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Master of Professional Accounting Conduct Policy

The MPAcc community depends on you to uphold the fundamental standards of honesty, respect, and integrity, and accept the responsibility to encourage others to adhere to these standards. As a professional, after graduation, the audit and financial reporting professions will depend on your integrity and commitment to honesty. Make a point of practicing this at every opportunity.

HONESTY: I will be truthful with myself and others.
RESPECT: I will show consideration for others and their ideas and work and will contribute to an inclusive environment where every person is valued and honored.
INTEGRITY: I will be a leader of character. I will be fair in all relations with others.
PROFESSIONALISM: I will maintain the highest standards of professionalism while present on campus, during internships or whenever representing the program outside of campus. This includes demonstrating initiative, accountability, behavior and appropriate use of language and tone in my interactions.
ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Unless an assignment specifically calls for the use of artificial intelligence, I agree to never use an AI generated essay writer such as ChatGPT.

In most cases, violating the code would mean a reprimand and a chance to learn from the situation; however, in some extreme cases, students may face disciplinary action including suspension or expulsion from the program.