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Stewardship for Family Business Enterprise Program

New 2023 Program Dates will be Coming Soon!

According to the Family Firm Institute, family companies represent two-thirds of all businesses around the world and generate 70% of annual global GDP. It is evident how much impact family-owned businesses have in our global economy, but how could we ensure these businesses maintain healthy succession and transitions, especially for generations to come?

Generational transitions are frequently fraught and occasionally haphazard. Handover methods can also be hit or miss, causing unnecessary emotional, financial, and managerial distractions in an increasingly high stakes and competitive global economy. In the U.S., PWC’s 2021 Family Business Survey show that 96% of family businesses expect growth in 2022.

An essential part of ensuring future growth is planning for the future of the company, including succession planning, but only 34% have a well communicated plan for succession, inferring a gap between having a growth plan and implementing growth management.

To help fill this gap and to help family businesses thrive and strategically plan for the future, the Foster School at the University of Washington, in collaboration with the Pacific Family Business Institute is launching a comprehensive program focused on Stewardship for Family Business Enterprise Program, designed for succession planning, generational transitions, and growth strategy in response to the changing global economy.

Program Highlights

  • A comprehensive executive certificate program focused on family business enterprises.
  • Work compatible schedule that allows learn, digest, and apply methodology.
  • Hybrid delivery that includes both virtual and in-person class sessions.
  • Access for two other key members of the enterprise to join up to three virtual classes.
  • Includes the opportunity to audit up to 3 executive online courses throughout the year with working professionals outside the cohort.
  • Prepare your family legacy to continue into future generations in a way that makes a positive impact to the community at large.
Group discounts and scholarships available. Click for more info

Learning Objectives

Explore what it takes to be a good steward/owner of an enterprise, in a manner that keeps the owner’s and the business’ best interest today and into the future.

  1. Develop a framework and the tools for continuous learning to improve generational conversations about the family and its business.
  2. Examine and clearly state goals and purposes with a unified vision to shape both short-term and long-term strategic plans.
  3. Identify common pain points and gain tools to address these challenges within the context of family business enterprise.
  4. Plan and better navigate taxation and wealth management.
  5. Foster a healthy family dynamic by learning to develop and improve your emotional intelligence to effectively address common issues that could derail the vision, alignment, communications, and trust.
  6. Adopt a perspective on how to better humanity through business.
  7. Create a roadmap to implement an impactful change within the enterprise and report out on follow through.