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Student Ambassadors

The student ambassadors below are just a few of the many current students who generously volunteer their time to answer your questions about the Foster MBA program.

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Class of 2019

Andrew Caponi
Andrew Caponi
Hometown: Chicago, IL United States
Pre-MBA Job: Applied Data Scientist for a tech startup
Email Andrew
Aspirations after MBA: Lead an in-house predictive analytics team for a small to medium sized organization

Club/Leadership Involvement: Foster Marketing Association, Foster Tech Club, and Outdoor and Sports Industry Club

Why did you choose Foster?: I chose Foster because of the small class size, focus on diversity and collaboration, and the Seattle location.  Professionally, Seattle offers me a tremendous amount of opportunities in the tech and analytics space, and on a personal level the Pacific Northwest makes getting out an enjoying the best of nature very easy.

Advice to prospective students: Identifying what you would like to get out of your MBA, and what you value most in an education will make evaluating MBA programs a lot easier.  Your MBA is a great time to experiment and try new things – find a program that you feel will allow you to grow personally and professionally.

Wenqi Carol
Carol “Wenqi” Ou
Hometown: Guangzhou, GD China
Pre-MBA Job: Strategy / Operation and Supply Chain
Email Carol
Aspirations after MBA: Social Sector, Tech industry

Club/Leadership Involvement: Net Impact, Consulting society, Women in Business, Operations management, Strategy club

Why did you choose Foster?: Foster’s core values; Location of Foster, Seattle is the hub for technology and start-up, it is a very exciting place to live in; The service of career management; Foster community, a small class size allows us to interact amongst students and get to know each other well.

Advice to prospective students: Take time and step back to reflect yourself and your long-term goals, how will you use the MBA experience to fill the gaps you have to achieve your goals. Evaluate what is most important to you in terms of school programs because each school has its very unique culture, you want to be in an environment that fits you well and that can help you grow. Come visit the school, sit down in one of the classes and interact with current students, listen to their stories and their opinions on the program, this gives you an in-depth understanding of Foster. Admission team has been super supportive, get a chance to talk to them too, you will be amazed by how much help offered by each of us. Last but not least, be prepared to be challenged by your peers because everyone in the program is smart and diverse, and have fun!

Nicholas Ferderer
Nicholas Ferderer
Hometown: Vancouver, WA United States
Pre-MBA Job: Federal Government Relations
Email Nicholas
Aspirations after MBA: Finance

Club/Leadership Involvement: Finance, EVCC, DiB, MBAA, Operations, Marketing, Strategy, Foodies, Creative

Why did you choose Foster?: To be closer to family and because Washington State is the greatest state in the union!

Advice to prospective students: First, come to Foster. Second, dive in and talk to as many people as you can. Third, try to remember to enjoy your journey.

Monica Marie Haggarty
Monica Marie Haggarty
Hometown: Redmond, WA United States
Pre-MBA Job: Account Management
Email Monica
Aspirations after MBA: Healthcare

Club/Leadership Involvement: Healthcare/Biotech, Strategy, Women in Business

Why did you choose Foster?: -Top healthcare organizations in Seattle (Providence, Kaiser/GroupHealth, Seattle Children’s, SCCA, etc.)

-Small and welcoming community

Advice to prospective students: Current students are very open and helpful in answering any/all questions!!

Jillian Jackson
Jillian Jackson
Hometown: Birmingham, AL United States
Pre-MBA Job: Operations and Process Management
Email Jillian
Aspirations after MBA: Sales

Club/Leadership Involvement: Women in Business, Operations Club, MBAA, Net Impact, Human Capitalists

Why did you choose Foster?: I chose Foster for a number of reasons. From the extensive alumni network always willing to help out current students to the exceptional internship and job placement rate, Foster stood out from all the other schools I considered. I also knew early in my business school search that I wanted to find a close-knit and collaborative community that would challenge and support me at the same time. I didn’t want to just join a business program; I wanted to join a family and that is exactly what Foster offers. Moreover, Seattle is an amazing city with so much to do!

Advice to prospective students: Be self-aware! Recognize your assets and what value you can bring to both the classroom and the community. Be able to articulate what drives you and how you hope to grow over the next two years, whether it be personally, professionally, or both. Also, visit campuses, meet current students, and make sure you can envision yourself there!

Michael Kerper
Michael Kerper
Hometown: Rochester, NY United States
Pre-MBA Job: US Army
Email Michael
Aspirations after MBA: Sustainable development

Club/Leadership Involvement: Net Impact, Veterans

Why did you choose Foster?: Want to live in PNW.

Advice to prospective students: Keep an open mind on what you want to do after MBA when you enter.

Vibhas Kumar
Vibhas Kumar
Hometown: Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh India
Pre-MBA Job: Head of Development / Software Product Manager
Email Vibhas
Aspirations after MBA: Software / Tech

Club/Leadership Involvement: Foster Tech Club, Foster Consulting Society

Why did you choose Foster?: One of the two reasons to choose Foster was the small class size and the close knit community at Foster. This allows better interaction among the students as well as with the professors. The other reason was the location of the school. I want stay in the Tech industry post MBA and for that Seattle is one of the best places in the country to be in.

Advice to prospective students: Devoting two years of your life for MBA is a really big decision. You will learn a lot during your MBA journey and make life long connections. Make sure to get in touch with the current students or alumni to know more about the culture of the school. You should see if a school’s culture is a good fit for you or not.

Afa Malu
Afa Malu
Hometown: Jos, Plateau Nigeria
Pre-MBA Job: Policy
Email Afa
Aspirations after MBA: Tech Industry

Club/Leadership Involvement: Tech Club, Strategy Club, Consulting Club

Why did you choose Foster?: Foster had the perfect blend of location for the industry I want, location for the part of the country I want to be in, reputation, and cost.

