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Student Ambassadors

The student ambassadors below are just a few of the many current students who generously volunteer their time to answer your questions about the Foster MBA program.

Featured Ambassadors: Class of 2023


Aakash Borwankar
Class of 2023
Hometown: Mumbai, India
Pre-MBA Job:Marketing Manager
Email Aakash
Desired Industry: Technology
Why Foster?: I came to Foster because of three main reasons. The first – Foster’s small class size and its community focus. A strong community that fosters a great learning environment was something I wanted to be a part of to develop on both professional and personal fronts. The second – the product marketing specialization. With my pre-MBA experience lying in Technology and Marketing, I’m looking to leverage the MBA to transition into a PM/PMM role in the tech industry. A specialization program tailormade for this transition was an attractive proposition. Lastly – the location advantage. Seattle is a growing hub of technology companies. And with my post-MBA aspirations, it made sense to come to Foster and (figuratively speaking) be closer to the action.
Advice: Talk to as many people as possible. Don’t be shy about asking questions, but at the same time do your homework about Foster before reaching out. The more perspectives you hear, the more you will learn about the Foster community. As you learn more about the program and begin to realize whether you fit, you will be able to take a more informed decision about your application.
Clubs: Tech Club, Strategy Club, Marketing Association
Aaron Gottlieb
Class of 2023
Hometown:Seattle, WA
Pre-MBA Job: Manager, Domestic Pricing at Hawaiian Airlines
Email Aaron
Desired Industry: Technology
Why Foster?: Foster aligned optimally with my personal and career goals. Post-MBA I knew I wanted to grow my career in Seattle, and Foster can best support an expansion of my professional network locally. I also want to pivot into tech, and the emphasis on tech at Foster combined with the school’s relationships within the tech industry can support my ambitions. Additionally, the smaller class size and more intimate learning environment are characteristics I was attracted to because I knew they would enable a highly personalized education.
Advice: Start early and spend significant time reflecting on where you have been and where you want to go. Then understand what makes each program unique and differentiated and how the program aligns with your personal and professional goals. Talk to current students and alumni in your desired fields.
Clubs: Foster Tech club, Foster Marketing Association, Net Impact
Aaron Thomas Valenta
Class of 2023
Hometown: Gilroy, CA
Pre-MBA Job: Analytics
Email Aaron
Desired Industry: Technology
Why Foster?: I chose Foster because its network concentrated in Seattle and highly collaborative environment.
Advice: Work every day to be a better leader, teammate, and human.
Clubs: Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club (EVCC), LevelUp!, Foster Tech CluThe Finance Society, Tech Club, Foster Creative
Alec Yeh
Class of 2023
Pre-MBA Job: Engineer/Account Manager
Email Alec
Desired Industry: Technology
Why Foster?: Tech-oriented resources; great location in the Seattle city
Advice: 1.Coffee chats help get information not listed on the website and are efficient ways to understand more about the program.
2. Location is more important than I thought, make sure you think it through.
Clubs: Out in Business, Tech club, Data analytics club
Alexa Wilcox
Class of 2023
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Pre-MBA Job: Senior Project Manager at Blue State
Email Alexa
Desired Industry: Technology
Why Foster?: Foster’s values of diversity, growth, service, and innovation parallels the attributes I want to further cultivate in building my career. I was also attracted to the tech industry in Seattle and the “We over Me” mentality.
Advice: Applying to business school can feel like a marathon. I found a friend also applying and we met weekly to review our goals, share what we were learning, hold each other accountable, and navigate the highs and lows of the process.
Clubs: Women in Business, Data & Analytics, and Strategy
Angela Yang
Class of 2023
Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI
Pre-MBA Job: Consulting
Email Angela
Desired Industry: Healthcare
Why Foster?: I wanted to learn as much as possible from my professors and classmates and felt that a small class size would enable me to do that. I also fell in love with the PNW and connected with the lifestyle that Foster students lead.
Advice: Take some time to think about why MBA and what you want to get out of the experience. It will help you be authentic and genuine in your essays and make the essay writing experience easier.
