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29th Annual Business Leadership Celebration

November 9, 2021
5:15 – 9:00 pm

Join the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business for a special evening as we honor inspiring leaders who’ve built great organizations, made outstanding contributions to their industry and shaped the future of business. The evening will feature a keynote by Indra Nooyi, former CEO of PepsiCo, and award presentations to Mary Knell of Wells Fargo, Nobel Prize-winning financial economist William F. Sharpe, and Annie Young-Scrivner of Wella Company. More than 600 business leaders, Foster supporters, and students are expected to attend. Event proceeds directly support student scholarships and fellowships. More information.

INDRA NOOYI, Former Chief Executive Officer, PepsiCo

Indra NooyiIndra Nooyi, named “Most Powerful Woman in Business” five times by Fortune magazine, currently serves as a corporate director of Amazon. Nooyi was CEO of PepsiCo from 2006 to 2018 and served as Chairman of its board of directors from 2007 to 2019. Prior to the top job at PepsiCo, she held leadership roles in finance, corporate strategy and development, and strategic planning before being elected Director and becoming President and CFO in 2001. Nooyi, perennially ranked among the world’s top women corporate leaders by Forbes and Fortune, also has served on the boards of Schlumberger Limited and the International Cricket Council.

MARY KNELL (BA, 1982), Chief Executive Officer, PNW Commercial Banking, Wells Fargo & Co.

Mary KnellMary Knell leads Wells Fargo’s commercial banking teams in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho, Hawaii and Western Canada serving private and public companies generally over $5MM in revenues. A leader in the Cascadia region’s Asian community, Knell previously served as executive advisor for Wells Fargo’s Asian Connection Network, a group with chapters across the United States and India that promotes Asian culture and values. A lifetime Seattleite and longtime community leader, Knell also has served as Managing Director at JPMorgan and served in leadership positions while at Bank of America/Seafirst for 30 years.

WILLIAM F. SHARPE, Nobel Prize-winning financial economist

William SharpeWilliam Sharpe brought enormous intellectual curiosity to the Foster School when he joined its finance faculty in 1961. His scholarly explorations ranged from microeconomics to computer science, investing to statistics, and resulted in two books and 20 papers during his busy UW tenure. Sharpe’s 1964 Journal of Finance study—introducing the Capital Asset Pricing Model for calculating the relationship between risk and return—has proved foundational to modern investing and earned him a share of the 1990 Nobel Prize in Economics. Sharpe returned to his native California in 1969 and continues to serve as an emeritus professor of Stanford University. He has written many books and founded the retirement investing firm Financial Engines.

ANNIE YOUNG-SCRIVNER (BA, 1991), Chief Executive Officer, Wella Company

Annie Young-Scrivner
Annie Young-Scrivner is the CEO of Wella Company., a global leader in the beauty industry with presence in more than 100 countries and iconic brands like Wella, Clairol, ghd, Nioxin, and OPI. Before joining Wella, Young-Scrivner served three years as CEO of Godiva Chocolatier. She also held a variety of senior executive roles in eight years with Starbucks Corporation, including Executive Vice President, Global Digital & Loyalty Development; President, Teavana & Executive Vice President of Global Tea; President of Starbucks Canada; and Global Chief Marketing Officer & President of Tazo Tea. Young-Scrivner also spent 19 years at PepsiCo, serving in senior leadership positions in sales, marketing and general management. She currently serves on the board of directors of Tiffany & Co. and Yum! Brands, and, previously, Macy’s.


       PRESENTING SPONSOR – $25,000

Benefits include priority seating for ten in the premier section and Awardees Reception passes for up to ten guests, podium time as appropriate, prominent logo display during recognition vignette and public reception, printed program logo listing and projected displays, a named scholarship or summer research award, and Foster Corporate Partners program benefits.

       BOOK GIVEAWAY SPONSOR – $20,000

This sponsorship includes the book giveaway of Indra Nooyi’s forthcoming autobiography, My Life in Full: Work, Family, and Our Future (out September 2021). Benefits include up to ten seats in the premier section, option to include custom bookmark, ten Awardees Reception Passes, podium mention and logo display during recognition vignette, program listing, and Foster Corporate Partners program benefits.


Benefits include priority seating for ten in the premier section and Awardees Reception passes for up to ten guests, podium mention and logo display during recognition vignette, printed program logo listing and projected displays, Foster Corporate Partners program benefits.

       OPPORTUNITY SPONSOR – $10,000

Includes recognition in printed event program listing and two named tables – up to ten seats, plus ten seats for students, faculty, or staff, attendance to public reception, and Foster Corporate Partners program benefits. Sponsor may designate preferred groups.

       TABLE SPONSOR – $5,000

Includes recognition in program listing and seating for up to eight guests, and public reception attendance.

A portion of every sponsorship supports education at the University of Washington Foster School of Business and is tax-deductible. A premium of $100 per attendee will be deducted from each sponsorship gift receipt (i.e. a table of ten at $1,000 premium). For questions or to support this event and business education at the UW, please contact Eileen Bhatia Assistant Director of Corporate Relations 206.616.9178 [email protected].

