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Startup Resources

The Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship has been connected to Seattle’s thriving entrepreneurial community for over 20 years. We’ve vetted countless startup resources and pulled out what we consider to be the best materials to help you achieve your startup goals.

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Research Your Business Idea

Tips on how to find market research reports and more.

Library Resources
Community and Government Organizations
National Resources

Write a Winning Business Plan

Advice and industry examples for the what, why, and how of writing successful business plans.

Business Plan Basics
Writing Resources

Pitch to Investors

Why should an investor put money into your company instead of someone else’s? What are the critical elements you need to have and what could kill the deal? How should you prepare for an investor pitch?

Pitch Guidelines
Alliance of Angels
A very simple and succinct approach to creating a business plan presentation. “10–15 slides are all that’s needed.” Find the pitch guidelines under the question, “What should be in my investor pitch deck?”

8 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Pitching To Investors
Rick Frasch, Forbes
A list detailing what not to do when pitching to investors, compiled by an industry expert.

Expert Tips on Pitching a Winner
Alyssa Royse
Compilation of pitch tips from local experts who have heard a lot of pitches.

What do Investors Look For?
Troy Cichos, Madrona Venture Partners
Presentation covers what investors look for and what should you cover in your pitch. He also shares several examples of what to do and what not to do when pitching your idea/company.
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A Resource Guide for Technology Entrepreneurs
Ryan McCarthy and Randy Ottinger
How to find Seattle investors and succeed as a tech startup in the Seattle area

Fund your company

Information about raising capital for your startup.

Funding Basics
Angel Funding
Grant Funding
Annual Events and Competitions
Other Funding Options
Fundraising References

Launch your business

Information on running a startup from workspaces to websites.

Local Resources
General Resources
Local groups for entrepreneurs

Get Legal and Tax Help

What are the legal issues to consider in starting your own company? How do you divide equity, protect your IP, and structure the company? Use these legal resources to help guide your start-up decisions.

IP, Patents, and Trademarks

News and blogs

Check out our list of noteworthy blogs and news organizations.

Local News
National News
Local Blogs
National Blogs

Classes and networking

Connect with like-minded individuals through classes, meetups, and more.

Connections for students
Annual entrepreneur events worth putting in your calendar