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Faculty Directory

Kamran Moinzadeh
Office: 534
Phone: 206-543-1932

Foster School of Business
University of Washington
Box: 353226
Seattle, WA 98195-3226

The online availability of information is creating new practices in production and operation systems. In these environments, it is imperative to develop information-based operating policies as quickly as possible.

Kamran Moinzadeh

Professor of Operations Management
Burlington Northern/Burlington Resources Professor in Manufacturing Management
Faculty Co-Director of the Master of Supply Chain Management Program


PhD Stanford University (1985)
MS Stanford University (1982)
BA University of California, San Diego (1981)

Academic Expertise

inventory management
manufacturing management
operations management
operations research
supply chain management

Current Research

Supply chain management, Impact of information availability in production and inventory systems, Benefit of Omni-Channel distribution systems, Order expedition strategies in inventory systems, Channel coordination through multiple supply shipments, Applications of Operations Management in Cloud Computing

Positions Held

At the University of Washington since 1984

Selected Publications

  1. When to Lock the Volatile Input Price? Procurement of Commodity Components under Different Pricing Schemes
    Journal Article:Chen, S., Lei, J., Moinzadeh, K., (2022). Manufacturing and Service Operations Management (MSOM), Vol. 24(2), pp. 1183-1201.
  2. Discount Schemes for the Preemptible Service of a Cloud Platform with Unutilized Capacity
    Journal Article:Chen, S., Moinzadeh, K., Tan, Y., (2021). Information Systems Research (ISR), Vol. 32(3), pp. 967-986.
  3. Capacity Expansions with Bundled Supplies of Attributes: An Application to Server Procurement in Cloud Computing
    Journal Article:Arbabian, M., Chen, S., Moinzadeh, K., (2021). Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, Vol. 23(1), pp. 191–209.
  4. Pricing Schemes in Cloud Computing: Utilization-Based versus Reservation-Based
    Journal Article:Chen, S., Lee, H. and Moinzadeh, K., (2019). Production and Operations Management, Vol. 28(1), pp. 82-102.
  5. Contracting Models for P2P Content Distribution
    Journal Article:Moinzadeh, K., Li, Y., Ghasemkhani, H., & Tan, Y., (2018). Production and Operations Management, Vol. 27(11), pp. 1940-1959.
  6. Inventory Control and Delivery Time Quotation for Assembly Supply Chains
    Journal Article:Chen, S., and Moinzadeh, K., (2018). Operations Research, Vol. 66(4), pp. 1004-1022.
  7. Impact of Retailers with Knowledge of Supplier’s Inventory on Supply Chain Performance
    Journal Article:Jain, A., Mamani, H., & Moinzadeh, K., (2017). Production and Operations Management, Vol. 26(3), pp. 542-556.
  8. Supply Chain Coordination with Multiple Shipments: the Optimal Inventory Subsidizing Contracts
    Journal Article:Chen, S., Lee, H., and Moinzadeh, K., (2016). Operations Research, Vol. 64(6), pp. 1320-1337.
  9. Priority Allocation in a Rental Model with Decreasing Demand
    Journal Article:Jain, A., Moinzadeh, K., & Dumrongsiri, A., (2015). Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, Vol. 17(2), pp. 236-248.
  10. Leadtime Management through Expediting in a Continuous Review Inventory System
    Journal Article:Mamani, H., & Moinzadeh, K., (2014). Production and Operations Management, Vol. 23(1), pp. 95-109.
  11. A Single-Supplier, Multiple-Retailer Model with Single-Season, Multiple-Ordering Opportunities and Fixed Ordering Cost
    Journal Article:Jain, A., Moinzadeh, K., & Zhou, Y.-P., (2012). Operations Research, Vol. 60(5), pp. 1098-1110.
  12. A Supply Chain Model with Direct and Retail Channels
    Journal Article:Dumrongsiri, A., Jain, A., Ming, F., & Moinzadeh, K., (2008). European Journal of Operations Research, Vol. 187(3), pp. 691-718.
  13. Incorporating Delay Mechanism in Ordering Policies in Multi-Echelon Distribution Systems
    Journal Article:Moinzadeh, K. & Zhou, Y.-P., (2008). IIE Transactions, Vol. 40(4),
  14. Coordinated Replenishment and Shipping Strategies in Inventory/Distribution Systems
    Journal Article:with M. Gurbuz and K. Moinzadeh, (2007). Management Science, Vol. 52(2),
  15. Optimal Processing Policies for an e-Commerce Web Server
    Journal Article:Moinzadeh, K., Mookerjee, V., & Tan, Y., (2005). INFORMS Journal on Computing, Vol. 17(1), pp. 99-110.
  16. Economic Control and Inspection Policies for High-Speed Unreliable Production Systems
    Journal Article:Moinzadeh, K., & Tan, Y., (2005). IIE Transactions, Vol. 37(8), pp. 711-724.
  17. A Supply Chain Model with Reverse Information Exchange
    Journal Article:Jain, A., & Moinzadeh, K., (2005). Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, Vol. 7(4), pp. 361-378.
  18. A Multi-Echelon Inventory System with Information Exchange
    Journal Article:Moinzadeh, K., (2002). Management Science, Vol. 48(3), pp. 414-426.
  19. Coordinating Orders in Supply Chains Through Price Discounts
    Journal Article:Klastorin, T., Moinzadeh, K., & Son, J., (2002). IIE Transactions, Vol. 34(8), pp. 679-689.
  20. An Improved Ordering Policy for Continuous Review Systems with Arbitrary Inter-Demand Time Distributions
    Journal Article:Moinzadeh, K., (2001). IIE Transactions, Vol. 33(2), pp. 111-119.
  21. Adjustment Strategies for a Fixed Delivery Contract
    Journal Article:Moinzadeh, K., & Nahmias, S., (2000). Operations Research, Vol. 48(3), pp. 408 - 423.


AT&T Wireless (Cingular wireless), studied the design and staffing issues at the retail stores
Microsoft, analyzed supply chain issues facing company's intercontinental region
Boeing Company, supply contract design
Starbucks, studied the effects of waiting lines on company's potential loss of market share

Honors and Awards

Dean's Leadership Award, 2017
Excellence in Teaching Award in Master in Supply Chain Management (MSCM) Program, 2017
Ron Crocket Award for Graduate Teaching, 2013
TMMBA Professor of the Quarter, 2013
TMMBA Professor of the Quarter, 2012
TMMBA Teaching Recognition-Excellence in Teaching Award, 2012
TMMBA Professor of the Quarter, Autumn, 2010
Dean’s Faculty Research Award, 2001
MBA Core Professor of the Quarter, Spring, 2001
Dean's Research Award, 1996
Burlington Northern Foundation Achievement Award for Scholarship, 1990
Seafirst Faculty Research Award, 1987

Academic Service

Senior Editor, Production and Operations Management (POM), 2014-present
Associate Editor, Operations Research, Department of Manufacturing, Service Supply Chain Operations, 2006-present
Department Editor, IIE Transactions, Department of Inventory and Supply Chain Management, 1997-2000
Associate Editor, Management Science, 1998-2003