Executive Seminars

Anders Mantere, an Engineering Manager at Genie Industries, spent the first portion of his career as a mechanical engineer before moving into a management role. Watch the video to see how a few Executive Seminars helped ensure his success.

Executive Seminars are brief, focused and practical professional development programs on topics of special interest to senior managers and executives. Led by the Michael G. Foster School of Business’s top faculty, Executive Seminar certificate programs have helped thousands of participants develop leading edge knowledge and skills.

Leadership that Shapes the Future
What do great leaders do differently? Develop the critical leading, planning and influencing skills necessary to create and sustain exceptional, long-term organizational success. This program emphasizes practice rather than theory as participants challenge their leadership and coaching skills in a rapidly changing environment and exchange ideas and experiences with their peers.

Finance and Accounting for Non-financial Executives
Do you know enough about finance and accounting to make decisions that have a positive impact on the bottom line? Learn the key accounting and finance principles you need to interpret and analyze your company’s financial data to make better business decisions. Improve your ability to communicate financial information, understand and evaluate financial performance and make better strategic investment decisions.

Strategic Communications and Negotiations
This Executive Education seminar will help you become a more effective communicator and decision-maker, learning proven techniques for building and maintaining relationships, applying appropriate power and influence, structuring agreements, and developing buy-in.

Women Board Directors Development Program
Learn directly from serving corporate directors and recruiters how to market your skills and experience for board nomination and how to quickly build credibility on a new board. During this two-day seminar you will develop a personal action plan to join a board and understand the essential skills and knowledge needed to become a dynamic board director.

Soft Skills Workshop
Technology related hard skills can get you in the door, but in order to continue to advance in your career, it is important to develop your soft skills. This one-day workshop will help you gain a better understanding of key soft skills and how they can complement and leverage your existing skill set.

Customize any of our seminars for your company
We can tailor any of our seminars to meet your key strategic business needs. That way, your employees stay focused on your mission and goals as they learn from University of Washington faculty. We can create in-house versions of any of our three seminars or work with you to develop a new program specifically for your company. For more information call UW Executive Education at 206-543-8560.