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MSCM On Demand

Get to know the MSCM program from wherever you are! No need to worry about dates or time zones; click one of the videos below to get an overview on topics like curriculum, student experience, and admissions procedures.

You can watch the full information session or watch the topics that most interest you first. We broke down the entire session into shorter sections for easy navigation.

Drop in advising is only available during admissions season and will resume in autumn. To connect with a member of the admissions team please schedule a meeting.

Full-length Information Session

Learn how you’ll gain a business edge with courses in key disciplines that interact with the supply chain function in an organization. Dive deep into core supply chain concepts, frameworks, technologies, and current trends. Expand your network. Learn from leaders and gain insights into real-world supply chain challenges and connect classroom concepts to real-world scenarios.

In this information session, we’ll cover topics like the Foster School of Business community, what makes our MSCM program stand out, and how and when to apply.

Click on each drop-down below for videos on specific topics:

Program Overview

We arm early and mid-career professionals with the tools and connections you need to get to the next level within a year, and do it during evenings and weekends so you don’t skip a beat at work. When you join our career-catalyzing program, you’ll rub shoulders with Seattle’s international supply chain giants and gain insights from Foster’s top-ranked faculty. By graduation you’ll be fluent in cutting-edge supply chain strategies; gaining recognition and influence at work while driving innovation in the field.

MSCM Curriculum

In just one year, MSCM’s meticulously curated curriculum will give you the technical and analytical skillsets you need to design, coordinate, and manage supply chains, while developing your strategic thinking and leadership acumen. This versatile combination of skills is put into practice through hands-on projects with iconic Seattle companies. Hyper-relevant, immediately applicable course material means applying what you learn tonight in the classroom into your professional job tomorrow.

The Foster Student Experience

Join a community focused on diversity, support, and networking. We have a community that you don’t get at other business schools. Our students bring experiences and insights from across the globe and a variety of industries.

Admissions and Program Fees

We cover the required application materials, fees, and program cost, and the process to apply to the MSCM program for the 2023 intake.

Supply Chain Management Class

Professor Hamed Mamani covers essential topics in supply chain management, including defining supply chain, discussing management strategies aligned with corporate priorities, and highlighting operational challenges and risks. Using a case study, he illustrates global supply chain challenges and emphasizes the importance of risk mitigation strategies. Professor Mamani also touches on the critical roles of labor and logistics in supply chain management. His lecture provides valuable insights into the MSCM curriculum and the exciting opportunities it offers.

Alumni Panel

Alumni Joe Chen, Shruti Bogar, and Tanushree Banibrata offer valuable insights for prospective students. Having graduated two years ago, these alumni provide a detailed account of their experiences at UW, from choosing between schools to completing the final practicum project. They discuss the invaluable role of Foster Career Services in their job search, and offer tips for getting the most out of your experience and education.

Student Ambassador Panel

Hear from our current students Augustus Miller, Rachel Pan, Pasha Harmidy, and Abhilash Deori as they share their experiences joining the MSCM program. You will hear them reflect on why they choose Foster, what they wish they knew before joining the program, what kinds of jobs they are looking for when they graduate, who their favorite speakers are from the Leader Series and how they balance their schedule as a full time student.

Foster Tour

Join our student ambassadors as they show off their favorite spots and hidden gems within the Foster School of Business. Get a feel for what life’s really like here at the university, straight from the source. It’s all about learning, hanging out, and making some great memories along the way!

Get to know our Seattle Campus and the Foster School of Business through these other virtual tour opportunities.


Check back in autumn 2023

Live Events

Our fall event series: The MSCM Experience covers topics like a mock class with one of our outstanding faculty members, a Current Student panel, and a conversation with alums. You can view the dates of our programs and register on our upcoming events page.