Clubs: Health Care and Biotech Association, Diversity in Business, Outdoor and Sports Industry Club
Ankit Muchhala
Class of 2023
Hometown: Mumbai, India
Pre-MBA Job: Product Manager
Email Ankit
Desired Industry: Technology
Why Foster?: I value communities and learning from people around me. One of my main goals of doing an MBA was to understand different ways of approaching a business problem. It was important for me to have a small cohort of students, who I could know on a personal basis and learn from their experiences. Foster, with its small class size and deep focus community was the automatic choice for me.
Advice: Reach out to current students as well as alumni. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and learn more about the program from them.
Clubs: Tech Club, Diversity in Business, Wine Club
Ayush Kulkarni
Class of 2023
Hometown: New Delhi, India and Toronto, Canada
Pre-MBA Job: Cloud Engineer
Email Ayush
Desired Industry: Technology
Why Foster?: I choose Foster for three reasons. I plan on working in the tech industry post-MBA and Foster’s connections with the tech industry are fantastic. The sense of community among students and the school’s values were another major factor. Finally, the curriculum as well as the opportunities for experiential learning.
Advice: Follow your interests in deciding your post-MBA career path. Once you’re in b-school, you’ll be exposed to options you didn’t even know existed. Stick to your plan for the most part, but attend info sessions to become aware of opportunities outside your purview that may interest you.
Clubs: Foster Technology Club, Foster Creative Club, Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club
Brent Aoude
Class of 2023
Hometown: Fresno, CA
Pre-MBA Job: Civil Engineer
Email Brent
Desired Industry: CPG, Brand Management
Why Foster?: I came to Foster because of the small class size and collaborative community. I wanted to have the opportunity to learn and get to know my classmates within a more tight-knit environment. Plus, as someone who enjoys the outdoors, I couldn’t pass up the chance to go to school in such an incredible location so close to the mountains!
Advice: As you are looking into different programs and thinking about future career paths or industries, reach out to as many people as you can to learn more. It can seem intimidating at first, but you’d be surprised how willing people are to help and how these conversations can provide clarity on where you might want to end up.
Clubs: Marketing Association, Diversity in Business, Operations Club
Cynthia Vargas Hernandez
Class of 2023
Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico
Pre-MBA Job: Talent Acquisition Manager
Desired Industry: Technology
Why Foster?: Class size, location, and access to elite tech companies. When I was networking with students and alumni from various schools, including the top 10, many of them worked at companies that are here in Seattle. Foster has strong connections to these businesses, and it made sense for me to come to the school located in the heart of an established tech hub. Additionally, during my interview, I could tell that at Foster they are not worried about just test scores or shiny impressive job titles. They care about you as a person and the value that you can bring to the Foster community.
Advice: Get to know the Foster family: talk to the admissions committee, but also alumni and current students. Start early: the application to Foster is very personal and there is a lot of introspection and reflection you need to do in order to submit an application that will land you an interview. Foster is not just looking for the “brightest”, but they really focus on you as a person so be ready for that. And remember, you are more than a GMAT score!
Clubs: Global Business Association, Diversity in Business, Women in Business
Dominic Racelis
Class of 2023
Hometown: Bellevue, WA
Pre-MBA Job: Real Estate Sales & Marketing
Email Dominic
Desired Industry: Technology
Why Foster?: Foster’s small MBA class size and location in the heart of Seattle made it an easy choice. There are endless opportunities to explore new career paths and personal passions while you learn and bond with your peers. Some of the most tenacious, compassionate, and intelligent people I’ve ever met are here at Foster!
Advice: You are not on this journey alone – there is a deep network of faculty, staff, alumni, and other students who are rooting for your success. Be open to their support, seek out help whenever you need it, and offer help when you can. This is how you learn, grow, and share in each others’ success.
Clubs: Diversity in Business, Challenge 4 Charity, Level Up!
Isabella Ramirez
Class of 2023
Hometown: Munster, IN
Pre-MBA Job: Process Engineer
Email Isabella
Desired Industry: Biotechology
Why Foster?: Seattle is a great place to start a career. Foster is truly collaborative, and I appreciate the small class size.
Advice: Know your values well, nurture your relationships, and constantly reevaluate your goals.
