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Faculty Directory

David Sirmon
Office: 583
Phone: 206-543-0067
Fax: 206-543-3968

Curriculum vitae:

Foster School of Business
University of Washington
Box: 353226
Seattle, WA 98195-3226

David G. Sirmon

Associate Professor of Management
Robert Herbold Professor in Entrepreneurship


PhD Arizona State University (2004)
MBA University of Montana (1997)
BS University of Montana (1996)

Academic Expertise

blue ocean strategy
board of directors
competitive strategy
family business
mergers and acquisitions
resource orchestration
turnaround strategies

Positions Held

At the University of Washington since 2012
Associate Professor at Texas A&M University, 2011-2012
Assistant Professor at Texas A&M University, 2006-2011
Assistant Professor at Clemson University, 2004-2006
Commercial Lending, 1997-2000

Selected Publications

  1. Living and dying: Synthesizing the literature on firm survival across stages of development
    Journal Article:Harrison, J., Josefy, M., Sirmon, D.G., & Carnes, C.M., (in press). Academy of Management Annals,
  2. Pre-exit bundling, losing professionals, and firm performance
    Journal Article:Brymer, R., & Sirmon, D.G., (in press). Journal of Management Studies,
  3. The mediating role of entrepreneurial orientation: A meta-analysis of resource orchestration and cultural contingencies
    Journal Article:Miao, C., Coombs, J.E., Qian, S., Sirmon, D.G., (in press). Journal of Business Research,
  4. Fuzzy logic and the market: A configurational approach to investor perceptions of acquisition announcements
    Journal Article:Campbell, J.T., Sirmon, D.G., & Schijven, M., (2016). Academy of Management Journal, Vol. 59, pp. 163-187.
  5. Utilizing the firm’s resources: How TMT heterogeneity and resulting faultlines affect TMT tasks
    Journal Article:Ndofor, H.A., Sirmon, D.G., & He., X., (2015). Strategic Management Journal, Vol. 36, pp. 1656-1674.
  6. Socioemotional wealth as a mixed gamble: Revisiting family firm R&D investment with the behavior agency model
    Journal Article:Gomez-Mejia, L., Campbell, J.T., Martin, G., Hoskisson, R.E., Makri, M., & Sirmon, D.G., (2014). Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, Vol. 38, pp. 1351-1374.
  7. Organizational decline and turnaround: A review and agenda for future research
    Journal Article:Trahms, C., Ndofor, H., Sirmon, D.G., (2013). Journal of Management, Vol. 39(5), pp. 1277-1307.
  8. Shareholder Influence over Director Nomination via Proxy Access: Implications for Agency Conflict and Stakeholder Value
    Journal Article:Campbell, J.T., Campbell, T.C., Sirmon, D.G., Bierman, L., & Tuggle, C.S., (2012). Strategic Management Journal, Vol. 33(12), pp. 1431–1451.
  9. Entrepreneurial orientation, generational involvement and participative strategy: A configurational approach to entrepreneurship in family firms
    Journal Article:Chirico, F., Sirmon, D.G., Sciascia, S., & Mazzola, P., (2011). Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, Vol. 5(4), pp. 307–326.
  10. Firm Resources, Competitive Actions and Performance: Investigating a Mediated Model with Evidence from the In-Vitro Diagnostics Industry
    Journal Article:Ndofor, H.A., Sirmon, D.G., & He, X., (2011). Strategic Management Journal, Vol. 32(6), pp. 640–657.
  11. Franchising and the Family Firm: Creating Unique Sources of Advantage
    Journal Article:Chirico, F., Ireland, R.D., & Sirmon, D.G., (2011). Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, Vol. 35(3), pp. 483-501.
  12. Resource Orchestration to Create Competitive Advantage: Breadth, Depth and Life Cycle Effects
    Journal Article:Sirmon, D.G., Hitt, M.A., Ireland, R.D., & Gilbert, B.A., (2011). Journal of Management, Vol. 37(5), pp. 1390-1412.
  13. The Current State of Strategic Entrepreneurship and Future Opportunities
    Journal Article:Hitt, M.A., Sirmon, D.G., Ireland, R.D., & Trahms, C., (2011). Academy of Management Perspectives, Vol. 25(2), pp. 57-75.
  14. Commanding Board of Director Attention: Investigating How Organizational Performance and CEO Duality Affect Board Members Attention to Monitoring
    Journal Article:Tuggle, C.S., Sirmon, D.G., Reutzel, C., & Bierman, L., (2010). Strategic Management Journal, Vol. 31(9), pp. 946-968.
  15. Competition and Knowledge Creation in Management: Investigating Changes in Scholarship from 1988 to 2007
    Journal Article:Certo, S.T., Sirmon, D.G., & Brymer, R., (2010). Academy of Management Learning and Education, Vol. 9(4), pp. 591-606.
  16. The Case for Random Coefficients Modeling in Entrepreneurship Research: An Illustration of Growth Strategies and Post-IPO Performance
    Journal Article:Holcomd, T.R, Combs, J.G., Sirmon, D.G., & Sexton, J., (2010). Organizational Research Methods, Vol. 13(2), pp. 348-389.
  17. The Dynamic Interplay of Capability Strengths and Weaknesses: Investigating the Bases of Temporary Competitive Advantage
    Journal Article:Sirmon, D.G., Hitt, M.A., Arregle, J.L., & Campbell, J.T., (2010). Strategic Management Journal, Vol. 31(13), pp. 1386-1409.
  18. Contingencies within dynamic managerial capabilities: Interdependent effects of resource investment and deployment on firm performance
    Journal Article:Sirmon, D.G.,Hitt, M.A., (2009). Strategic Management Journal, Vol. 30(13), pp. 1375-1394.
  19. You say illegal, I say legitimate: Entrepreneurship in the informal economy
    Journal Article:Webb, J.W., Tihanyi, L., Ireland, R.D., & Sirmon, D.G., (2009). Academy of Management Review, Vol. 34(3), pp. 492-510.
  20. Resource management in dyadic competitive rivalry: The effects of resource bundling and deployment
    Journal Article:Sirmon, D.G., Gove, S., & Hitt, M.A., (2008). Academy of Management Journal, Vol. 51(5), pp. 919-935.
  21. The role of family influence in firms’ strategic response to competitive threat
    Journal Article:Sirmon, D.G., Arregle, J-L., Hitt, M.A., & Webb, J.W., (2008). Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, Vol. 32(6), pp. 979-998.
  22. Creating value in the face of declining performance: Firm strategies and organizational recovery
    Journal Article:Morrow, J.L., Sirmon, D.G., Hitt, M.A., & Holcomb, T.R., (2007). Strategic Management Journal, Vol. 28(3), pp. 271-283.
  23. Managing firm resources in dynamic environments to create value: Looking inside the black box
    Journal Article:Sirmon, D.G., Hitt, M.A., & Ireland, R.D., (2007). Academy of Management Review, Vol. 32(1), pp. 273-292.
  24. The development of organizational social capital: Attributes of family firms
    Journal Article:Arregle, J-L., Hitt, M.A., Sirmon, D.G., & Very, P., (2007). Journal of Management Studies, Vol. 44(1), pp. 73-95.
  25. A model of cultural differences and international alliance performance
    Journal Article:Sirmon, D.G., & Lane, P.J., (2004). Journal of International Business Studies, Vol. 35(4), pp. 306-319.
  26. Managing resources: Linking unique resources, management and wealth creation in family firms
    Journal Article:Sirmon, D.G., Hitt, M.A., (2003). Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Vol. 27(4), pp. 339-358.
  27. Strategic entrepreneurship: The construct and its dimensions
    Journal Article:Ireland, R.D., Hitt, M.A., & Sirmon, D.G., (2003). Journal of Management, Vol. 29(6), pp. 963-989.

