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Foster in the Media

The faculty, students, alumni and staff of the University of Washington Michael G. Foster School of Business are in the news on a regular basis. From feature stories to faculty quotes, find a taste of recent media coverage below.

KOMO 4 | February 3, 2021
Jeff Bezos to step down as CEO of Amazon | KOMO 4

Amazon announced Tuesday that celebrity CEO Jeff Bezos is stepping down from the CEO role and will serve as executive chair for the company, starting in the third quarter of 2021. Jeff Shulman, professor of marketing at the UW, and Sandeep Krishnamurthy, dean of the UW Bothell School of Business, are quoted.

MyNorthwest | February 1, 2021
Mock stocks | MyNorthwest

Thomas Gilbert, associate professor of finance at the UW, discuss Robinhood, GameStop and how the stock market is in shambles after some very strange events on the show “KIRO Nights.” [Segment begins at 00:12]

KOMO 4 | January 29, 2021
‘Robinhood’ stops trading of GameStop | KOMO 4

Thomas Gilbert, associate professor of finance at the UW, says we haven’t seen this level of the conflict between day traders and hedge funds before, because trading was expensive and access to Wall Street was not democratized.

GeekWire | January 27, 2021
Madrona puts Create33 on pause as pandemic upends startup community and co-working space | GeekWire

Create33, the Seattle-based “founder center” established by Madrona Venture Group, is no longer operating a co-working space and is revamping its membership program due to changes caused by the pandemic. Rebecca Lovell, affiliate professor of business at the UW, is quoted.

The Seattle Times | January 21, 2021
Amazon, Costco not among major retailers shunning MyPillow and its Trump-boosting CEO | The Seattle Times

Amazon and Costco do not appear to be among the major U.S. retailers to have pulled MyPillow merchandise from their shelves in recent days over what MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has said is his support of former President Donald Trump’s calls to overturn the presidential election. Abhinav Gupta, associate professor of management at the UW, is quoted.

The Conversation | January 19, 2021
Analysis: Zoom work relationships are a lot harder to build — unless you can pick up on colleagues’ nonverbal cues | The Conversation

“Workers who communicate with their colleagues mainly through videoconferencing are far less effective at building relationships than when the communication is done face to face, according to a study we recently completed and just submitted for peer review. We also found two important ways employees can overcome the downside of video meetings,” write Nancy Buchen of the University of South Carolina, Wendi Adair of the University of Waterloo and Xiao-Ping Chen, professor of management at the UW.

The Seattle Times | January 4, 2021
Amazon surpasses Boeing as Washington state’s biggest employer | The Seattle Times

Last year, Amazon surpassed Boeing as the state’s largest private employer, usurping a title the airplane manufacturer had likely held since the post-World War II era. The UW’s Margaret O’Mara, professor of history; Jeff Shulman, professor of marketing; and Andrew Hedden, associate director of the Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies, are quoted.

KOMO 4 | December 28, 2020
Unemployment runs out for millions after federal unemployment benefits expire | KOMO 4

As another COVID-19 relief bill hangs in the balance, unemployment benefits for as many as 12 million Americans expired Saturday night, the day after Christmas. Thomas Gilbert, associate professor of finance at the UW, is interviewed.

KOMO 4 | December 10, 2020
‘A very tough winter’ – 45% of state’s restaurants expected to go under by end of 2021 | KOMO 4

The Washington Hospitality Association says they now believe 45% of full-service restaurants across the state will shut their doors by the end of 2021. Jeff Shulman, professor of finance at the UW, is quoted.

KOMO 4 | December 3, 2020
UPS imposes new shipping restrictions on major stores because of surge in online shopping | KOMO 4

Delivery giant UPS is putting big restrictions on major stores like Gap, Macy’s and Nike. It’s all because of the surge in online shopping brought on by the pandemic. Jeff Shulman, professor of finance at the UW, is interviewed.

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