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Fiscal Services Center

What service(s) would you like to request?

Fiscal Services Center (FSC), housed in Dean’s Office at Foster School of Business provides various fiscal services for the units & programs at Foster school.  It is our goal to provide timely and quality services, and to ensure compliance is met for all Foster fiscal activities. The services we provide include but not limited to: purchasing, processing payments, processing reimbursements, making deposits, budget reporting, reconciliations, assisting in fiscal related questions, issues, and training.

Where can I get help if I have questions for purchase and payment and/or reimbursement?

UW Purchasing website is an excellent resource for all the information on how to buy, how to pay, and policies on reimbursements. Check the link:  https://finance.uw.edu/ps/how-to-buy

The other option is to email FSC (Fiscal Services Center), [email protected] with your questions and requests. We are happy to help you with any & all the fiscal/purchasing-related questions or requests.


How to start a purchase request?

Please go to the FSC home page to complete/submit an Intake form.

Click on Purchases & Payments button, under Type of Services, select Purchase Goods or Services, complete the rest of the form and submit. We will respond to your request within 24 – 48 hours.


How to start a reimbursement request?

Please go to the FSC home page to complete and submit an Intake form.

Click on Purchase Reimbursement button, complete the Intake form and make sure to attach a legible, itemized receipt from the vendor, with the information of amount, date, and description and business purpose of the goods/services purchased.


Do I need a budget approval before I purchase for business?

Yes, budget approval is required for purchase of goods or services. Please provide the name of the budget approver in the Intake form. We will add the budget approver in the approval flow in Ariba. Typically, the supervisor or budget manager should be the budget approver if not otherwise specified.


If I have an invoice, what should I do to get it paid?

Please go to the FSC home page to complete/submit an Intake form.

Click on Purchases & Payments button, under Type of Services, select Invoice Payment and complete the rest of the form. Please make sure to explain the business purposes of the payment, attach the invoice, and add any relevant information if necessary. We will respond to your request within 24 – 48 hours.


Is it better to use an UW registered vendor?

It is highly recommended to use UW contracted or registered vendor(s) for all purchasing needs for UW business. UW is required by IRS to report taxable income. All UW registered vendors’ SSN or TIN are recorded in Ariba, at the same time, all the payment information, receipts/backup documentation are recorded in Ariba, which makes the budget reconciliations in MyFD much easier, as there is no need to upload receipts/backup documentation in a separate location.


Can I use non-UW registered vendors?

UW contracted vendors and registered vendors are always our 1st choice. However, in some situations, the units/programs have a need to purchase something that are not available with the UW contracted/registered vendors, then non-UW registered vendors can be used with Procard payment. Please make sure to follow the UW Procard purchase guidelines. Below is the link:

Allowable and Unallowable Expenditures on Procard


How can a vendor become an UW registered vendor?

It is recommended that any vendor(s) who are doing business with UW become UW registered vendor. To become an UW registered vendor, the vendor needs to complete the Supplier Registration form

The registration process may take up to 6 weeks depending on the circumstances. It is highly recommended that the vendor(s) start the registration process as soon as they plan to do business with UW.


Can I negotiate and sign a contract with vendors?

Per UW purchasing policy, all contract agreements should be submitted to UW Purchasing for review and signature. Only an UW Buyer can sign a contract  (unless otherwise specified).


How to pay for food/drink for events? When do I submit food form and attendee list?

The purchase of food/drink for events should be charged to food approved budgets, e.g. most operational budgets are food approved budgets. If the budget used is a non-discretionary budget, food form and attendee list are required.


Where can I get a food form? And who should sign the food form?

Food approval form is on the UW Finance website (or click the link below). In general, the program director or manager should sign off the food form.


How to pay for alcohol and gifts?

Alcohol, gift cards, and gifts should NOT be paid on non-discretionary budget(s). Only discretionary budget(s) should be used for purchase of alcohol, gift cards, and gifts.

Gift cards cannot be purchased on personal funds and then reimbursed. Gift cards must be purchased either through Tango or on a ProCard and charged to a discretionary budget. Gift cards are considered taxable wages and there is tax deduction on gift card payments (on any amount). If the payee is UW employee,  the giver needs to send the name and amount to [email protected]  For non-employees, we are only required to report it on a Form 1099-MISC when the amount exceeds $600 in a year.


 Do I need to consider per diem when order food?

Per UW policy, the food and beverage cost, including any applicable taxes, tips, and service charges, may not exceed the per diem allocation for the meal. All the over per diem expenses should be paid on a discretionary budget.


Can I pay by my own money/credit card and then get reimbursed?

Reimbursements should be used as a last resort when a ProCard charge or direct purchase through Ariba could not be made and with express prior approval of a department’s budget authority.  The units/program should make every effort to plan the purchases in advance with UW registered vendor(s), Procard payment or direct purchase through Ariba.

Gift cards cannot be purchased on personal funds and then reimbursed. Gift cards must be purchased either through Tango or on a ProCard and charged to a discretionary budget.


Can we pay before orders or services are delivered?

Per UW purchasing policy, payment can be made only AFTER the service(s) are completed (or delivered), not before. Conference/meeting/training registration(s) can be paid before the event.


How much deposit should I pay?

When the vendor(s) require a deposit before the services are complete, It is recommended that we pay 30% deposit. For catering services, the deposit can be paid up to 40% of the total payment per UW purchasing policy.


When should I use Procard to pay for orders?

When the vendor is not a UW registered vendor, we can use Procard to make payment. For example, for catering events, use Procard to make payment when the food is delivered.


If I don’t have a Procard but I need a credit card to pay for an order, what should I do?

For some purchases, credit card payment is the only option. If you don’t have a Procard, you can submit a request to [email protected] to purchase with FSC Procard.

The other option is to use your unit Procard. Each program/unit should have at least one Procard. If you don’t have Procard, please check with your program manager to see who have Procard(s) in your unit, and work with that Procard holder on the purchase(s). If the payment is for a catering event, the payment is made when the food is delivered. It is advised to use unit Procard instead of FSC Procard, since FSC staff can not be at the event to make payment(s).


Do I need a prior approval for travels?

Per Foster policy, all travel, including registration, must be pre-approved. The Travel Pre-Authorization form is located in the Foster intranet:  InsideFoster / Home / Forms / Travel


What are the receipt requirements?

A receipt is a written acknowledgement of having received a specified amount of money, goods, etc. The information on a receipt should include:

Vendor name

Description of purchase

Amount paid

Date paid

Receipts should be itemized to show exactly what was purchased. For example, if a meal is being reimbursed, include the itemized receipt showing the food and beverages being purchased at that meal.


I have a check to deposit, what should I do?

Please complete a Cash Transmittal form and send it to  [email protected] to request a deposit of the check. The check should be dropped to Fiscal Services Center mail box in Dempsey Hall, mail room (1st floor). Or mail the check with the form to:

Fiscal Services Center 

Box 353223

Please contact us by emailing:  [email protected]

Office Location:

Dempsey Hall, Suite 323   Foster School of Business

4273 E. Stevens Way NE, Seattle, WA 98195-3223