Clubs: Out in Business, Net Impact, Healthcare & Biotechnology Association
Ishani Singal
Class of 2023
Hometown: Panchkula, India
Pre-MBA Job: Structural Engineer
Email Ishani
Desired Industry: Technology
Why Foster?: There were 3 reasons why I picked foster in particular. First, Foster is located in Seattle which is a technology hub making it easier to switch to a PM role. Second, the small class size makes Foster a well knit community. The support and advice I received from current students while applying showcased that all the school really focusses on empathetic leaders. Third, the industry collaboration would enable me to take up projects with my dream company in the form or applied strategy project.
Advice: Be honest and authentic in your application. Ask yourself why for everything. The what is important but it is the why which will hold you accountable when you are at school. Enjoy the application process, it’s a great way to find yourself.
Clubs: Technology Club, Challenge for Charity, Diversity in Business
Jiahui (Sarah) Liu
Class of 2023
Hometown: Nanjing, China
Pre-MBA Job: Non-Profit and Education
Email Sarah
Desired Industry: Technology, Consulting
Why Foster?: I chose Foster for strong network of alumni and cohesive community of faculties, peers and industry connections.
Advice: Be curious, be open-minded and be prepared!
Clubs: Technology Club, Consulting Society, Global Business Club
Jillian Santos
Class of 2023
Hometown: San Jose, CA
Pre-MBA Job: Human Resources in CleanTech
Email Jillian
Desired Industry:Technology (Clean Tech or Health Tech)
Why Foster?: Foster’s smaller class size allowing for deeper connections with each person, the UW broader community and brand in addition to the location’s access to tech, wilderness, and city.
Advice: If you’re still in the test-taking part of application process, don’t stress out too much, but develop a good study plan!
Clubs: Global Business Association, Net Impact, Women in Business
Joe Castro
Class of 2023
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Pre-MBA Job: U.S. Coast Guard
Email Joe
Desired Industry: Technology
Why Foster?: Tech | Small Class Size | Job Placement | PAC-12 Sports
Advice: Be your authentic self. You’ll find your best fit faster that way.
Clubs: Tech Club, Diversity in Business, Operations
Manish Budhwar
Class of 2023
Hometown: Rohtak, India
Pre-MBA Job: Business Analyst & Product Lead in Financial Services industry, Tech Consulting
Email Manish
Desired Industry: Technology
Why Foster?: I chose Foster because of its collaborative culture and close-knit community. There are ton of leadership and experiential learning opportunities to choose from. Exceptional career services and proximity to Tech industry are icing on the cake.
Advice: Getting an MBA is a big investment in terms of time, money and energy. So, have clear short- and long-term goals. Your unique life experiences, career path and goals are your biggest assets. Also, stay positive and don’t forget to take some time out to enjoy and appreciate life.
Clubs: Foster Tech Club, Marketing Association, Level Up!
Mansi Gorasia
Class of 2023
Hometown: Mumbia, India
Pre-MBA Job: Corporate Finance & Strategy at Deutsche Bank and Citi
Email Mansi
Desired Industry: Technology, Consulting
Why Foster?: Close-knit, collaborative community, small class size with a strong focus on DEI, experiential learning opportunities, Foster and Seattle’s intertwined growth in consulting
Advice: Know your story and reflect on your career goals. Reach out to multiple students to get a diverse perspective about the school’s culture and community. Look forward to new experiences and growing – personally as well as professionally.
Clubs: Women in Business, First year Rep at Foster Consulting Society and The Finance Society
Mayte Manzo
Class of 2023
Hometown: Panorama City, CA
Pre-MBA Job: Workers Compensation Claims Adjuster at Liberty Mutual Insurance Company
Email Mayte
Desired Industry: Human Capital
Why Foster?: I chose Foster for 3 reasons: 1) I fell in love with Seattle the first time I visited and always knew that I wanted to make my way back. 2) The small class size would allow me to create deeper connections with my classmates. 3) The opportunities for hands-on learning experiences.
Advice: Don’t forget to celebrate milestones; it is very easy to become caught up on what comes next.
Clubs: Diversity in Business, Women in Business, and Wine Club
Michael Babowice
Class of 2023
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Pre-MBA Job: Marine Engineer
Email Michael
Desired Industry: Consulting
Why Foster?: The school is attractive for a number of reasons. The faculty members are world-class, community involvement in all types, and employment opportunities post graduation, just to name a few. One thing you will get here is a sense of belonging and comradery with your classmates.
Advice: Always be and believe in yourself! Take the time to find your passions and put yourself in a place where you can follow them..