Honors and Awards

Professor of the Year – Core Evening MBA, UW, 2013, 2016
Professor of the Quarter (Winter) – Core Day MBA, UW, 2013
Excellence Awards
Highly Cited Researcher, 2014
Robert Herbold Professorship in Entrepreneurship, UW, 2012
Ricky W. Griffin Research Excellence Award, TAMU, 2012
Emerging Scholar Award, SMS (distinguished early career award), 2011
Mays Research Performance Award, TAMU, 2011
Summer Research Performance Grant, TAMU, 2010
Pamela M. and Barent W. Cater ’77 Faculty Research Fellowship, TAMU, 2009
Dean’s Performance Recognition Grant, TAMU, 2009
Center for Human Resource Management Research Grant, TAMU, 2008
Outstanding Reviewer, BPS Division, AoM, 2008
Dean’s Performance Recognition Grant, TAMU, 2008
Mays Research Mini-Grant, TAMU, 2008
Center for Human Resource Management Research Grant, TAMU, 2007
Emerging Scholar Research Excellence Award, Clemson University, 2005
Outstanding Reviewer, Entrepreneurship Division, AoM, 2005
Best Paper Proceedings, AoM, 2013
Best Paper Finalist, Academy of Management Learning & Education, 2011
Best Conference Paper Award Nominee, SMS, 2011
Best Paper Proceedings, AoM, 2011
Best Paper Finalist, Academy of Management Review, 2010
Showcase Symposium Award, AoM, 2010
Best Symposium Award, AoM, 2010
Best Conference Paper Award Nominee, SMS, 2009
Best Paper Proceedings, AoM, 2009
Best Paper Nominee, Journal of Management Studies, 2008
Best Paper Proceedings, AoM, 2008
Best Conference Paper - Honorable Mention, SMS, 2005
Best Paper Proceedings, AoM, 2003

Academic Service

Editorial Review Board, Academy of Management Journal
Editorial Review Board, Strategic Management Journal
Editorial Review Board, Journal of Business Venturing
Editorial Review Board, Family Business Review

Courses Taught

I deliver award-winning courses on Strategic Management to several audiences, including Ph.D., MBA, and professionals. Strategic Management focuses on the multi-faceted concept of “firm strategy” with the intent to help students understand how managers conceive and realize competitive advantage(s) to win in the marketplace. I emphasize that the heart of effective strategy is ensuring that “Uniqueness, Fit and Tradeoffs” exist among the firm’s activities. This is important because evidence regularly demonstrates that these choices differentiate thriving and failing firms. In order to address important strategic concepts, such as, Blue Oceans, network-based platforms, critical areas of differentiation, mergers and acquisition, and firm governance among others, I rely heavily on case-based discussions of exemplar firms (and compare those to firms that are failing). In total, students develop analytical, diagnostic, and rhetorical skills while adding precision to their “strategic toolbox.”