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Student Ambassadors

The student ambassadors below are just a few of the many current students who generously volunteer their time to answer your questions about the Foster MBA program.


Featured Ambassadors: Class of 2021

Vinayak Class 2021 imageVinayak Prabhakar
Class of 2021
Hometown: Chennai, India
Pre-MBA Job: Tech Start-up
Email Vinayak
Desired Industry: Tech Strategy or Tech Project Management
Why Foster?: Inclusive community, great interactions with past students, small class size.
Advice: Be proactive in understanding the schools culture, so you can make the most of your interactions, and also, ask a lot of questions, there is a lot of help/guidance out here, so just ask.
Clubs: Foster Tech
Parijat Class 2021 imageParijat
Class of 2021
Hometown: Muscat, Oman
Pre-MBA Job: Data Science and Retail
Email Parijat
Desired Industry: Product Management
Why Foster?: West coast, community based learning, applied projects, and culture of social well-being.
Advice: Come with an open mindset to learn & take this free time to relax before the start of school year.
Clubs: Foster Tech, Consulting Society, and MBAA Representative
Devin Class 2021 imageDevin Doyle
Class of 2021
Hometown: New York, New York
Pre-MBA Job: Tech and Human Resources
Email Devin
Desired Industry: Human Capital Consultant
Why Foster?: Seattle, Small Class Size, Student Driven Culture, ROI
Advice: Find your non-negotiables and priorities and stick to them. There will be trade-offs and you will use your order of importance for difficult decisions. Take care of yourself. Call Grandma.
Clubs: Consulting Society, Marketing Club, Women in Business (Ally)
Vivin Class 2021 imageVivin Manoharan
Class of 2021
Hometown: Coimbatore, India
Pre-MBA Job: Data analyst in e-commerce
Email Vivin
Desired Industry: Product Marketing or Technology Management
Why Foster?: Foster has a great track record of sending student into the tech industry. The connections that Career Management has with big tech firms and the location of the School makes Foster a great platform to pivot into the tech industry. The class size is small and this builds an close-knit community. Everybody is ready to help here.
Advice: Thoroughly research all schools that you are applying to and find the school that fits your personal and professional goals. Do not go with only the Rankings. You can always reach out to a student ambassador to have a candid discussion on the Foster experience. This goes for all schools.
Clubs: Foster Tech, Marketing Association, Consulting Society
Gustavo Class 2021 imageGustavo Malva
Class of 2021
Hometown: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Pre-MBA Job: Project Management in Engineering
Email Gustavo
Desired Industry: Corporate Finance
Why Foster?: The close-knit community enables more meaningful connections with my classmates, alumni, professors, among others. Those connections are very helpful and reassuring, especially when you’re a career shifter – you can find a lot of people in the Foster community who has the same career goals as you, and their willingness to share information, and to help, you is amazing. Moreover, career management is a differential to the program. They have extremely competent personnel who will help you achieve your goals.
Advice: Don`t look at the ranks only. Search for a program that you feel it`s the best fit for you.
Clubs: Strategy Club, Finance Society, Challenge for Charity
Francesca Class 2021 imageFrancesca Essilfie
Class of 2021
Hometown: Diamond Bar, California
Pre-MBA Job: Social Media Manager in Entertainment
Email Francesca
Desired Industry: Brand Management or Media Marketing
Why Foster?: I chose Foster because of its community. I wanted to be in an environment where I could create close connections as well as make an impact.
Advice: Make time to learn more about yourself. Try to understand what makes you you, and think about what you can contribute as well as what you can learn from the communities you choose to be involved in.
Clubs: Diversity in Business, Foster Marketing Association