Past distinguished leadership award recipients and speakers

Leadership Faculty Showcase
Award Recipients: Brad Tilden (EMBA ’97), Shelly Reynolds (BA ’87)
Keynote Speaker: Barry McCaffrey
Retired Four-Star General
Award Recipients:
Pete Shimer (BA ’84), Nancy Zevenbergen (BA ’81), Firoz Lalji, Martin Selig (BA ’59)
2017 Keynote Speaker James Whittaker
Keynote Speaker: James Whittaker
Award Recipients:
Companies of the Century – Boeing, PACCAR and Nordstrom
2016 Keynote Speaker Margo Georgiadis
Keynote Speaker: Margo Georgiadis
President for the Americas, Google
Board Member, McDonald’s
Award Recipients:
Gary Wipfler (UW ’81), Jeffrey Brotman (UW ’64, JD ’67)
2015 Keynote Speaker John W. Thompson
Keynote Speaker: John W. Thompson
CEO, Virtual Instruments; Chairman of the Board, Microsoft
Award Recipients: Gary Furukawa (UW ’81), John Jacobi (UW ’62), Steve Singh
2014 Keynote Speaker Robert A. Iger
Keynote Speaker: Robert A. Iger
Chairman & CEO, The Walt Disney Company
Award Recipients: Dan Baty (BA ’65), Kemper Freeman (UW ’63), Nancy Jacob (BA ’67)
2013 Keynote Speaker Richard Kovacevich
Keynote Speaker: Richard Kovacevich
Chairman Emeritus, Wells Fargo & Company
Award Recipients: David Bonderman (BA ’63), Tom Crowley (BA ’89), Dan Fulton (MBA ’76), Kate Kingen (BA ’09)
2012 Keynote Speaker Alan Mulally
Keynote Speaker: Alan Mulally
President & Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Ford Motor Company
Award Recipients: Howard Behar, Dorrit Bern (BA ’72), Don Root (BA ’61)
2011 Keynote Speaker Jamie Dimon
Keynote Speaker: Jamie Dimon
President & Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, JPMorgan Chase
Award Recipients: L. Patrick Hughes (BA ’57), John N. Nordstrom (BA ’59), Bruce A. Nordstrom (BA ’55)
2010 Keynote Speaker Mark Parker
Keynote Speaker: Mark Parker
President & Chief Executive Officer, Nike, Inc.
Award Recipients: Charles K. Barbo (BA ’63), Mark A. Emmert (BA ’75), Jon F. Hemingway (BA ’79)
2009 Keynote Speaker Marilyn Carlson Nelson
Keynote Speaker: Marilyn Carlson Nelson
Chairman of Carlson
Award Recipients: Phyllis Campbell (MBA ’87), Chris DeWolfe (BA ’88), Don Nielsen (BA ’60)
2008 Keynote Speaker Reggie Fils-Aime
Keynote Speaker: Reggie Fils-Aime
President & COO Nintendo of America, Inc.
Award Recipients: Gerald Grinstein, Eileen O’Neill Odum (BA ’77), Mark Pigott
2007 Keynote Speaker Jim McNerney
Keynote Speaker: Jim McNerney
CEO The Boeing Company
Award Recipients: William S. Ayer (MBA ’78), Leslie Koo (BA ’77), Ray Williams (BA ’59)
2006 Keynote Speaker Clayton I. Bennett
Keynote Speaker: Clayton I. Bennett
Owner of the Seattle SuperSonics and Storm
Award Recipients: Lex N. Gamble (BA ’59), Sally Jewell, Leonard H. Lavin
2005 Keynote Speaker John Connors
Keynote Speaker: John Connors
Partner at Ignition; Former CFO Microsoft
Award Recipients: Gary Shansby (BA ’59), Budd Gould (BA ’62)
2004 Keynote Speaker Mike McGavick
Keynote Speaker: Mike McGavick
CEO Safeco Corporation
Award Recipients: Stanley B. McDonald (BA ’43), Yoshihiko Miyauchi (MBA ’60)
2003 Keynote Speaker Jeffrey Immelt
Keynote Speaker: Jeffrey Immelt
CEO General Electric
Award Recipients: Herb T. Mead (BA ’56), Wallace E. Opdycke (BA ’59), William P. Kinnune, Jr. (BA ’61), Y. K. Park (BA ’59)
Keynote Speaker: Kevin Sharer
CEO Amgen
Award Recipients: Alice W. Sandstrom (BA ’34), Michael Garvey, Gary E. Milgard (BA ’57)
Keynote Speaker: John W. Stanton
CEO Western Wireless Corporation; Former CEO Voice Stream/T-Mobile
Award Recipients: Marion O. Garrison (BA ’39), George Kozmetsky (BA ’38), Orin C. Smith (BA ’65)
Keynote Speaker: James K. Glassman
Financial and Political Analyst
Award Recipients: Neal Dempsey (BA ’64), Wayne M. Perry (BA ’72), William C. Huang
Keynote Speaker: Richard Karlgaard
Publisher Forbes Magazine
Award Recipients: Norman J. Metcalfe (BA/BS ’65, MBA ’67), Edward V. Fritzky, Charles M. Lillis (BA ’68, MBA ’69)
Keynote Speaker: Howard Schultz
CEO Starbucks Coffee Company
Award Recipients: William A. Fowler (BA ’66), Kerry Killinger
Keynote Speaker: Andy Grove
CEO Intel
Award Recipients: Kirby L. Cramer (MBA ’62), William H. Gates III
Keynote Speaker: David Coulter
CEO Bank of America
Award Recipients: John W. Ellis, Michael L. Darland (BA ’65, MUP ’69)
Keynote Speaker: John H. Eyler, Jr.
CEO FAO Schwarz
Award Recipients: Arthur W. Buerk, Jr. (BA ’58), Sally Narodick
Keynote Speaker: David R. Hinson
Administrator Federal Aviation Administration
Award Recipients: James B. Douglas (BA ’30), Ron D. Crockett, Charles M. Pigott
Keynote Speaker: Ambassador Rozanne Ridgway
Former Ambassador to East Germany and Finland
Award Recipients: Andrew V. Smith
Keynote Speaker: Alan Greenspan
Federal Reserve Board Chairman
Award Recipients: Richard P. Cooley, Elmer Nordstrom (BA ’26), Everett Nordstrom (BA ’23), Lloyd Nordstrom, Frank A. Shrontz, Samuel N. Stroum