From ‘freaking pissed’ to ‘big things’: How a women-owned gym survived the pandemic | Northwest News Network

It was almost a year ago that Athena Fitness in Olympia was facing financial doom. The women-owned business had opened just before the pandemic struck. In August of last year, new COVID restrictions threatened to put the owners out of business. So, what’s happened since? The UW’s Jennifer Fan, assistant professor of law, and William Bradford, professor of finance, are quoted.

Why are there so many shortages at once? | KUOW

From groceries to lumber, the rise in demand for various goods is pushing prices up and inventories down. Couldn’t we have prepared for so many shortages? And how long will they last for? Debra Glassman, teaching professor of finance and business economics at the UW, is interviewed. [This is the first segment on “The Record”]