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Foster in the Media

The faculty, students, alumni and staff of the University of Washington Michael G. Foster School of Business are in the news on a regular basis. From feature stories to faculty quotes, find a taste of recent media coverage below.

The Seattle Times | September 21, 2021
Editorial: Supply chain crunch offers opportunity for Seattle | The Seattle Times

The Seattle Times Editorial Board writes of the global supply chain: “The pandemic has thrown that system into disarray, leading to a breakdown that’s manifested in different ways, including empty shelves at the grocery store, school team uniforms undelivered until after the postseason and even new cars sitting idle at the factory, lacking needed components … With the holiday season around the corner, things are expected to get worse before they get better. But these short-term challenges can lead to long-term opportunities for the region.” Debra Glassman, teaching professor of finance and business economics at the UW, is quoted.

Seattle Met | September 20, 2021
Why are we so obsessed with popups? | Seattle Met

Popups are social media marketing gold — but don’t say they lack substance. Francesca Valsesia, assistant professor of marketing at the UW, is quoted.

CBS News | September 15, 2021
CEO on why giving all employees minimum salary of $70,000 still ‘works’ six years later: ‘Our turnover rate was cut in half’ | CBS News

It was six years ago when CEO Dan Price raised the salary of everyone at his Seattle-based credit card processing company Gravity Payments to at least $70,000 a year. Price slashed his own salary by $1 million to be able to give his employees a pay raise. But that has not happened; instead, the company is thriving. Andrew Hafenbrack, assistant professor of management and organization at the UW, is interviewed.

Puget Sound Business Journal | September 13, 2021
Ken Denman: ‘Confidence comes with preparation’ | Puget Sound Business Journal

Ken Denman brings his years of experience as an entrepreneur, executive leader and investor to the boards he serves on. And he engages with the Washington business community in other ways. He is an affiliate professor at the UW’s Foster School of Business and is an adviser on the Black Boardroom Initiative.

KOMO 4 | September 10, 2021
Microsoft return to U.S. offices delayed indefinitely | KOMO 4

Microsoft is telling employees Thursday their return to U.S. offices is delayed indefinitely until it’s safer to do so. Jeff Shulman, professor of marketing at the UW, is interviewed.

WalletHub | September 1, 2021
87 million Americans will look at cars to buy this Labor Day Weekend | WalletHub

According to a nationally representative survey conducted by WalletHub, 87 million Americans will look at cars to buy this Labor Day weekend. WalletHub also surveyed a panel of experts, including Jeff Shulman, professor of marketing at the UW.

The Seattle Times | September 1, 2021
Amazon looks to hire 12,500 corporate and tech employees in Seattle, more than in any other city | The Seattle Times

Amid sharp criticism over how it treats its employees, Amazon is looking to fill nearly 55,000 open corporate and tech positions globally, including 40,000 in the U.S., the company announced Wednesday in the lead-up to its annual Career Day event for prospective job applicants. Jeff Shulman, professor of marketing at the UW, is quoted.

The Seattle Times | August 26, 2021
Seattle’s restaurants are struggling through pandemic-induced supply issues — here’s why that affects you | The Seattle Times

Restaurant owners and chefs say prices of many ingredients — from sushi-grade fish, to cucumbers, to cooking oil — have shot up, especially in the last few months, as restaurants across the country have reopened and demand has spiked. Chefs and owners say customers balk at significant price increases, so in many cases, restaurant owners have been absorbing the extra costs. Debra Glassman, teaching professor of finance and business economics at the UW, is referenced.

The Seattle Times | August 9, 2021
A life sciences startup will base its headquarters in both Seattle and California — it’s far from the only one | The Seattle Times

Sonoma Biotherapeutics, a life sciences company developing treatments for autoimmune diseases, announced this week it raised $265 million to grow its operations in Seattle and the San Francisco Bay Area. David Tan, associate professor of management at the UW, is referenced.

KOMO 4 | July 22, 2021
Concerns over spread of Delta variant affecting the economy | KOMO 4

The stock market staged a big comeback after plummeting Monday due to COVID-19 concerns. Economists believe the resiliency is a good sign as the COVID variants become more and more dangerous for the unvaccinated. Kevin Boeh, associate teaching professor of finance at the UW, is interviewed.

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