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Foster in the Media

The faculty, students, alumni and staff of the University of Washington Michael G. Foster School of Business are in the news on a regular basis. From feature stories to faculty quotes, find a taste of recent media coverage below.

KOMO Radio | May 5, 2021
Bill and Melinda Gates say they are still committed to foundation | KOMO Radio

Jeff Shulman, professor of marketing at the UW, talks about the importance of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in Seattle’s nonprofit ecosystem.

The New York Times | May 3, 2021
How to beat burnout — without quitting your job | The New York Times

The pandemic has left many people fried from trying to juggle work, parenting, caregiving and other responsibilities without enough support. Kira Schabram, assistant professor of management at the UW, is quoted.

Fortune | April 26, 2021
Best online MBA programs | Fortune

Fortune ranks the UW Foster School of Business No. 11 in a list of best online MBA programs.

BBC | April 7, 2021
How asynchronous communication could change your workday | BBC

More of us are working different hours than our colleagues, reducing our real-time communication. Will it stay this way? Michael Johnson, associate professor of management at the UW, is quoted.

CNBC | April 6, 2021
Financial literacy lessons can be learned, but some habits are genetic | CNBC

Some people are born to spend or to save. It may actually just be in your genes. With an interest in individual investor behavior, Stephan Siegel, professor of finance and business economics at the University of Washington, set out to understand how people develop their financial habits.

The Seattle Times | March 29, 2021
The deepening economic divide: How the pandemic has hurt small businesses | The Seattle Times

Although businesses of all sizes have struggled under COVID-19, the pandemic has been especially hard for smaller firms, especially those with just a few employees and modest revenues. Jeff Shulman, professor of marketing at the UW, is quoted.

Eater Seattle | March 2, 2021
‘Nourish’ highlights Seattle community organizers in recipes and essays | Eater Seattle

Co-founder Alyssa Kearns hesitates to call “Nourish” a cookbook, because while it began as one and recipes dot its 122 pages, the stories told within aim to do far more than teach the reader how to prepare certain dishes. Kearns and co-founder Nica Sy are undergraduates at the University of Washington, and the book is the culmination of their two-quarter class with the Foster School of Business, Creating a Company.

MSN | February 19, 2021
Opinion: The verdict is in on short-sellers of stocks — they greatly benefit all of us | MSN

“I am devoting this column — my regular monthly focus on the latest Wall Street research — to interviewing a number of finance professors who have studied the roles that short-sellers and their research play. Would the world be a better place if the short-selling firms closed their doors? The professors’ answer is an unequivocal ‘no,'” writes columnist Mark Hulbert. A study by UW finance professor Jonathan Karpoff is referenced.

GeekWire | February 10, 2021
Seattle startup’s bright idea: High-tech crosswalk could signal a way to improve pedestrian safety | GeekWire

Janie Bube is the founder and CEO of a startup called Sensol Systems that hopes to change the way people cross the street. After completing an accelerator program through the UW’s Foster School of Business, Sensol launched as a startup in the spring of 2020.

South Seattle Emerald | February 8, 2021
UW students create ‘Nourish’ to document local organizers’ histories through family recipes | South Seattle Emerald

UW students Josh Williams, Cassidy McGee, Alyssa Kearns, Sandra Li, and Dionica Sy were placed in a project group for their two-quarter Foster School of Business course called “Creating a Company Class,” which began last September. After witnessing a 2020 packed with various social movements sustained by community organizations, they chose to create a book called “Nourish,” a collection of short stories, photos, and recipes from 10 local Seattle organizers.


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