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Faculty Directory

Phone: 317-777-2926
Fax: 425-644-2185

LinkedIn Profile:
Twitter handle: @RubiconStrategy

Foster School of Business
University of Washington
Box: 353200
Seattle, WA 98195

Benjamin Shobert

Part-time Lecturer of Management and Organization

Professional Certification



MBA Duke University (2009)
BS Indiana University (1998)

Academic Expertise

strategic planning

Positions Held

At the University of Washington since 2017
Managing Director, Rubicon Strategy Group, 2012-present

Selected Publications

  1. Designing Profitable Partnerships with Chinese Hospitals
    Journal Article:Shobert, B. & Huang, J., (2016). China Business Review,
  2. The Rise of Chinese Innovation in the Life Sciences
    Journal Article:Shobert, B., Wong, J. & Fei, X., (2016). National Bureau of Asian Research,
  3. The Future of Pharmaceutical Marketing in China
    Journal Article:Shobert, B. & Huang, J., (2016). Rubicon Strategy Group,
  4. China’s Senior Care Industry
    Journal Article:Shobert, B., Qu, Q., Christian, J., DeNoble, D. & Yan, Y., (2015). Rubicon Strategy Group,
  5. Mixed Prognosis
    Journal Article:Shobert, B., (2014). China Hands, Yale University,
  6. USCC Hearing: China’s Healthcare Sector, Drug Safety, and the U.S.-China Trade in Medical Products
    Journal Article:Shobert, B., (2014). US-China Economic Security and Review Commission,
  7. Understanding China’s Antimonopoly (AML) Investigations
    Journal Article:Shobert, B. & DeNoble, D., (2014). China Business Review,
  8. How Should Foreign Companies Interpret GSK’s China Fines And Penalties?
    Journal Article:Shobert, B., (2014). Forbes,
  9. China’s Energy Crossroads: Forging a New Energy and Environmental Balance
    Journal Article:Shobert, B., Andrews-Speed, P., Herberg, M., Zhidong, L., Miller, M. & Gillispie, C., (2014). The National Bureau of Asian Research,
  10. China’s Healthcare Reforms – the Promise and the Peril
    Journal Article:Shobert, B., (2013). Harvard Asia Quarterly,
  11. Why Glaxo’s China scandal needed to happen
    Journal Article:Shobert, B., (2013). CNBC,
  12. Disruptive Forces in the Global Life Sciences Sector
    Journal Article:Shobert, B. & Topal, C., (2013).
  13. Bank On It: Is this volunteer program the solution to China’s elder-care crisis?
    Journal Article:Shobert, B., (2013). Slate,
  14. The Global Obama: Crossroads of Leadership in the 21st Century
    Journal Article:Shobert, B., (2013). Routledge Publishing,

Courses Taught

MGMT 579 - The Globalization of Healthcare Services & the Biotech Industry