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Faculty Directory

Michael R. Wagner
Office: 442
Phone: 206-685-2755

Foster School of Business
University of Washington
Box: 353226
Seattle, WA 98195-3226

Michael R. Wagner

Associate Professor of Operations Management
Neal and Jan Dempsey Endowed Faculty Fellow


PhD Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2006)
MEng Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2001)
BS Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2000)

Academic Expertise

manufacturing management
operations management
operations research
project management
supply chain management

Positions Held

At the University of Washington since 2012
Saint Mary’s College of California, 2009-2012
California State University, East Bay, 2006-2009

Selected Publications

  1. Crowdsourcing Last-Mile Deliveries
    Journal Article:S. Fatehi, M. Wagner, (forthcoming). Manufacturing & Service Operations Management,
  2. The Impact of 3D Printing on Manufacturer-Retailer Supply Chains
    Journal Article:Arbabian, M. and Wagner, M., (2020). European Journal of Operational Research, Vol. 285, pp. 538-552.
  3. Profit Estimation Error in the Newsvendor Model under a Parametric Demand Distribution
    Journal Article:Siegel, A. and Wagner, M., (forthcoming). Management Science,
  4. Crowdfunding via Revenue-Sharing Contracts
    Journal Article:S. Fatehi and M. Wagner, (2020). Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, Vol. 21(4), pp. 538-552.
  5. Crowdvoting Judgment: An Analysis of Modern Peer Review
    Journal Article:M. Wagner, (forthcoming). Stochastic Systems,
  6. Robust Inventory Management: An Optimal Control Approach
    Journal Article:Wagner, M., (2018). Operations Research, Vol. 66(2), pp. 426-447.
  7. Closed-Form Solutions for Robust Inventory Management
    Journal Article:Mamani, H., Nassiri, S. & Wagner, M., (2017). Management Science, Vol. 63(5), pp. 1625-1643.
  8. Production Cost Functions and Demand Variability Effects in Price-Only Contracts
    Journal Article:D. Hochbaum & M. Wagner, (2015). IIE Transactions, Vol. 47(2), pp. 190-202.
  9. Range Contracts: Risk Sharing and Beyond
    Journal Article:D. Hochbaum & M. Wagner, (2015). European Journal of Operational Research, Vol. 243(3), pp. 956-963.
  10. Robust Policies and Information Asymmetry in Supply Chains with a Price-Only Contract
    Journal Article:M. Wagner, (2015). IIE Transactions, Vol. 47(8), pp. 819-840.
  11. Incentive Contracts in Serial Stochastic Projects
    Journal Article:T. Chen, T. Klastorin, & M. Wagner, (2015). Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, Vol. 17(3), pp. 290-301.
  12. Optimizing Boat Resources at the U.S. Coast Guard: Deterministic and Stochastic Models
    Journal Article:Radovilsky, Z., & Wagner, M., (2012). Operations Research, Vol. 60(5), pp. 1035-1049.
  13. Online Lot-Sizing Problems with Ordering, Holding and Shortage Costs
    Journal Article:Wagner, M., (2011). Operations Research Letters, Vol. 39(2), pp. 144-149.
  14. Almost Sure Asymptotic Optimality for Online Routing and Machine Scheduling Problems
    Journal Article:Jaillet P., & Wagner, M., (2010). Networks, Vol. 55(1), pp. 2-12.
  15. Fully Distribution-Free Profit Maximization: The Inventory Management Case
    Journal Article:Wagner, M., (2010). Mathematics of Operations Research, Vol. 35(4), pp. 728-741.
  16. Risk Management in Uncapacitated Facility Location Models with Random Demands
    Journal Article:Bhadury, J., Peng, S., & Wagner, M., (2009). Computers & Operations Research, Vol. 36(4), pp. 1002-1011.
  17. LP-Based Online Scheduling: From Single to Parallel Machines
    Journal Article:Correa, J., & Wagner, M., (2009). Mathematical Programming, Vol. 119(1), pp. 109-136.
  18. Stochastic 0-1 Linear Programming under Limited Distributional Information
    Journal Article:Wagner, M., (2008). Operations Research Letters, Vol. 36(2), pp. 150-156.
  19. Generalized Online Routing: New Competitive Ratios, Resource Augmentation and Asymptotic Analyses
    Journal Article:Jaillet P., & Wagner, M., (2008). Operations Research, Vol. 56(3), pp. 745-757.
  20. Online Routing Problems: Value of Advanced Information as Improved Competitive Ratios
    Journal Article:Jaillet P., & Wagner, M., (2006). Transportation Science, Vol. 40(2), pp. 200-210.


United States Coast Guard
Genworth Financial

Honors and Awards

1. Best Paper: IIE Transactions (Scheduling and Logistics) Best Paper Award Competition (2017).
2. Meritorious Service Award for Manufacturing & Service Operations Management (2016).
3. Honorable Mention: IIE Transactions (Design and Manufacturing) Best Paper Award Competition (2016).
4. Ron Crockett Award for Innovation in Education (2014).
5. Alan Khade Award for the best paper at the CSU-POM conference (2014).
6. Meritorious Service Award for Operations Research (2013).
7. Glover-Klingman Prize for the best paper published in Networks in 2010 (2012).