Clubs: Veterans Club, Data and Analytics, Out in Business
Neha Siwach
Class of 2023
Hometown: Meerut, India
Pre-MBA Job: Senior Software Engineer in Test Automation
Email Neha
Desired Industry: Technology
Why Foster?: I chose Foster for 1) The small class size and the close-knit student-driven culture.
2) Experiential learning opportunities
3) Access/exposure to the Tech industry and the alumni network
Advice: Be your authentic self. You’ll find your best fit faster that way.
Clubs: Tech Club, Data and Analytics Club, and First Year Rep for Women in Business
Nikhil Goyal
Class of 2023
Hometown: Hisar, India
Pre-MBA Job: Technology Project Manager
Email Nikhil
Desired Industry: Technology
Why Foster?: Small class size which fosters close-knit community; Presence in Seattle gives lots of opportunities to know established and emerging companies
Advice: Have a good understanding how MBA will help you in career aspirations. Try and learn from doing new things.
Clubs: Foster Tech Club, Foster Marketing Association, Foster Strategy Club
PK Kumar
Class of 2023
Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand
Pre-MBA Job: Professional Services Consultant
Email PK
Desired Industry: Technology
Why Foster?: I chose foster for its presence in tech and small class size
Advice: Balance is key. Find a routine that works for you.
Clubs: Tech, Strategy, Level Up!
Prashant Mohite
Class of 2023
Hometown: Mumbai, India
Pre-MBA Job: Product Marketing Manager
Email Prashant
Desired Industry: Technology
Why Foster?: Exclusive access to the wealth of tech opportunities in Greater Seattle Area (being the only top b-school program in the US NW); Extremely affordable and often subsidized tuition; Amazing Faculty; Small cohort of passionate individuals
Advice: Your B-school experience is defined by factors way beyond the school’s ranking and general mass-perception. Take plenty of time to research and understand the core values, academic environment, alum network, teaching staff and professional/networking opportunities that the school offers before making choosing b-schools.
Clubs: Foster Marketing Association, Women in Business Club (Allyship), Level Up!
Rebecca Ballweg
Class of 2023
Hometown: Madison, WI
Pre-MBA Job: Deputy Director of Communications, Wisconsin Department of Justice
Email Rebecca
Desired Industry: Technology, Consulting
Why Foster?: I chose Foster for its west coast location, commitment to progress, tech connections, and skiing!
Advice: Every time you worry about your ‘weaknesses,’ reframe them as strengths or opportunities for growth and learning – not barriers to entry.
Clubs: Consulting Club, Tech Club, Women in Business
Rocio Arellano
Class of 2023
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Pre-MBA Job: Assistant Director of Programs, The Riordan Programs at UCLA Anderson
Email Rocio
Desired Industry: CPG, Technology
Why Foster?: I chose Foster because as a first-gen student, I wanted a tight-knit community as I navigated a career pivot. Being in a genuine and collaborative space with the ability to ask questions without judgment were musts for me, and Foster students and staff embodied that throughout my interactions. Foster also has a ‘giving-back’ culture and it is motivating to be around classmates who are eager to create impact. The beauty of the Pacific Northwest is a plus!
Advice: Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable throughout the MBA application process. Ask yourself the tough questions, reflect on your hardships, and acknowledge how you have grown from those experiences.
Clubs: Diversity in Business, Foster Marketing Association, Women in Business; Additional Affiliations: The Consortium, Forte
Ruobin Yu
Class of 2023
Hometown: Hubei, China
Pre-MBA Job: Corporate Finance Officer at a Law Firm
Email Ruobin
Desired Industry: Finance, Corporate Strategy
Why Foster?: I chose Foster because Foster is a tight-knit community that values collaboration over competition. I wanted to form a close bonds with my peers and to learn from others in a supportive environment. Moreover, the career management team has a good record in placing students into great companies. Lastly, Seattle is surrounded with amazing lakes, forests, and mountains and will provide a little getaway from the intensive MBA studies leading to some rewarding physical and psychological relaxation.
Advice: Everyone is unique and special. Think about who you are, what you have done, and what do you want. Don’t hesitate to reach out to people (admissions officers, current students, alumni, and everyone that you think you can get help from) and ask a lot of questions.
