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Faculty Directory

Abhinav Gupta

Assistant Professor of Strategic Management
Michael G. Foster Endowed Fellow


PhD Pennsylvania State University (2015)
PGDM International Management Institute, New Delhi (2010)
BCom Aligarh Muslim University (2008)

Academic Expertise

business and politics
corporate governance
corporate social responsibility
social activism
strategic leadership

Current Research

Political ideology of corporations and elites, inter-organizational diffusion, social activism

Positions Held

At the University of Washington since 2015

Selected Publications

  1. Dispositional Sources of Managerial Discretion: CEO Ideology, CEO Personality, and Firm Strategies
    Journal Article:Gupta, A., Nadkarni, S., and Mariam, M., (forthcoming). Administrative Science Quarterly,
  2. Follow the Leader (or not): The influence of Peer CEOs’ Characteristics on interorganizational imitation
    Journal Article:Gupta, A., and Misangyi, V., (2018). Strategic Management Journal,
  3. Evenhandedness in Resource Allocation: Its Relationship with CEO Ideology, Organizational Discretion, and Firm Performance
    Journal Article:Gupta, A., Briscoe, F., and Hambrick, D. C., (in press). Academy of Management Journal,
  4. Red, Blue and Purple Firms: Organizational Political Ideology and Corporate Social Responsibility
    Journal Article:Gupta, A., Briscoe, F., and Hambrick, D. C., (2017). Strategic Management Journal,
  5. The Elephant (or Donkey) in the Boardroom: How Board Political Ideology Affects CEO Pay
    Journal Article:Gupta, A., Wowak, A., (2017). Administrative Science Quarterly,
  6. Social Activism In and Around Organizations
    Journal Article:Briscoe, F., and Gupta, A., (2016). Academy of Management Annals,
  7. Social Activism and Practice Diffusion: How Activist Tactics Affect Non-targeted Organizations
    Journal Article:Briscoe, F., Gupta, A., and Anner, M., (2015). Administrative Science Quarterly,
  8. Structural Interdependence within Top Management Teams: A key moderator of Upper Echelon Predictions
    Journal Article:Hambrick, D. C., Humphrey, S. and Gupta, A., (2015). Strategic Management Journal,

Academic Service

Editorial Board Member, Administrative Science Quarterly
Reviewer, Organization Science
Member of OMT and BPS Divisions of the Academy of Management
Member of the Strategic Management Society
Reviewer, American Sociological Review
Reviewer, Academy of Management Journal
Reviewer, Strategic Management Journal