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Faculty Directory

Ann Schlosser
Office: 522
Phone: 206-685-7497
Fax: 206-543-7472

Curriculum vitae:

Foster School of Business
University of Washington
Box: 353226
Seattle, WA 98195-3226

The Internet has the illusion of familiarity; that it is like a billboard ad or a mail-order catalog. Consequently, the temptation to apply traditional marketing strategies to the Internet is strong. Yet, in doing so, there is the risk that the Internet’s more unique feature—and the opportunities and challenges they pose—will be ignored.

Ann Schlosser

Professor of Marketing
Evert McCabe Endowed Fellow


PhD University of Illinois (1997)
MA University of Illinois (1995)
BA Carleton College (1991)

Academic Expertise

consumer behavior
consumer segmentation
digital marketing
marketing research
social media

Current Research

Consumer control and choice in online environments, How social situations and communication modality influence consumption decisions and experiences, How person-and-machine interactivity impact attitude strength and valence, Internet policy

Positions Held

At the University of Washington since 2000
Assistant Professor at Vanderbilt University, 1998-2000
Visiting Scholar at the Interval Research Corporation in Palo Alto, 1999
Research Associate in the Technology Research Group of the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, 1997-1998

Selected Publications

  1. So Close I Can Almost Sense It: The Interplay Between Sensory Imagery and Psychological Distance
    Journal Article:Elder, R., Schlosser, A., Poor, M. & Xu, l., (forthcoming). Journal of Consumer Research,
  2. Who’s Driving This Conversation? Systematic Biases in the Content of Online Consumer Discussions
    Journal Article:Hamilton, R., Schlosser, A. & Chen, Y., (forthcoming). Journal of Marketing Research,
  3. Helping Others or Oneself: How Direction of Social Comparison Affects Charitable Intentions
    Journal Article:Schlosser, A. & Levy, E., (2016). Journal of Consumer Psychology, Vol. 26, pp. 461-473.
    • Lead article
  4. The Ups and Downs of Visual Orientation: The Effect of Diagonals on Judgment
    Journal Article:Schlosser, A., Rikhi, R. & Dagogo-Jack, S., (2016). Journal of Consumer Psychology, pp. 496-509.
  5. The Sweet Taste of Gratitude: Receiving Help From Others Increases Preferences for Sweets
    Journal Article:Schlosser, A.E., (2015). Journal of Consumer Psychology,
  6. Can Including Pros and Cons Increase the Helpfulness and Persuasiveness of Online Reviews? The Interactive Effects of Ratings and Arguments
    Journal Article:Schlosser, A.E., (2011). Journal of Consumer Psychology, Vol. 21(3), pp. 226-239.
  7. The Effect of Computer-Mediated Communication on Conformity versus Nonconformity: An Impression Management Perspective
    Journal Article:Schlosser, A.E., (2009). Journal of Consumer Psychology, Vol. 19, pp. 374-388.
  8. The effect of perceived message choice on persuasion
    Journal Article:Schlosser, A.E., & Shavitt, S., (2009). Journal of Consumer Psychology, Vol. 19(3), pp. 290–301.
  9. Converting Website Visitors into Buyers: How Website Investment Increases Consumer Trusting Beliefs and Online Purchase Intentions
    Journal Article:Schlosser, A.E., Barnett White, T., & Lloyd, S.M., (2006). Journal of Marketing, Vol. 70,
  10. Learning Through Virtual Product Experience: The Role of Imagery on True and False Memories
    Journal Article:Schlosser, A.E., (2006). Journal of Consumer Research, Vol. 33, pp. 377-383.
  11. Posting Versus Lurking: Communicating in a Multiple Audience Context
    Journal Article:Schlosser, A.E., (2005). Journal of Consumer Research, Vol. 32, pp. 260-265.
  12. Computers as situational cues: Implications for consumers’ product cognitions and attitudes
    Journal Article:Schlosser, A.E., (2003). Journal of Consumer Psychology, Vol. 13(1 and 2), pp. 103-112.
  13. Experiencing products in a virtual world: The role of goals and imagery in influencing attitudes versus intentions
    Journal Article:Schlosser, A.E., (2003). Journal of Consumer Research, Vol. 30, pp. 184-198.
  14. Locus of control, Web use, and consumer attitudes toward Internet regulation
    Journal Article:Hoffman, D.L., Novak, T.P., & Schlosser, A.E., (2003). Journal of Public Policy in Marketing, Vol. 22, pp. 41-57.
  15. Anticipated discussion and product judgments: Rehearsing what to say can affect your judgments
    Journal Article:Schlosser, A.E., & Shavitt, S., (2002). Journal of Consumer Research, Vol. 29, pp. 101-115.


Allstate, managing the company’s Intranet, conducting online marketing research
Kodak and Proctor & Gamble, managing the company’s Internet site

Honors and Awards

Identified as one of the 50 most prolific scholars in marketing, 1982-2006
Stellner Distinguished Scholar Award, University of Illinois, 2007
Lex Gamble Family Award for Excellence in the Field of E-Commerce, 2006
Finalist for Division 49 American Psychological Association Dissertation Award, 1998
@d:tech Scholarship for individual contribution to understanding the influence of technology on advertising, communication, and marketing, 1997
American Academy of Advertising Industry fellowship, 1996