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The Seattle Business Connection


The Seattle Connection

In a world of global business, Foster has the hometown advantage


The Seattle Connection

In a world of global business, Foster has the hometown advantage

A dynamic business community calls for a dynamic business school

Business education at Foster leverages all Seattle has to offer, including deep relationships with iconic businesses and a vibrant entrepreneurial community. You can come to Seattle, become part of the Foster School, and have the credibility and credentials to work anywhere. Innovation and groundbreaking business models are part and parcel of how business is done here.

Recent decades have seen Seattle establish itself as an iconic, global leader in business and innovation. Meanwhile, Foster has made an unprecedented epic climb in national and global business school rankings. This connection between city and school fuels growth and creates fertile ground for students to find their own path.

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Proven Impact

How do you take the measure of a business school? You could look to the profusion of rankings that seek to quantify everything from employer satisfaction to academic reputation to alumni advancement to return on investment. The Foster School earns high marks in each of these metrics. But the bottom line of any business school is economic impact. Does it spur job growth, catalyze innovation, advance prosperity? Does it create futures?

The Foster Effect

17,100Companies Founded
909,378Jobs Created
$100.7 billionAnnual Revenues Generated

A recent Foster School alumni survey found a significant impact on both alumni careers and the economy of the Pacific Northwest and beyond. The data collected supports two central—and complementary—conclusions:

Foster alumni are successful in the business world

  • Employment rate for recent graduates (2008-2015) is near 100 percent.
  • More than a third of late career graduates (1946-1979)—and nearly a quarter of all Foster graduates—hold c-level positions.
  • Nearly half of Foster grads will have served on a corporate board by the end of their careers.
  • One-in-five recent graduates have founded a company in the first eight years out.
  • Alumni overwhelmingly feel that the school prepared them for professional success.

Foster alumni success is a powerful economic driver

  • Foster graduates have created an estimated 17,000 companies, 910,000 jobs, and more than $100 billion in annual revenues generated.
  • More than two-thirds of those companies operate in Washington state.
  • Nearly one-third of all Foster alumni have started at least one business.
  • A growing number of—especially MBA—students come to Foster from out of state and remain in the region for the majority of their careers.
  • Foster alumni transplants have created an estimated 1,283 companies and 68,000 jobs, generating $7.6 billion in revenues for the Washington state economy.
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Seattle in the classroom

Foster students don’t just read about the big ideas in textbooks. The leaders of local iconic companies frequently make their way to campus, engaging with students and the wider Foster community in a wealth of ways, from illuminating lectures to unique courses to truly engaging events.

Leaders to Legends

In this staple breakfast lecture series — open to students, faculty, staff, and guests — the Foster community enjoys access to local, regional, and world-renowned business leaders who shape the way the world does business. Check out recent guest lecturers:

Lessons in Board Governance

Foster’s ties to the business community are vital to courses that teach students the intricacies of board governance and executive leadership.

Foster students with Neil DempseySome programs, like the Full-time MBA or Executive MBA, offer board governance courses designed to prepare students to be effective board members and to work productively with boards as executives. These courses place an emphasis on board effectiveness in creating value through oversight and strategic leadership within organizations regardless of size and form of business. Students explore boardroom successes and failures with lectures from prominent CEOs and board members who are shaping the energy, entertainment, retail, and technology sectors. Foster even offers a special seminar, Women Board Directors Development Program, to help address the scarcity of women serving on corporate boards.

As a graduating second year, it was one of the most interesting experiences I’ve had as a Foster student. Certainly, it was a unique opportunity I could’ve only had in Seattle.
Sam MatteraMBA, 2018

Companies on Campus

Foster’s connection to the Seattle business community is a live wire — and it’s buzzing on both ends. Companies located in the area make a point of connecting with Foster on campus, creating opportunities for meaningful one-on-one engagement between executives and students.

I was blown away by the friendliness, enthusiasm, and genuine desire of the Deloitte professionals to get to know UW students…I was pleasantly surprised by how real the conversation became. Here were these executives and they were asking for our input, truly desiring to understand our perspectives and how they could be of help to us.
Talia HallerBA

Recent Corporate Partners on Campus

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Students in Seattle

For the Foster community, global business carries a distinctly local air. An entire world of opportunity for meaningful connection and educational enrichment at some of the world’s most renown companies and brands lays mere miles away.

Company Treks

The greater Puget Sound region is home to a host of household names, and the likes of Amazon, Microsoft, Starbucks, Boeing, and beyond frequently open their doors to Foster students for on-site visits, providing valuable on-the-scene context and insights, as well as opportunities for in-person engagement with the leaders and teams shaping tomorrow’s innovations.

Foster students at Boeing

It was great to visit Boeing, it completely reinforces what our professors are teaching us. Hearing about the sourcing, how they deal with late or missing parts to keep their manufacturing timeline going, just complete coordination of all these moving cogs was fascinating. Thirty million parts per plane! That number blew me away, that is serious coordination.
Harsh ChopraMaster of Supply Chain Management


Internships are a key component to business education. Foster has built a solid network that ensures students gain real-world experience, while providing valuable solutions to challenges faced by Seattle’s business community.

