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Leadership Development

Which leadership skills will be essential to your future success? Coursework knowledge alone won’t make you effective in the complex sphere of modern business. Capabilities such as leadership, communication, presentation skills, networking and teamwork will be critical to your career development. That’s why these skills are incorporated throughout the entire UW MBA Program.

First year: assessment, career coaching and practice

During orientation and throughout the first year, you’ll be evaluated in a variety of professional skill areas. Communications faculty will assess your presentation and writing skills, then work with you to develop a personal leadership skill development plan. Career coaches will give you feedback on mock interviews. You will receive ongoing training in leadership communication and conflict resolution. Your team will also receive guidance from a second-year MBA to help members reach optimal teamwork performance. As an individual and as a team member, you’ll have an opportunity to build your confidence through active participation in simulations and case competitions.

Second year: mentoring and polishing.

As a second-year MBA student, you will continue to hone your communication and leadership skills. One opportunity to “learn by teaching” is to mentor first-year students as they enhance their team collaboration. Second-year students can continue to improve leadership communication skills—which are highly sought after by MBA recruiters.

If you need to fine-tune a given area in your second year, academic and career coaches work with you to tap the many resources of the Foster School of Business, including:

  • Courses
  • Interviewers
  • Presentation preparation sessions
  • Student speaking organizations
  • Role models

Package your accomplishments

During the course of the program you’ll develop a professional skills portfolio. Your presentations, writing samples, work projects and mock interview results will create a strong, cohesive record of your career potential. You will be prepared for confident interviews with tangible proof of your MBA performance.