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Faculty Directory

Jordan Nickerson
Office: 513

Foster School of Business
University of Washington
Box: 353226
Seattle, WA 98195

Jordan Nickerson

Assistant Professor of Finance
Evert McCabe Endowed Fellow in Private Enterprise

Current Research

Corporate Finance, Executive Compensation, Structured Finance, Credit Ratings, Household Finance

Positions Held

At the University of Washington since 2021
Visiting Assistant Professor of Finance, MIT, 2020-2021
Assistant Professor of Finance, Boston College, 2014-2020

Selected Publications

  1. How Reliably Do Financial Statement Proxies Identify Tax Avoidance
    Journal Article:Lisa De Simone, L., Nickerson, J., Seidman, J., Stomberg, B, (2020). Contemporary Accounting Research, Vol. 37(3), pp. 1536-1561.
  2. Analyst Promotions within Credit Rating Agencies: Accuracy or Bias
    Journal Article:Kisgen, D., Nickerson, J., Osborn, M., Reuter, J., (2020). Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Vol. 55(3), pp. 869-896.
  3. Real Effects of Workers’ Financial Distress: Evidence from Teacher Spillovers
    Journal Article:Maturana, G., Nickerson, J.,, (2020). Journal of Financial Economics, Vol. 136(1), pp. 137-151.
  4. Teachers Teaching Teachers: The Role of Workplace Peer Effects on Financial Decisions
    Journal Article:Maturana, G., Nickerson, J.,, (2019). Review of Financial Studies, Vol. 32(10), pp. 3920-3957.
  5. Rating Shopping or Catering? An Examination of the Response to Competitive Pressure for CDO Credit Ratings
    Journal Article:Griffin, J., Nickerson, J., Tang, D. Y., (2013). Review of Financial Studies, Vol. 26(9), pp. 2270-2310.