About the Arthur W. Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship


The Buerk Center integrates entrepreneurship into the fabric of the University of Washington and invests in students who are shaping the future.

Founded in 1991, the Buerk Center offers an exceptional curriculum, real-world experiences, and connections to the Seattle entrepreneurial community to inspire students from all majors and disciplines across campus to pursue their entrepreneurial passions.

While our core curriculum focuses on entrepreneurial strategy, finance, and marketing, our electives run the gamut from Venture Investing to Software Entrepreneurship, from Grand Challenges for Entrepreneurs to NeuroVentures. The Buerk Center focuses on the strengths of the University of Washington and Seattle, and creates new courses that capitalize on those strengths.

Seattle is also a magnet for entrepreneurs. It has an entrepreneurial culture, research powerhouses, support for early-stage entrepreneurs, sources of capital, a talented pool of workers, and a strong media to tell startup stories.


The Buerk Center integrates entrepreneurship into the fabric of the University of Washington, and invests in the students who want to shape the future.


We are a top 10 entrepreneurship program in the United States, offering students the best preparation, experiences, and network for their successful careers as entrepreneurs. We reach across campus to engage students in our classes, programs, and activities, and spin out 10 to 20 new student-led companies each year.


  • We are inclusive, supporting entrepreneurship/entrepreneurial thinking for all students who seek us out. We embrace the passionate risk-takers with a vision, but we also provide a basic understanding for those who are entrepreneurially curious.
  • We play off the strengths of the University of Washington and Seattle. And we fully engage the entrepreneurial community in what we do.
  • We experiment with new courses, programs, and activities, and build on those that resonate.
  • We make entrepreneurship as real as possible within a university environment.

Competitions, Challenges, and Accelerators

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Undergraduate Opportunities


Graduate Opportunities