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What research tells us is that when comparing minority owned businesses to business as a whole, there are gaps in three areas: Management education, Money – or access to capital, and Market access – access to customers and clients. Most attempts to rectify these gaps address these three areas independently, but studies show that a holistic approach has a bigger impact in the long run. The Consulting and Business Development Center uses the 3-M Model to increase access to Management, Money, and Markets in one cycle. Watch the video above to learn more.


The Consulting and Business Development Center takes business education out of the classroom and puts it to work in communities across Washington.

Through the center’s programs, students build skills and gain experience in consulting and solving business challenges. The students provide valuable consulting to small businesses and non-profit organizations in underserved communities. Business owners and non-profit leaders gain access to business education that creates jobs and changes lives.

Combining academic rigor with business relevance and job creation is a bottom-line proposition that has resulted in more than $100 million in new revenue generated and more than 100,000 jobs created and retained across Washington state since the center was founded in 1995.

Seattle Resource Navigator

Seattle-area business owners can now search for resources via the Seattle Resource Navigator website. This tool is made available in partnership with the Consulting and Business Development Center, JP Morgan Chase, and SourceLink.


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