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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Certificate

This three-part certificate program will expand your knowledge and understanding around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). While Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion have always been of great importance in the workplace, today’s organizations are transforming their cultures to better encompass these values. We become better leaders and colleagues by understanding our own implicit biases and consciously building a more inclusive workplace. Fostering a company culture where employees feel heard, seen, and valued has wide-ranging impacts, including better talent recruitment and retention, more effective teamwork, more diverse product or service ideas, and better customer experience.

Breaking down systemic barriers requires a growth mindset, focus, listening, and dedication. This certificate program will help your efforts to create a positive change in your organization.

While each course is beneficial on its own, successful completion of all three courses is required to receive the certificate. The courses do not need to be taken in order, though we recommend Foundations in Diversity and Inclusion as an introduction.

Course one: Foundations of Diversity and Inclusion

This course addresses how to promote diversity in the workplace and how inclusion creates a more welcoming working environment.

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Course two: Managing Diverse Teams

Learn about how you–as a manager–can promote different perspectives and viewpoints to create an inclusive working environment that drives innovation.

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Course three: Inclusive Leadership

How do you approach interpersonal workplace relationships? This course will help you become better equipped to facilitate helpful conversations surrounding DEI.

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This training was incredible; the research is fascinating and Professor Umphress’s clear passion for all of this made the presentation the best I have attended in quite some time!
Jasmine McLaughlinAttendee of the Inclusive Leadership seminar