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Frequently Asked Questions

I need help sprucing up my resume. What should I do?
Check out our resume and cover letter page for examples and tips. After fixing up your resume, come in for drop in resume reviews, M-Th, 12:30-3:30pm in DEM 212. No appointment needed! (No drop-ins during summer).

How can I prepare and practice for an upcoming interview?
Top things to prepare:

There’s so many career resources out there. What sites and resources can I trust?
Check out our resources. Here you’ll find links to sites we trust and content we believe to be helpful to Foster students. Some of them require subscriptions, but Foster students should have access with their UW student ID information using the specific links found on our site.

How can I see if the salary I’ve been offered is competitive?
Congratulations on your offer! We recommend looking at Glassdoor, salary.com and payscale.com. When comparing salaries, always consider the type/size of company, the standard of living in the city, and job description specifics as factors that could affect the salary you’ve been offered.

Can I get credit for an internship?
Foster students can get credit for an internship experience IF the internship supplements business curriculum and you will receive both training and supervision. To learn about the process to receive credit, read our internship guide and select “getting academic internship credit”.

How can I figure out what career I’d like to do in the future?
There are several steps you can do:

  • Start researching possible careers and fields on our Explore Options page or Vault.
  • Start doing informational interviews and find networking opportunities to learn about possible careers while meeting new people
  • Test out possible jobs/industries by taking on internships, volunteer/community opportunities, part time jobs, by joining student organizations and case competitions. These opportunities provide professional development and help identify the types of skills you may want to use in a future job.
  • Make an appointment with career services to discuss career exploration. Another tool available to Foster students is the Career Leader assessment. Contact us to get access to the tool.

Everyone talks about “Fall Recruiting”. What is it and what should I do to prepare?
Fall recruiting is not a formal “event”, it’s a time period where many companies conduct a hiring process for open positions (especially in Accounting, Finance and Consulting). They may offer internship or full time opportunities, often giving out job offers in November with start dates in the following summer.

To prepare for fall recruiting, we recommend a resume review with our office, practicing your networking pitch, watching for positions of interest in Handshake (even if you aren’t looking for positions in accounting, finance or consulting) and attending events to meet with company representatives (ex: Industry Focus Events and Business Career Fair).

What are some of the topics that could be discussed in a meeting with a career coach/counselor/adviser?
We are happy to discuss a wide range of topics with Foster students. Some topics include (but are not limited to):

Career exploration
Choosing a major/option
Career fair and event preparation
Graduate school
Global Opportunities
Studying abroad and recruitment planning
Interview preparation
Internship and job search
Resume and cover letters
Informational Interviews
Job offer or salary negotiation