When it comes to careers, Seattle always delivers. With Amazon, Microsoft, Zillow, Expedia and Starbucks a 20-minute drive from campus, Foster students have exceptional access to some of the most lucrative post MBA career opportunities. Summer internships mark the all-important transition from the first year to the second year of the MBA and give students a chance to use all the new skills they have accumulated in their business ‘toolbox’ over the first year of the MBA.
Mukund RajasekharMBA, 2019

Recent Internship posts

Student Consulting Projects

When a Foster student wants to test their mettle, only a real-world challenge will do. For example, the MBA Strategic Consulting Program connects student teams with local companies to deliver creative solutions to critical business challenges, offering insights on strategy, marketing, supply chain, finance, and organizational management to companies including Seattle icons Alaska Airlines, Microsoft, Vulcan, REI, Boeing, and beyond.

The projects are a great opportunity to work on a real business case for one of the world-class organizations connected to Foster.
Jeff OldenMBA, 2017
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Homefield Advantage

Location matters, especially when your campus provides a front-row view of a global business hub. The bond between Foster and the Seattle business world benefits both students and companies alike, connecting graduates to employment opportunities with iconic companies and providing a wealth of expertise and insight to industries through a prolific research faculty, centers, and executive education programs offering ingenuity-filled solutions to contemporary business problems.

Career Services meets Corporate Recruiting

Mentor dinnerAs the #1 business school in U.S. for MBA job placement — boasting a 99% job placement rate — a Foster degree is an invaluable career asset for burgeoning business professionals. Foster MBAs secured positions primarily in technology, consulting, financial services, and consumer products firms, earning an average salary and bonus of $157,050. And for employers, a dedicated staff is here to lend support with a variety of engagement strategies, including job postings, on-campus interviews, career fairs, virtual recruiting, and other networking opportunities.

We have many, many strong relationships with our corporate partners. We serve as a bridge between the school, the students, and the incredible, iconic companies that we have in our region.
Naomi SanchezAssistant Dean

A local resource for global thought leadership

An internationally known and ranked faculty with expertise in nearly 100 areas of business practice distinguishes the Foster School of Business with cutting-edge research and innovative teaching. Our faculty can be a powerful resource for any organization.

Sales and Marketing Summit
Sales and MarketingCenter for Sales and Marketing Strategy

Foster’s Center for Sales and Marketing Strategy aligns important sales and marketing problems with academic research and analysis techniques, resulting in strategies that measurably improve business performance, furthering the creation and dissemination of sales and marketing knowledge.

Business Consulting Programs
ConsultingConsulting and Business Development Center

Through student consulting teams and faculty-led business education courses, Consulting and Business Development Center grows jobs and revenues with a focus on businesses owned by people of color, women, LGBTQ, veterans, and underserved communities. Since 1995, the CBDC has generated more than $210 million in new revenue and retained over 200,000 jobs.

EIC winners
EntrepreneurshipArthur W. Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship

The Northwest is a magnet for entrepreneurs due to its research powerhouses, support for early-stage entrepreneurs, sources of capital, and talented pool of workers. The Buerk Center celebrates this ecosystem with a series of innovation and startup competitions open to students at accredited colleges and universities across the Cascadia Corridor — Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and British Columbia.

Fritzky Fellows
LeadershipCenter for Leadership and Strategic Thinking

Founded in 2009, the Center for Leadership and Strategic Thinking is a preeminent academic source for education and research in the fields of leadership and strategic thinking. A trusted partner to corporations and institutions seeking evidence-based leadership development interventions, its mission is to advance the science and practice that connects leadership and strategic thinking for high performance impact.

Study abroad location
Global BusinessGlobal Business Center

Foster’s Global Business Center (GBC) develops global business expertise by hosting and sponsoring events, educational study abroad programs, global business case competitions, and certificate programs. Home to one of only 17 federally-funded Centers for International Business Education and Research (CIBER), the GBC works in partnership with the U.S. Department of Education to contribute to the international understanding and competitiveness.

Management faculty
ResearchFaculty Research

Nearly half of Foster faculty serve on editorial boards for top academic journals, providing thought leadership on categories including accounting, finance, management and organization, information systems and operations management, and marketing. And as the third most-productive research faculty in the world, Foster is a boundless source of guidance and insight for business on the regional, national, and global stage.

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A Two-Way Street

The best relationships are mutually beneficial

Foster student with mentorFor Seattle businesses, a boundless source of inspiration and expertise, an incubator and proving ground, an indispensable resource for new talent and future leaders resides mere minutes away at UW’s historic Seattle campus. And for business students, a wealth of opportunities, mentorship, and career-building experiences lays just two light rail stops from Husky Stadium.

Foster offers unparalleled access to an international hub of the innovation and industries shaping our modern world. Business executives, thought leaders, and alumni are all fixtures on campus, providing a wealth of insights and connections to class after class of future leaders and innovators. After all, at Foster, opportunity is all part of the experience.

To see this reciprocal relationship in action, listen to what students and business leaders say about the mentor programs offered by several degree programs and centers at Foster:

The Master of Science in Information Systems Mentor program lets me see what is happening in the classroom and gives me access to future talent.
Vishwajeet UddanwadikerVP IT, Boeing
The MBA mentor program was a highlight in my first year. My mentor demonstrated a unique perspective on life and business that motivated me to have a growth mindset.
Afa MaluMBA, 2019
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Learn more about the programs featured here: