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Start-Up Resources: Write a Winning Business Plan

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Buerk Center Advisory Board members’ presentations on writing a business plan.

Marc Barros, Entrepreneur, co-founder and former CEO of Contour
“Start your company! . . . Did you start your company yet? . . . Seriously, you’re already behind!” Marc emphasizes the business plan as a tool to organize thoughts for a business you’ve already started.
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T.A. McCann, Gist
T.A. is the founder and CEO of Gist, which was acquired by RIM in 2011. His past experience includes Vulcan Capital and Polaris Venture Partners, where he was an entrepreneur-in-residence.
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Resources for writing a stellar business plan.

How to Write a Great Business Plan

Harvard Business Review
Thorough article that covers the essential elements that belong in a business plan. A must read for anyone about to write a business plan.

How to Structure a Business Plan
Inc. Magazine Magazine
Extensive resource that covers everything from idea feasibility to presentation.

How to Write a Great Business Plan
Inc. Magazine
Advice for small businesses on what it takes to create a solid business plan, including forming an outline, integrating financial specifics, and spelling out your marketing strategy.

Business Plan Basics
Excellent slide deck from the MIT Course, The Nuts and Bolts of Business Plans. Covers why you write a plan, what you should cover in it, and who should write it. Content starts on slide 13.

Writing a Business Plan
Sequoia Capital
Includes elements of sustainable companies and a straightforward business plan outline.

Presentations on marketing your start-up. Who are your customers? What drives them to make a purchase? How do you segment the market? How do you market your business on a shoestring budget?

Marketing in a Competitive Environment
Sharelle Klaus, CEO of DRY Soda
Sharelle brings more than a decade of entrepreneurial, financial and technology experience to DRY Soda. Her presentation provides the tools you need to overcome marketing challenges commonly faced by start-ups.
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How to Market Consumer Products Presentation
Jason Stoffer, Maveron
Jason is a principal at Maveron, a local VC firm that is focused solely on consumer businesses. His presentation covers the key elements of a consumer products pitch, as well as the questions you should be able to answer about your product and the market it exists in.
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Presentations on the fundamentals of financial projections–What are they? How do you create them? How do you avoid the common pitfalls that drive investors crazy?

SEC Filings and Forms
All publicly traded companies must disclose financial information to the SEC. Research companies that have similar cost structure, distribution channels, customers, etc. to help you estimate costs for your start-up.

Financials and Funding for Start-Ups Presentations
Alan Dishlip, CFO of Billing Revolution
Alan joined Billing Revolution as CFO in 2009, after holding that position at WildTangent Games for five years. He has both operational and venture capital experience and has been involved in helping build and grow early-stage companies for more than 30 years.
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