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Hollomon Health Innovation Challenge

The Hollomon Health Innovation Challenge is an exciting extracurricular competition that gives students the opportunity to come up with meaningful solutions to big problems the world faces today related to health.

2017 Awards and Honors

Congratulations to EpiForAll for taking home the $15,000 Hollomon Family grand prize at the Hollomon Health Innovation Challenge with their affordable emergency epinephrine auto injector that utilizes existing ampules. EpiForAll is comprised of mechanical engineering, business, and pharmacy students.

The $10,000 Herbert B. Jones Foundation second place prize went to BWB Anesthesia for their electricity-free portable anesthetic device that aims to improve access to inhaled anesthesia in low-resource settings. The team features students from bioengineering and the Foster School of Business.

The judges awarded PlayGait the $5,000 Fenwick & West third place prize. The team of mechanical engineering and business students developed an adjustable, affordable, non-electric exoskeleton to support in-home walking practice for kids with neuromuscular disorders.

Two $1,000 JARL awards were handed out to ACBI, who developed an automated continuous bladder irrigation process for urology patients post-surgery, and Quinton PHSH, who developed a belt that is able to provide stoma protection and abdominal wall support against herniation.

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