Research Team

University of Washington Faculty

The nationally ranked Foster School of Business is home to many top marketing and sales researchers whose work has been featured in top marketing journals such as Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Consumer Research, Marketing Science, and Harvard Business Review. These faculty members are key contributors to the center’s cross-functional research teams.

Abhishek BorahAbhishek Borah, PhD
Research focus: social media, internet, innovation, textual data, time series analysis
Industry focus: technology
Mark ForehandMark Forehand, PhD
Research focus: brand strategy, advertising, consumer decision making
Industry focus: business to consumer, public health campaigns
Shelly JainShelly Jain, PhD
Research focus: branding, cross-cultural consumer behavior, advertising
Industry focus: business-to-consumer
Suresh KothaSuresh Kotha, PhD
Research focus: competitive strategy, entrepreneurship and innovation
Industry focus: various industries
Rob PalmatierRobert Palmatier, PhD
Research Director
Research focus: marketing strategy, sales channels, relationship marketing, loyalty programs
Industry focus: business-to-business, technology, service, retail
Oliver RutzOliver Rutz, PhD
Research focus: e-commerce, search engine marketing, display advertising, social media metrics
Industry focus: various industries
Jeff ShulmanJeff Shulman, PhD
Research focus: pricing, channel strategies, product returns
Industry focus: start-ups, SaaS, retail
Eugene SivadasEugene Sivadas, PhD
Research Focus: Inter-firm and Consumer Relationships, Construct Measurement, Citation Analysis
Industry Focus: Business-to-Business, Services, Health Care
Kevin SteensmaH. Kevin Steensma, PhD
Research focus: innovation, knowledge spillover, collaborative strategies, patent strategy
Industry focus: various industries
Michael WagnerMichael Wagner, PhD
Research focus: business analytics, optimization, operations and supply chain management, crowdsourcing
Industry focus: various industries
Jonathan ZhangJonathan Zhang, PhD
Research focus: pricing, customer relationship management, omni-channel strategies
Industry focus: B2B, e-commerce, technology, service
Youngpin ZhouYong-Pin Zhou, PhD
Research focus: data analytics, process analysis, operations and supply chain, pricing, customer satisfaction
Industry focus: service, supply chain

Affiliated Faculty

The Center for Sales and Marketing Strategy draws on affiliated faculty from around the world who are leading experts in their domain and bring cutting edge analysis techniques along with valuable insight to the center’s collaborative research teams. Our affiliated researchers have collectively published over 190 articles in leading marketing journals, have written more than 40 trade books and classroom text books, and include seven past or current editors of leading marketing publications.

Josh BeckJoshua T. Beck, PhD
University: University of Oregon
Phone: 541-346-4850
Research focus: marketing strategy, customer loyalty, community marketing
Industry focus: various industries
Alexander BleierAlexander Bleier, PhD
University: Boston College
Phone: 617-552-1870
Research focus: marketing strategy, e-commerce, targeting and personalization, advertising, customer relationship management
Industry focus: various industries
Michael BradyMichael Brady, PhD
University: Florida State University
Phone: 850-644-7853
Research focus: frontline service exchanges, service strategy, service employees
Industry focus: service, retailing, e-commerce
Andreas EggertAndreas Eggert, PhD
University: University of Paderborn/Germany and Newcastle University/UK
Phone: +49-5251-60-20-85
Research focus: relationship marketing, service transitions, sales management, loyalty programs
Industry focus: business-to-business, technology, and service markets
Eric FangEric Fang, PhD
Liaison to Chinese Firms and Members
University: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Phone: 217-265-0683
Research focus: marketing strategy, business innovation, business model development
Industry focus: China, high-tech industries, consumer packaged goods
Gary FrazierGary L. Frazier, PhD
University: University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business (Department Chair)
Phone: 213-740-5032
Research focus: distribution channels, sales force management, marketing strategy
Industry focus: various industries
Raj GrewalRajdeep Grewal, PhD
University: University of North Carolina
Phone: 919-962-2149
Research focus: empirically modeling strategic marketing issues
Industry focus: industrial sectors, airlines, automobile
Colleen HarmelingColleen Harmeling, PhD
Director of Partnerships and Membership Programs
University: Florida State University
Phone: 850-644-7449
Research focus: Marketing strategy, relationship marketing, channels, customer engagement
Industry focus: retail, business-to-business channels, not-for-profit, services
Conor HendersonConor Henderson, PhD
University: University of Oregon
Phone: 541-346-2839
Research focus: customer engagement, loyalty programs, sales management
Industry focus: technology, services, entertainment and sports, online retail
Mark HoustonMark B. Houston, PhD
University: Texas A&M University
Phone: 979-845-7257
Research focus: B2B relationships and interactions, business buyer behavior, B2B innovation
Industry focus: entertainment industry expertise, various industries
Tomas HultTomas Hult, PhD
University: Michigan State University
Phone: 517-353-4336
Research focus: global strategy, supply chain, marketing strategy, global marketing
Industry focus: business-to-business and industrial
Brett JosephsonBrett W. Josephson, PhD
University: George Mason University
Phone: 703-993-4207
Research focus: marketing strategy, channels, firm financial performance, inter-firm relationships, innovation, pricing
Industry focus: business-to-business firms in high-tech and commodity industries
Vasimi KanuriVamsi Kanuri, PhD
University: University of Miami
Phone: 305-284-5895
Research focus: marketing strategy, marketing-mix decision models, marketing analytics, services, pricing
Industry focus: media markets, business-to-business, fast-food, telecommunication
Ajay KohliAjay K. Kohli, PhD
University: Georgia Institute of Technology
Phone: 404-894-4353
Research focus: market orientation, customer solutions, sales management, brand management
Industry focus: broad (B2B, B2C, services)
Irina KozlenkovaIrina V. Kozlenkova, PhD
University: Michigan State University
Phone: 812-454-2351
Research focus: marketing strategy, international marketing, marketing channels, healthcare marketing
Industry focus: business-to-business, services, retail
V. KumarV. Kumar, PhD
Senior Academic Advisor to the Board
University: Georgia State University
Phone: 404-413-7590
Research focus: new product management, marketing models, database marketing, customer relationship management, marketing intelligence, marketing strategy
Industry focus: see Center for Excellence in Brand and Customer Management
Son LamSon Lam, PhD
University: University of Georgia
Phone: 706-542-4531
Research focus: sales management, marketing strategy implementation, internal marketing, corporate and brand identity
Industry focus: distribution, B2B firms in various industries
Ju-Yeon LeeJu-Yeon Lee, PhD
University: Lehigh University
Phone: 610-758-1084
Research focus: marketing strategy, customer-centric organization, customer-centric structure, empirical modeling
Industry focus: business-to-business, service, technology
Kelly MartinKelly D. Martin, PhD
University: Colorado State University
Phone: 970-491-7269
Research focus: marketing ethics, privacy, consumer well-being
Industry focus: various industries
Leigh McAlisterLeigh McAlister, PhD
University: University of Texas at Austin
Phone: 512-471-1128
Research focus: ability of marketing actions to influence the firm’s stock market value
Industry focus: various industries
Martin MendeMartin Mende, PhD
University: Florida State University
Phone: 850-644-7897
Research focus: services, relationship marketing, well-being, health and financial services, transformative services research, technology
Industry focus: various, services, business to consumer, medical/health related, financial services, insurance
Vikas MittalVikas Mittal, PhD
University: Rice University
Phone: 713-348-6254
Research focus: Customer Satisfaction, Customer-Focused Strategy, Customer-Decision Processes
Industry focus: B2B, Healthcare, Financial Services, Energy, Retailing, Online-Services
Christina MoormanChristine Moorman, PhD
Senior Academic Advisor to the Board
Founder of CMO Survey
University: Duke University
Phone: 919-660-7856
Research focus: marketing Information, innovation, alliances, public policy, marketing performance
Industry focus: healthcare, CPG, business-to-business, consumer markets, other
Scott NeslinScott Neslin, PhD
University: Dartmouth
Phone: 603-646-2841
Research focus: CRM, database marketing, multichannel, loyalty programs, marketing ROI, internet marketing, sales promotions
Industry focus: various industries including services, retail; e-tail, consumer packaged goods
J. Andrew PetersenJ. Andrew Petersen, PhD
University: Penn State University
Phone: 814-863-1988
Research focus: customer relationship management, marketing metrics, marketing analytics, product returns, customer referrals and references, customer loyalty programs
Industry focus: business-to-consumer, business-to-business, non-profit
Ross RizleyRoss Rizley, PhD
University: Marketing Science Institute
Phone: 617-491-2060
Research focus: all areas
Industry focus: all industries
Maura ScottMaura L. Scott, PhD
University: Florida State University
Phone: 850-644-6554
Research focus: consumer psychology, consumer goals, health and wellness, over-consumption, transformative consumer research, consumer-technology interactions
Industry focus: various, business to consumer, medical, financial services, consumer packaged goods
Venkatesh ShankarVenkatesh Shankar, PhD
University: Texas A&M University
Phone: 979-845-3246
Research focus: marketing strategy, digital marketing, innovation, retailing, services, pricing
Industry focus: technology, retail, healthcare, energy, financial services, consumer packaged goods
Hari SridharShrihari (Hari) Sridhar, PhD
University: Penn State University, Smeal College of Business
Phone: 814-865-7150
Research focus: marketing-mix effectiveness and resource allocation, advertising, marketing strategy
Industry focus: media markets, business-to-business, retailing and technology sectors
Lena SteinhoffLena Steinhoff, PhD
University: University of Paderborn, Germany
Phone: +49 5251 60 26 17
Research focus: Loyalty programs, loyalty rewards, customer engagement, relationship marketing
Industry focus: Business-to-consumer, services, and retail markets
Stefan WormStefan Worm, PhD
University: HEC Paris – School of Management
Phone: +33 139 679 601
Research focus: business-to-business marketing: branding, services and customer solutions
Industry focus: business-to-business and technology
Wei ZhangWei Zhang, PhD
University: Iowa State University
Phone: 515-294-7911
Research focus: consumer decisions, Bayesian estimation, big data and parallel computing
Industry focus: various industries
Photo of Adithya PattabhiramaiahAdithya Pattabhiramaiah, PhD
University: Georgia Tech
Phone: (404) 385 3038
Research focus: two-sided markets, social networks, media markets, pricing, information economics
Industry focus: Media and Entertainment, Social and eCommerce Markets, Sports, Technology Products
Amalesh Sharma, PhD
University: Texas A&M University
Phone: 404-838-0658
Research focus: Marketing Strategy, New Product, Network Theory
Industry focus: Pharmaceutical, Services, CPG

Visiting Researchers

Visiting faculty includes professors, postdoctoral and predoctoral research fellows who contribute to the Center for Sales and Marketing Strategy’s cross-functional research teams through temporary appointment to the center. Interested researchers should submit a two-page research proposal, a copy of their CV, and a letter of recommendation from their advisor to the research director, Rob Palmatier, at

Student Research Assistants and Fellows

The Center for Sales and Marketing Strategy offers opportunities for both undergraduate and MBA students to gain real world marketing and marketing research experience. These positions allow students to acquire skills in implementing marketing strategies and marketing programs. It also provides an opportunity to network with leading executives and learn about various marketing positions. Interested students should contact the research director Rob Palmatier at for more information.

Jamie KoffmanJamie Koffman
Advanced Research Assistant
TJ WeitenTJ Weiten
Research Fellow
Sydney ZeldesSydney Zeldes
Advanced Research Assistant
Jordan MoffettJordan Moffett
Research Fellow
Harrison Pugh Harrison Pugh
Research Fellow
Carlos BauerCarlos Bauer
Research Fellow
Jisu KimJisu Kim
Research Fellow
Justin LawrenceJustin Lawrence
Research Fellow

Executive Research Fellows

At the Center for Sales and Marketing Strategy representatives from member firms have the opportunity to increase their engagement in the community and showcase their expertise by becoming an executive fellow. Executive fellows host workshops, facilitate special interest groups, and contribute the center in other leadership roles. Interested firms or executives should contact the research director, Rob Palmatier, at for more information.

Steve SamahaStephen Samaha, PhD