Clubs: Consulting, Finance, Net Impact
Sahasra Kamaraju
Class of 2023
Hometown: Hyderabad, India
Pre-MBA Job: Technology Consulting
Email Sahasra
Desired Industry: Technology
Why Foster?: I chose Foster for a multitude of reasons: The small class size & tight-knit community, inroads into Tech industry, experiential learning opportunities, STEM certification (as an international student, this makes the Visa process much easier), and geographic location as a gateway to the Pacific Northwest
Advice: Understand your WHY. Introspect, figure out what drives you and don’t compare yourself with someone else. Each of us has a different story and be authentic to your core values.
Clubs: Foster Tech Club, Data & Analytics Club, Foster Consulting Society
Sam Plotkin
Class of 2023
Hometown: Huntington Woods, MI
Pre-MBA Job: Project Manager
Email Sam
Desired Industry: Technology, Consulting
Why Foster?: I chose Foster for its emphasis on experiential learning, tight knit community, and access to the most brilliant minds in business.
Advice: It CAN be done!
Clubs: Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club, Foster Consulting Society, Net Impact
Saquib Khan
Class of 2023
Hometown: Islamabad, India
Pre-MBA Job: Strategy & Operations at Coca-Cola
Email Saquib
Desired Industry: Technology
Why Foster?: I chose Foster for its brand recognition, especially with the Tech Industry, paired with the Seattle location are a big plus. A welcoming community, along with smaller class size helps form lasting relationships.
Advice: Reach out and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Make sure you understand the program and how it aligns with your goals.
Clubs: Foster Tech Club, Foster Marketing
Suryanshi Goyal
Class of 2023
Hometown: Ludhiana, India
Pre-MBA Job: Lead Engineer at Intel
Email Suryanshi
Desired Industry: Technology
Why Foster?: At Foster, you have a plethora of experiential learning projects you can chose from completely at your own pace and according to your own interest. Th small class size really lends to the inclusive community here. It was a no-brainer when it comes to the opportunities Foster provides post-MBA.
Advice: Your first step should always be to identify who you are and what matters to you. Then try to find which school is right fit for you rather than identifying how you become a right fit for the school. Because the later will naturally follow afterwards.
Clubs: Foster Consulting Society, Technology Club, Data Analytics Club
Van Mai
Class of 2023
Hometown: Hanoi, Viet Nam
Pre-MBA Job: Consultant
Email Van
Desired Industry: Finance
Why Foster?: I want to pursue a Finance career in Tech. Foster’s location in Seattle and the school’s strong focus on Tech definitely helps me a lot to achieve my career goal.
Advice: What I realized when I am in the process of applying for my summer internship is: School ranking is important but the more important thing is “You”. Even if you can not get into your dream school, don’t lose hope. There are still many opportunities for you to shine and get your dream job at your dream company no matter which MBA program you study at, as long as you try hard and put enough effort into the recruitment process.
Clubs: Finance club, Tech club
Vishesh Chadha
Class of 2023
Hometown: New Delhi, India
Pre-MBA Job: Technical Product Manager at Samsung Electronics
Email Vishesh
Desired Industry: Technology
Why Foster?: I came to Foster because of the values-driven, collaborative, and small, tight-knit community that provides an opportunity to build strong relationships within the cohort.
Advice: Reflect on your priorities and what you want to gain from these two very important years of your life. Everyone has a different journey and there are multiple paths that could take you towards your goal. Never be shy to ask questions and make sure you take into account the values, the community, and how well you fit in.
Clubs: Foster Technology Club, Foster Consulting Society, Foster Strategy Club
Warren Travers
Class of 2023
Hometown: Shreveport, LA
Pre-MBA Job: Brand & Design Manager
Email Warren
Desired Industry: Consulting, Technology
Why Foster?: When deciding to pursue my degree, I knew I wanted to be part of a community that both supported and challenged me in a variety of ways. A space where diversity of thought is celebrated allows for learning both in the classroom and out. Lastly, Foster’s experiential learning opportunities allow you to immediately start building connections with potential employers by solving real challenges they face today.
Advice: Don’t get overwhelmed by what you’re walking into that you forget what you’re walking in with. Everyone has skills, insights and experiences that allow them to contribute. Be sure to manage your time, prioritize, take care of your health and be authentically you.
Clubs: Foster Consulting Society, Diversity in Business & Strategy Club