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Recruiting Dates and Guidelines

2021-2022 Key Recruiting Dates

Fall Quarter 2021

September 29 Fall Quarter Begins
October 4 Recruitment Events Begin
December 10 Fall Quarter Ends

Winter Quarter 2022

January 3 Winter Quarter Begins
January 10 Recruitment Events Begin
March 11 Winter Quarter Ends

Spring Quarter 2022

March 28 Spring Quarter Begins
March 28 Recruitment Events Begin
June 3 Spring Quarter Ends

Recruiting Guidelines

The MBA Career Management adheres to the MBACSEA Standards and abides by the professionalism policies of MBACSEA and NACE. We strongly discourage employers from providing undue pressure or unreasonable expectations around accepting offers. Negative offer terms include: exploding offers (disregarding offer decision guidelines) and requiring students to respond to verbal offers or “on the spot” offers.


Students have consented to make their resumes available to companies and organizations through the various Foster School resume books and resume drops. These are to be used solely for recruitment purposes.

Offer Consideration and Acceptance

Because of the importance that recruiters, students, and Foster MBA Career Services place on accepting an offer, we request that firms provide sufficient time for a student to consider an offer. All offers must be made in writing and include the offer expiration deadline, pay, terms, job title, and any contingencies.

Students are urged to immediately release offers they do not plan to accept. After students accept an offer we require they conclude their job search as well as participation in on campus interviews. Once a student has accepted a written offer, reneging is highly discouraged by the Foster School of Business. Reneging on an offer is considered a serious breach of our recruiting guidelines which results in repercussions up to and including loss of future recruiting privileges.

For MBA Full-time Offers

Students who receive full time offers from their summer internship employer should be given until November 30 or at least three weeks (whichever is later) to respond. Second year students who receive a full-time offer should be given until December 15, or a minimum of three weeks from the date of the written offer (whichever is later) to make an offer decision.

For MBA Internship Offers

Students who receive an internship offer should be given until March 1or a minimum of two weeks from the date of the written offer to respond (whichever is later). Because we know that your plans depend on student acceptance of offers, we coach and encourage students to respond to offers promptly and, if possible, prior to this recommended time frame.

Off-Cycle Offers

Students who receive an offer outside of the OCR process, during off campus MBA conferences or summer camps must be provided with a minimum of three weeks to respond, while adhering to our offer decision guidelines listed above.