Christina Fong in the classroom

Master of Supply Chain Management Curriculum

The Master of Supply Chain Management (MSCM) is a 12-month (4 quarters), degree program that begins in summer quarter of each year and completes in spring. See the list below for curriculum highlights. Visit the course page for detailed class descriptions and a quarter by quarter breakdown.

Course components

The Master of Supply Chain Management curriculum is uniquely structured to provide a balanced combination of skills in three different components:

Supply Chain:

Includes core concepts and models in sourcing, manufacturing and distribution of goods and services.

Business Management:

Gain the knowledge of different management activities that interface with the supply chain function in an organization. It includes major concepts from areas like finance, accounting, marketing and organizational behavior.


Integrates supply chain and management skills into implementable steps in a real-world situation.

Leaders Series

Leader Series connects students with innovative supply chain leaders though interactive supply chain seminars. During the series students will get the opportunity to apply classroom concepts to real-world scenarios.

Hands-on teamwork experience

Students will work in teams and partner with a local company to develop solutions to complex supply chain challenges.

No thesis is required for completion of the program. Classes will be offered in-person at PACCAR Hall and are open only to students enrolled in the program.

“The supply chain management industry is very dynamic and in need of well-qualified professionals. In reviewing your proposed curriculum, it promises to provide a great educational base for a supply chain professional. Also, we at Costco would look forward to supporting the program by working with one or a group of students on various research projects.”John Thelan | Senior Vice President | Costco WholeSale