within their organizations.

Business Communication Skills
The business communication skills and strategies course is designed to equip you with fundamental tools to connect, be clear and compel any audience. It is a highly interactive and personalized course where you will receive coaching and customized tools to enable immediate behavior change.

Brand Management Strategy
Learn how to create and maintain a market-oriented organization to lessen price pressure on products and grow a stable base of loyal customers. Identify key factors in successful brands that apply to your enterprise.

*Information is subject to change. 

In the Executive Development Program (EDP), you will experience a variety of teaching styles with opportunities for both individual and group involvement. Lectures are interactive and allow you to relate the material to your own professional experience. Case studies, role-playing, small group work and other highly participative teaching techniques encourage your active involvement:

  • Faculty members present thought-provoking lectures pertinent to your current challenges and encourage participant involvement in the evening’s discussion.
  • Case study analysis and discussion of business problems focus on application in real-world businesses.
  • Company presentations give you an opportunity to develop your communication skills while you describe your function and organization to the group. You will learn about diverse industries and business units from other experienced professionals in the class.
  • Dinner discussions on Monday class evenings allow you to share work experiences and explore the best practices in your industry with your classmates in a relaxed setting.
  • Individual study prior to class strengthens your strategic thinking skills and prepares you for the classroom discussion.
  • Residential sessions kick off and end the program with an intensive two to four day learning experience at an off-campus location within driving distance from the Seattle area. The 2019-2020 residential sessions will take place at Suncadia Resort in the fall and Cedarbrook Resort in the spring. Residential sessions allow you to move beyond just networking with your classmates toward forming lasting connections.

Patrick J. Bettin, Ph.D.
Management and Organization

Gregory A. Bigley, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Management
Longbrake Endowed Professor in Innovation

David Burgstahler, Ph.D.
Professor of Accounting
Julius A. Roller Professor of Accounting

Ed deHaan, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Michael G. Foster Faculty Fellow

Barry Erickson
Director of Foster Professional Sales Program
Lecturer, Marketing and International Business

Michael Johnson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Management
The Boeing Company Endowed Professor in Business Management

Jennifer Koski, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Finance
Kirby L. Cramer Endowed Chair in Finance

Suresh Kotha, Ph.D.
Professor of Management
Chair of the Department of Management and Organization
Olesen/Battelle Excellence Chair in Entrepreneurship
Research Director of the Arthur W. Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship

Emily Cox Pahnke
Associate Professor of Management
Charlene M. and Arthur W. Buerk Endowed Faculty Fellow

Kirsten Smith
Executive Communications
Lange International

Daniel Turner, Ph.D.
Principal Lecturer of Marketing
Peter and Noydena Brix Endowed Faculty Fellow

Elizabeth Umphress
Associate Professor of Management
Evert McCabe Endowed Fellow

*Information is subject to change.

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