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Faculty Directory

Jessica (Huisi) Li

Foster School of Business
University of Washington
Box: N/A
Seattle, WA 98105

Jessica (Huisi) Li

Assistant Professor of Management and Organization

Academic Expertise

diverse teams
employee turnover
status and power

Selected Publications

  1. Do Low-Power Individuals Really Compete Less? An Investigation of Covert Competition
    Journal Article:Zhong, Y & Li, H., (2023). Organization Science,
  2. My Boss is Younger, Less Educated, and Shorter Tenured: When and Why Status (In)congruence Influences Promotion System Justification
    Journal Article:Li, H., Wang, X., Williams, M, Chen., Y.-R., & Brockner, J., (2023). Journal of Applied Psychology,
  3. Powerlessness also Corrupts: Lower Power Increases Self-Promotional Lying
    Journal Article:Li, H., Chen, Y.-R., & Hildreth, J. A., (2022). Organization Science,
  4. A Tale of Two Hierarchies: Power Hierarchy and Status Hierarchy Interact to Impact Team Performance
    Journal Article:Hays, N., Li, H., Yang, X., Oh, J. K., Yu, A., Chen, Y.-R., Hollenbeck, J. R, & Jamieson, B. B., (2021). Organization Science,
  5. Converging Tides Lift All Boats: Consensus in Evaluation Criteria Boosts Investments in Firms in Nascent Technology Sectors
    Journal Article:Shen, X., Li, H., & Tolbert, P. S., (2021). Organization Science,
  6. Not All Leaving Is Created Equal: Differentiating the Factors of Organizational and Occupational Turnover Intentions
    Journal Article:Li, H., Yu, K., Huang, Y., & Jin, X., (2019). Journal of Personnel Psychology, Vol. 18(1), pp. 10-22.
  7. Talk and Let Talk: Effects of Language Proficiency on Speaking Up and Competence Recognition in Multinational Teams
    Journal Article:Li, H., Yuan, Y. C., Bazarova, N., & Bell, B. S., (2018). Group & Organization Management, pp. 1-37.
  8. Where is Context? Advancing Status Research with a Contextual Value Perspective
    Journal Article:Li, H., Chen, Y.-R., & Blader, S. L., (2016). Research in Organizational Behavior, Vol. 36, pp. 185-198.
  9. Big Data in Turnover and Retention. In Tonidandel, King, & Cortina (Eds.)
    Journal Article:Hausknecht, J. P., & Li, H., (2015). Big Data at Work: The Data Science Revolution and Organizational Psychology, pp. 250-271.

PhD Student Collaborators

Zeren Li