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TMMBA Return on Investment

When you ask TMMBA alumni if they earned a worthwhile return on their investment, the answer is a resounding “Yes!” ROI isn’t measured only in dollars and cents, however. Alumni tell us:

  • You can’t put a price tag on the amazing network you will become part of
  • You’ll have the skills and tools to manage transitions and move forward
  • You’ll be able to put problems into a framework and understand the impact of decisions across an organization
  • Your manager will notice your new skills and abilities even before you’re done with the program

According to recent surveys, TMMBA alumni are:

  • More confident (100%)
  • Taking on more strategic responsibilities (86%)
  • Changing functions, from software developer to project manager, for example (48%)
  • Starting their own businesses (15%)
  • Enjoying higher salaries (25% avg increase)
  • Managing up to 50% more people

Learn more about how you can maximize the ROI of your MBA before, during, and after your educational experience.

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