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Operations Management

General Information

The Department of Information Systems & Operations Management (ISOM) supports two areas for doctoral study: Information Systems (IS) and Operations Management (OM). Both areas are designed for persons seeking academic and research careers.

The Operations Management area deals with the functional parts of an organization that produce goods and services. The curriculum in Operations Management focuses on the many changes that have occurred in recent years in the way that managers think, plan, and operate supply chains involving manufacturing and service activities. These changes have been driven by dramatic improvements in information technology, the growth and increasing accessibility of global markets, and the necessity to adapt to more sophisticated and quality conscious consumers.

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Admission Requirements

Applicants must have completed an undergraduate degree at an accredited university and should have a reasonable training in mathematics and economics. An admission committee of faculty members in the Information Systems and Operations Management Department reviews all completed applications. While the committee considers all relevant factors in its recommendations, important factors include past academic performance, GMAT scores (which are usually above 650 for successful applicants), and previous work experience. The GRE exam can be substituted for the GMAT but the GMAT is strongly preferred. In some cases we may request a personal interview.

Recommended Preparation Prior to Entry

It is assumed that students entering the operations management area are knowledgeable in advanced calculus, linear algebra, basic statistics, and a high level programming language. Any student who is deficient in these areas should consider taking appropriate courses prior to entering the program.

Operations Management Area Faculty Coordinator

Prof. Apurva Jain, Operations Management Area Faculty Coordinator, would be glad to answer your questions. Contact him by phone at 206-685-4970 or by email at

Student Advising

The Department’s Doctoral Review Committee will guide new students until they establish a Supervisory Committee. Students are required to establish a Supervisory Committee by the end of their first year. The Supervisory Committee assists the student in choosing appropriate courses, approves course of studies, and monitors the student’s progress.

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