Advice to prospective students: The MBA application process can be a lot, but if you break it down into little actionable goals you’ll be done in no time.

Asal Mirsalimi
Asal Mirsalimi
Hometown: Seattle, WA United States (Born and raised in Tehran-Iran)
Pre-MBA Job: Accounting
Email Asal
Aspirations after MBA: Consulting, Technology

Club/Leadership Involvement: Consulting Society, Foster Marketing Association, Strategy Club, Women in Business, The Part II Club

Why did you choose Foster?: I had lived in Seattle after living in NYC and LA, I completely fell in love with Seattle, everything it has to offer as a city, as well as the amazing professional opportunities in the tech industry. Foster’s extensive network of alumn, rankings in job placement, and location were the main reasons I picked Foster.

Advice to prospective students: Attend the welcome weekend, and sit in one of the classes. Everyone I met during welcome weekend were so amazing that I could hardly wait to start the program. Summer gets quickly busy, so I recommend taking a few months off before August, to have enough time to prep for school and take a trip.

Yangyang Pan
Yangyang Pan
Hometown: Chengdu, Sichuan China
Pre-MBA Job: Engineering and consulting
Email Yangyang
Aspirations after MBA: Tech industry, engineering and chemicals

Club/Leadership Involvement: Consulting society, Foster Tech, Global Business Association

Why did you choose Foster?: Very supportive Foster culture, outstanding job placement rate, Proximity to Tech industry, Seattle, of course Seattle.

Advice to prospective students: Think about what industry you want to go after school. Think about what kind of people you want to be around when in school. Talk to program, students and alums to get an idea what you like or dislike about the program. If you are thinking about joining a business community instead of shining just on your own, come to Foster. This is a hub of talents who care about each other, and are truly contributing to the greater community.

Nimit Pathak
Nimit Pathak
Hometown: Chicago, IL United States
Pre-MBA Job: Index Derivatives Trading
Email Nimit
Aspirations after MBA: Corporate Strategy and Social Responsibility, Social Enterprise

Club/Leadership Involvement: Net Impact, Challenge 4 Charity, Healthcare & Biotech, Outdoor Sports Industry Club, Consulting Society, Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club, Marketing Club

Why did you choose Foster?: The supportive culture, the amazing people, and the chance to learn, grow, and gain relevant practical experience throughout the program. It’s an incredibly close-knit community where you truly get the opportunity to know everyone and build wonderful and lasting relationships from day one.

Advice to prospective students: Start early and thoroughly define your reasons for going to school. This is an experience that you will only get to have once, so make sure you understand your ‘why’ before you worry about your ‘where.’ When you define your goals and the kind of people that you want to be around and work with, the right path tends to reveal itself fairly organically. Metrics like culture and fit are often thrown around second to rankings, but the truth is if you want to make the most of this experience, seek out a place that resonates with you beyond the numbers…because regardless of where you go, you’ll only get out of the experience what you’re willing to put in.

Giulia Pellegrino
Giulia Pellegrino
Hometown: Pasadena, CA United States
Pre-MBA Job: Administration
Email Giulia
Aspirations after MBA: Marketing

Club/Leadership Involvement: Marketing Association, Consulting Society, Women in Business, Foster Creative

Why did you choose Foster?: Location, opportunities in Seattle, and tight knit community.

Advice to prospective students: Really think about where you want to live during and after your MBA – invest in that network.

Mukund Rajasekhar
Mukund Rajasekhar
Hometown: Mumbai, Maharashtra India
Pre-MBA Job: Operations
Email Mukund
Aspirations after MBA: Consulting , Product Management , General Management

Club/Leadership Involvement: Consulting, Technology, Strategy, C4C, Huddle, Foodies

Why did you choose Foster?: My choice of business school hinged on factors such as the community, close knit alumni , alignment with post MBA goals and an environment that would help me display and build my skills as well learn from some of the brightest minds in the country. As a school, Foster ticked all of these boxes and became my business school of choice.

Advice to prospective students: My advice for any prospective student would be to go beyond rankings while choosing your business school . Choose a school that aligns with both your values and career goals. Talk to current students as well as alumni to figure out if Foster would be the perfect school for you.It would be better if you could drop by for a visit wherein you would have a chance to see the campus, meet current students as well as sit in on a lecture to get the true Foster experience.Meet people from the career office and figure out if Foster would be your perfect business school.

Marshelle Page Slayton
Marshelle Page Slayton
Hometown: Camas, WA United States
Pre-MBA Job: Operations
Email Marshelle
Aspirations after MBA: No preference

Club/Leadership Involvement: Women in Business, Consulting Society, C4C, Operations Club

Why did you choose Foster?: Seattle job market, small class sizes.

Advice to prospective students: Take the summer to self search!

Brent Young
Brent Young
Hometown: Detroit, MI United States
Pre-MBA Job: Logistics
Email Brent
Aspirations after MBA: Consulting

Club/Leadership Involvement: Operations, Consulting, Part 2

Why did you choose Foster?: Location and reputation.

Advice to prospective students: Study really hard for the GMAT.

Keqin Zhou
Keqin Zhou
Hometown: Changzhou, Jiangsu China
Pre-MBA Job: Engineering
Email Keqin
Aspirations after MBA: I’m interested in a role of product management in a tech company after gradation.

Club/Leadership Involvement: Marketing club, finance club, consulting club

Why did you choose Foster?: Foster has one of the most collaborative environment I’ve seen, and this really cultivates innovation and team bonding. This is really important to me.

Advice to prospective students: Reach out to current student and admission team to understand more about Foster culture and find your Foster fit before applying.