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Foster Undergraduate Spring Break Study Tour

The Globalizing your Career: London Program is a short-term Spring Break study abroad program combined with a Winter Quarter course. A group of UW students will take a seminar-style course during Winter Quarter and a week-long study abroad experience in London. Students will earn 4 credits while they explore a variety of international career approaches. This is an amazing way to learn about the global economy and develop a broader understanding of the different work cultures, economies and opportunities for international work.

Students must demonstrate a serious interest in global employment, an openness and desire to learn about professional fit including a good attitude and ability to function in a cross cultural team environment. Participants will be from a variety of disciplines with the common interest of working abroad.


Company & Cultural Visits

This study tour will offer 4 UW credits. Students will take a seminar-style course that meets 8 times during Winter Quarter.Some of the activities students will engage in while in London involve networking with local UW alumni, meeting with substantial employers such as Milliman, who serves the full spectrum of business, financial, government, union, education, and nonprofit organizations.

Other employers include, but not limited to Amazon, Global Investment Banks such as Goldman Sachs, public accounting and consulting firms such as EY and Bain. Students will also have the opportunity to engage with schools such as London School of Economics, and a university local career services operation, exposing them to internship and career opportunities, including local industry guest speakers.

Foster Study Abroad Fee

Each Foster School Study Abroad Program will have a program fee. In addition, participants in the program will be charged a Foster Study Abroad Fee of $375. This fee will be itemized on your payment contract and charged to your MyUW account at the same time as the program fee.

The Foster Study Abroad fee is an Administrative Fee that funds all Foster Study Abroad activities, including organizing the programs, recruiting participants, assisting faculty, organizing pre-departure and post-return classes and events, and for providing study abroad advice for students.



The Business London: Spring Break Study Tour for 2024 is now closed. We hope to offer a Spring Break 2025 program, which would be announced in Summer 2024 and be due November 1, 2024. To stay in the loop, sign up for the GBC Undergraduate Weekly Newsletter.

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