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Technology & Resources

Teams will have DSL and wireless access in their guest rooms as well as wireless access in certain public areas of the hotel and on UW campus. In addition, there will be limited access to four DSL lines in the Command Center (located in the hotel) for team use during the case analysis. The Command Center in the hotel will be open from the time the teams receive the case until the final presentations. The Command Center will be equipped with two desktop computers, CD burners, and printers, as well as four DSL lines intended to be used for downloading large files and quantities of information during the case analysis. Command Center staff will be available to troubleshoot the technology located in the Command Center. Teams will need to bring their own laptops, for which we will be unable to provide technical support. Additional computers and printers with the latest technology will be available to use on UW campus.

Supplies: Teams will be provided with a packet of office supplies to help them prepare their case analysis. If you anticipate having special needs as you prepare, please bring those items with you. There are also several stores nearby where you will be able to purchase a variety of items.

Computing: Teams will have access to the Internet, as well as a variety of business databases through the University of Washington library system.

Library: All library printed materials will be available.

Student Volunteers: UW volunteers will be available for consultation with technology-related problems. They are not allowed to teach participants how to make charts, graphs, or use the programs in any way.  We do not want to give any participating team an unfair advantage.

Technical Assistance: We will help participants by troubleshooting any technology problems they may have with Command Center technology.