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University of Washington Financial Responsibility Agreement


University of Washington Financial Responsibility Agreement

I acknowledge that my right to register is expressly conditioned upon my agreement to pay all costs incurred by me. I hereby agree to pay all of my University of Washington balances, debts, and charges pursuant to University of Washington policies. I understand that administrative, clerical, or technical billing errors do not absolve me of this responsibility.

I acknowledge that the university will notify me of my outstanding charges and debts via email and MyUW. I agree to regularly check both my UW email and MyUW billing statement.

I agree that if a payment made to my student account is returned by the bank for any reason, I will repay the original amount of the payment plus a returned payment fee.

I agree that should I fail to pay any past due accounts (by the required due date), a late payment fee may be assessed, and my right to register for classes and other services will be withheld in accordance with UW policy until I pay all past due balances. I understand that any delinquent debts may/will be reported to a credit bureau and referred to collection agencies.

I agree to pay all costs and fees of collecting any unpaid amount. This includes a fee which may be based on a percentage at a maximum of 40% of the debt as authorized by RCW 19.16.500, and all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees, incurred in such collection efforts.

I authorize the University and their respective agents and contractors to contact me regarding any loan or debt, including repayment of my loan(s) or debt, at the current or any future number that I provide for my cellular phone or other wireless device using automated telephone dialing equipment or artificial or pre-recorded voice or text messages.