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Hire Foster Talent

While Foster Career Services and students may be back on campus, we know that many employers have taken a hybrid approach to their recruitment strategies. Whatever your strategy, Foster Career Services is here to help you navigate this hybrid environment. Please contact [email protected] with any questions or to review your plans.

Recruiting talent for your company is easy with the Michael G. Foster School of Business. We’re committed to working with companies like yours to meet your hiring objectives. Our consultative approach ensures that you’re attracting, interviewing, and hiring the right talent for your organization. 

How to Post a Job 

Job postings for Foster Undergraduates and Specialized Master’s students should be submitted through Handshake, the online recruiting platform UW utilizes for all career-related activity. Not on Handshake? Get started. 

Please be sure to note that the University of Washington operates on the quarter schedule, therefore our graduation dates may vary from other academic institutions. UW students can graduate in December, March, or June. 

  1. Log into Handshake and select “Post a Job” at the top of your homepage. 
  2. Fill out the four-section application to add job-specific requirements and preferences
  3. On the last tab, you can select the University of Washington. This will make your job posting visible to all students on both the UW Seattle and UW Bothell campuses. Additionally, you can select certain majors in the majors section of the preferences tab.

Helpful Tips for Posting

  • Undergraduate Options at Foster School: Accounting, Accounting for Business Professionals, Entrepreneurship, Finance, HR, Info Systems, Marketing, Supply Chain/Operations
  • Specialized Master’s Programs: Public Accounting (MPAcc), Taxation (MST), Supply Chain (MSCM), Info Systems (MSIS), Entrepreneurship (MSE), Business Analytics (MSBA)
  • Offer Guidelines: Foster follows (and recommends) the NACE guideline of allowing students two weeks to make their offer decision. See Employer Recruiting Policy drop-down, below, for more details.
  • Employer Internship Guide: Tips and resources for establishing and enhancing internship programs

Requesting a Room for an On-Campus Interview

All job postings, on-campus interviews, office hours, and event/info session requests for Foster Undergraduates and Specialized Master’s students should be submitted through Handshake, the online recruiting platform UW utilizes for all career-related activity. Not yet on Handshake? Please start here

  1. Log into Handshake and select “Request an Interview” at the top of your home page
  2. School: Select University of Washington – Seattle/Bothell
  3. Career Center: Select UW Seattle Foster School of Business Career Center
  4. Complete the remainder of this tab
  5. Move on to timeline tab: If you have specific notes or instructions for the Career Center (not intended for students), please include them in the Details section of your request form (via the pop-up window that appears once a date is is selected) 
  6. Choose your preferred timeline (reservation type): Preselect, Open, or Room only. See below for more details on Timeline Types
  7. Select Your Interview Slot Template (schedule for the day). Room Only reservations: Skip this step
  8. Move on to jobs tab: Attach a Job (new or existing, i.e. already posted on Handshake). Room Only reservations may skip this step

When you’ve completed the steps above, the Employer Services Manager will reach out to confirm room availability and provide logistics.

Note: If you are in need of an additional ‘greeter room” for your reservation, please add one additional room to your room request count AND indicate this in the Details section.

Timeline Option Descriptions

  • Preselect: You can review, select, communicate with, and prioritize applicants to interview all from within the Handshake platform. After which, selected candidates will be notified to sign up for specific time slots, based on a schedule you choose in Handshake at the time of request.
  • Open: No selecting of applicants. Anyone who meets the qualifications may sign up for specific time slots based on a schedule you choose in Handshake at the time of request. This style usually lends itself best for “office hours”. 
  • Room Only: This is simply a room reservation intended to be used for interviewing applicants that you manage, select, and communicate with outside of Handshake. You may create your own schedule between 8:30am and 4:30pm, and coordinate with students directly for exact meeting times. 

A note for Room Only reservations: You will be asked to provide a final schedule with names and times within 24 hours of your interview date. Also, please communicate to your applicants to check in at Founders Hall 230 upon arrival.

Click Here For Our Full Events & Interviews Guidelines & FAQ.

Foster On-Campus Interview Requests/Scheduling Timeframes (via Handshake)

Fall 2022
Submit requests: July 12 – November 28
Reservations allowed: September 30 – December 9
Monday – Friday (8:30am – 4:30pm)

Winter 2023
Submit requests: November 1 – February 24
Reservations allowed: January 9 – March 10
Monday – Friday (8:30am – 4:30pm)

Spring 2023
Submit requests: February 1 – May 19
Reservations allowed: April 3 – June 2
Monday – Friday (8:30am – 4:30pm)

Click Here For Our Full Events & Interviews Guidelines & FAQ.

Not able to make it to campus?

Interview from the comfort of your own computer! Through widely accessible business tools such as Skype, Zoom, and Google Hangouts, students are available for and comfortable with virtual/remote interviews. If you prefer to utilize Handshake for your Virtual Interview Strategy, contact the Employer Relations team at [email protected] for options and tips.

It’s important to note: the University of Washington runs on an academic quarter system. Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters are the principal seasons for recruitment activity on campus. Fall recruitment dates are announced each June. Click here to learn more about other ways to engage and build your brand outside of your recruiting timelines.

Hiring Resources

Foster School of Business international students have been hired by hundreds of middle-market and large organizations to fulfill their recruiting needs for internships and full-time positions. This guide will help you easily navigate the process of hiring international students.

Undergraduate Resume Books
Resume Books for Undergraduate students, categorized by job function and full-time or internship interest, are collected in Spring quarter only each year (April – June). Interested employers may submit a request for specific books beginning in March via this form or by emailing [email protected]. Note, resumes are collected only from students who opt-in.

Specialized Master’s Resume Books
Resume Books for Specialized Master’s students, categorized by individual program, are available at different timelines throughout the year. See below for more details. Interested employers may email [email protected] at relevant times to request specific books of interest.

  • MSIS (Information Systems), MSBA (Business Analytics), and MSCM (Supply Chain) will have books ready two times each academic year:
    • August/September: All students in this year’s cohort included
    • February/March: Showcases students still seeking employment
  • MPAcc (Public Accounting) and MST (Taxation) will have books ready only in August/September for firms to use for both Winter internship and full-time consideration.

All employment professionals recruiting Foster students through the Foster School of Business and other on-campus recruiting channels are required to work within a framework of professionally accepted recruiting, interviewing, and selection techniques as stipulated in the University of Washington’s Employer User Policy and the NACE Principles for Professional Conduct.

Offer Consideration and Acceptance Guidelines @ the EY Center for Career Advancement

All offers must be made in writing and include the offer expiration deadline, pay, terms, job title, and any contingencies. We request that firms provide sufficient time for a student to consider an offer. Although a two-week time frame for offer deadlines is common for Foster students, be advised that flexibility may be appropriate depending on the position or candidate circumstances. For further guidance, please refer to NACE’s Setting Reasonable Deadlines for Job Offers or reach out to the Foster Employer Relations Team.

Students are urged to immediately release offers they do not plan to accept. After students accept an offer, we require they conclude their job search as well as participation in interviews. Once a student has accepted a written offer, reneging is highly discouraged by the Foster School of Business. Reneging on an offer is considered a serious breach of our recruiting guidelines which results in repercussions up to and including loss of future recruiting privileges, however any offer that is over 14 months from when they start should have no repercussions. In the unfortunate instance when your firm has adhered to these guidelines and a student decides to renege on an offer, please notify Foster Career Services immediately.

Non-Discrimination Policy

All employment professionals recruiting Foster students through the Foster School of Business and other on-campus recruiting channels are expected to engage in non-discrimination practices in their recruitment activities, and to follow equal employment opportunity and affirmative action principles as set forth by the University of Washington and NACE’s “Principles for Professional Conduct”, linked above. Employers are expected to provide reasonable accommodations upon request.