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Foster Exploration Seminars

Foster Faculty-led Program

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What is an Exploration Seminar?

UW Exploration Seminars are short-term study abroad programs (3 weeks) led by UW faculty that take place during Early Fall Start which is the gap period between the end of the UW Summer Quarter and the beginning of Fall Quarter. These programs differ from other study abroad programs because the focus is on getting students outside the classroom and engaged in more hands-on learning.

There are usually more than 30 Exploration Seminars each year offered by UW Departments like Foster, English, CHID, iSchool, etc. Students might check out a non-Foster Exploration Seminar to go to a country where Foster does not have a program or to earn non-business degree requirements like VLPA, I&S or Diversity credit. Most of the Exploration Seminars have no prerequisites and are open to all UW undergraduate students.

For the Foster Exploration Seminars, students engaging in hand on learning through daily company and cultural visits that relate to the seminar theme. These programs are led by Foster Faculty and Staff who act as the Program Directors. There is very little traditional lecture time on these programs, with students instead visiting many different companies, organization and NGO’s to learn what it means to do business in another country. There are 3-5 Foster Exploration Seminars each year which are usually open to all UW undergraduate students.

Courses and Credits

In terms of credits, the Foster Exploration Seminars are each 5 credits of IBUS 490 (general business elective credit). The 5 credits count towards Fall Quarter but are completed before Fall Quarter begins, and the credits are paid for separately from Fall Quarter on-campus tuition.

This gives students some flexibility in the number of credits they take on-campus Fall Quarter. Since they have already completed 5 credits during EFS, students can take just 10 credits on-campus and remain full-time enrolled (earning 15 total credits for Fall) or they can take up to 18 credits on-campus and still be full-time enrolled paying their regular tuition (earning 23 total credits for Fall).

Students will pay their regular tuition rate for Fall if they are taking 10-18 credits on-campus, and they will also pay the EFS program fee, both by the Fall Quarter tuition deadline.

Foster Exploration Seminars Offerings

Early Fall Start 2024

Early Fall Start 2023

Early Fall Start 2022 

  • Business Australia with Tod Bergstrom
  • Business Britain with Christina Nichols
  • Business India with Abhinav Gupta
  • Business Ireland with Leta Beard

Program Cost

Exploration Seminars typically cost between $4,500 and $5,500. The program fee includes the cost of the 5 credits, administrative fees, housing, some meals and program related transportation. Airfare, most food and personal expenses are additional costs. The 5 credits are not factored into a student Fall Quarter on campus course load and tuition, so a student will never pay twice for the credits earned in Early Fall Start.

Foster Study Abroad Fee

Each Foster Study Abroad Program will include the following fees in the program price: Foster Study Abroad Fee ($375) and UW Study Abroad Fee ($495).

The Foster Study Abroad fee is an Administrative Fee that funds all Foster Study Abroad activities, including organizing the programs, recruiting participants, assisting faculty, organizing pre-departure and post-return classes and events, and for providing study abroad advising for students. This fee is charged to all students participating on a Foster Study Abroad Program regardless of major.

Program Application

The Foster Exploration Seminars taking place during Early Fall Start and are due on February 15th at 11:59pm PST each year.