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Immerse yourself in a collaborative learning environment. Collaboration is more than a buzzword in the Foster MBA Program. The ethic of interactive learning, teamwork, and peer support infuses every aspect of the Foster MBA experience. From the start of orientation, when you meet your first study team, to the proving grounds of second-year team competitions, you will learn from your colleagues’ experiences, support one another’s accomplishments and develop professional relationships that last long after graduation.

Gain the skills to lead teams. Teamwork is an essential part of the workplace culture and many businesses make hiring and promotion decisions based on teamwork skills. In the Foster MBA Program, you’ll find out what it takes to become an adept team player by participating in and leading teams in an environment that mirrors the workplace. Learn to build teams that rise above personal differences and gain experience working with students in other functional disciplines to solve business problems. You’ll join forces with your MBA peers in:

  • Core and Elective Course Study Teams
  • Consulting Projects
  • Case and Business Plan Competitions
  • Student Organizations and Clubs

Receive vital support from your study teams. Core and elective course study teams are the heart of the UW MBA experience. Each quarter, you’ll collaborate with a small group of students from diverse regions, professional backgrounds and cultures. Team members tutor one another, divvy up projects, refine each other’s work and provide valuable contacts for career opportunities. These groups will challenge you, encourage you and help you strengthen areas where you have less experience. During your first year in the program, you will also identify areas of growth and accomplishment through quarterly self and peer evaluations. Many MBA students say that one of the most rewarding aspects of the program is the camaraderie and professional relationships they develop with their MBA classmates.

Core Study Teams
The required Leadership Development course, (MGMT 510) also provides development opportunities to teamwork skills:

  • Collaboration and Conflict Seminar — provides tools to deal with teams and issues that may arise
  • Leadership Fellows — second-year MBA students mentor first-year study teams to help them improve communication and working relationships
  • Case Competitions — develops team presentation, analysis and collaboration skills during required case competitions

Elective Study Teams
You can take classes such as MGMT 546 or MGMT 545 that focus on leadership and developing strong teamwork environments.

Students also complete team projects in elective classes — in some cases, a significant portion of each student’s course grade hinges on the team project. Depending on the course, teams may be assigned by the course instructor or students may self-select their teams.